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Incredible rock and roll news to start the week. Jimmy Eat World are hitting the road for a tour with Beach Slang.

April 26th at the Commodore!?! Heck yes.

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Jimmy Eat World

In the mid-2000s I became a big fan of the emo punkers Jimmy Eat World. I met the woman who would become my wife and she was all about their 2004 record Futures. We front-to-backed that album a bunch of times and went back and sifted through the earlier stuff, Bleed American, Clarity and Static Prevails.

By 2007, Jimmy Eat World were dropped from their label…so the band went back to their roots and self financed 2007’s Chase This Light. The same thing happened to the band after Clarity, and they self-financed their commercial breakthrough record, Bleed American!

Chase This Light wouldn’t sell the huge amounts of Bleed, but then the times were different, but Chase This Light would be their highest charting record. It is also one of my favourites from the band and era in modern rock.

I don’t know why I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the record lately, but I have been and recent;y put it back on my phone to listen to on the commute.

I think what kept this album from being a monster for the band was a lack of a bonafide modern rock hit. That said, it’s a pretty good listen all the way through with some strong cuts. The lead single is a song called “Big Casino” which did chart respectfully on the radio back in ’07/08.

The song takes it’s title from lead singer Jim Adkins side-project Go Big Casino.

Back in 2007, I asked bass player Rick Burch to tell me what the song is about.

“it’s about the old jaded guy trying to tell the young kids coming up ‘you gotta do it this way.’  But if he knew how to do it, then why didn’t he do it? Why is he the janitor at the place? Well if you knew how to why didn’t you do it? Why are you here? Why aren’t you on top?”

Also…I bought Bleed American from Urban Outfitters for $20 today…so that was a thing that happened.

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We are some lucky ducks in Victoria.  This summer, Rock The Shores bring Jimmy Eat World to the BEST island in the Dominion.  Saturday, July 13th in support of City and Colour.

This Arizona band is touring to support their 7th record, Damage.  We’ll get the record on June 11th.

The first single came down the internet tubes today for radio.  Let’s hit play on this….

Verse, chorus, verse.  Pre-hook, hook… sounds like a fun Jimmy Eat World song to me.  Commit it to memory and get ready to sing it back to the band in July!

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Jimmy Eat World 'My Best Theory'

The BIG new this morning on The Morning Zone… Dylan and Jason announced the details for this summer’s Rock The Shores.

Two Days in July… July 13th and 14th at the Juan de Fuca Rec Center’s lower fields.  So many bands to get excited about.

I want to start by getting amped on Jimmy Eat World coming to Victoria.

I’ve been lucky enough to see the band a few time sin concert and love them.  Coral is the bigger fan and has all their records at home.  Many of them she can sing along to, word-for-word.

Jimmy Eat World have seven records and all of them are outstanding.  Some of the earlier ones maybe lack the syrupy production and mass appeal pop songs of the later records. Still, all interesting and great listens.

JEW’s lat album was 2010’s Invented. Last fall the band began work on their eighth record, Damage (might be the name of the single, its unclear to me).  Our first listen will happen near Record Store Day in April when they release it as a 7-inch single, backed with a cover of Pablo Honey-era Radiohead, “Stop Whispering.”

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Back to the grind after an awesome weekend in Vancouver.  Coral and I took Mads to Coquitlam to see my sister Andrea, Uncle Matt and Stuphie.

Saturday night, we teamed up with Coral’s sister Alyx and hit the Commodore Ballroom to see Jimmy Eat World.

The concert was my second chance to see JEW.  The last time Coral and I went was 2007 when she was pregnant with Madelyn.  I remember that show to this day being one of my favourite concert experiences.

This 2011, might go down as even better.  Jimmy Eat World were playing songs heavy on classics and also from their album Invented.  I love the hits as I do with any journeymen band… but seeing as my favourite JEW records tend to be the later ones, I was happy they leaned on Invented and Chase This Light for some great depth performances.

I loved that Jimmy Eat World brought Courtney Marie Andrews on tour with them to sing the female harmonies.  It added a lot to the show and she sounded great on the Invented songs and the older JEW songs.  Notably on the Bleed American slow-burn, “Hear You Me.”

All-in-all… such a beautiful concert.  Too bad is took so bloody long to get home on the skytrain.

The rest of the weekend was filled with relaxing, hockey, eating and Bridesmaids.

Andrea and I took Madelyn to Dawes Hill Park which is a little playground and urban forest by my folk’s place.

As kids in the 80s… much of the neighbourhood where we grew up was forest.  Now its houses.  We’d spend hours patrolling our domain, making trails and exploring.

I was very happy that an old trail that we always trekked along in Dawes Hill was still there and that Madelyn was jazzed to wander it.

I wonder how she might take to walking on a trail?  Maybe still a bit too young.  Even this little adventure required me to pick her up and carry her for a bit when she got “too tired.”

But I was reading my Backpacker magazine and they were talking about kids as young as 5 getting out into the back country and even had some kids packs! O RLY?  Kids Pack and a 4 person tent… then I’m gold!

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Glee TV star Cory Monteith and his band Bonnie Dune stopped by my radio show today for a special edition of My Turn.

Cory selected some of his favourite songs and hosted the show.  Then his band performed a couple songs live on the radio (for I think the first time).

I captured all the talky bits, the live songs and then the studio Bonnie Dune cut as well.  Its one 25 minute-ish file that you can download or stream.

My favourite part? Justin (lead singer/guitar) talking about his dream opening gig would be with Jimmy Eat World…. SWA? nice. Or Cory’s prediction that the Canucks take the San Jose Sharks in 4 games.

Cory Monteith on The Zone @ 91-3

Download MP3 >> May 13 Cory Monteith

And Michael Reid of the Times Colonist wrote a great article with some background on Monteith, Bonnie Dune and a wonderful shout-out to The Zone:  Times Colonist

Go with yourself.

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Last Sunday, Coral and I packed up Mads for a Mother’s Day picnic out at Jordan River.

The nice scenic drive is a wonderful excuse to jam out a favourite record or two.  Seeing as we’re off to see Jimmy Eat World in Vancouver over the May long, we punched up some JEW records.

Jimmy Eat World – “Always Be”

Coral’s fave is 2004’s Futures.  It was a breakup record for her, and those always have a power of you.  Futures also to me is the point in their career where shed a lot of indie production and arrangements for bigger, lush sounds and more complex melodies.  If you punch up Bleed American and Futures back-to-back you’ll hear a higher “quality” on Futures.

Over time, my favourite JEW record is becoming Chase this Light.  Coral said the great thing about Jimmy Eat World is that they can make you feel like the time you are living right now in the present, is the best time, or at least the most intense or important.  Like this song here.

Jimmy Eat World – “Chase This Light”

The single off the record, “Big Casino” is one of the stronger radio songs in their catalog.  But for me, one of their best songs off all their records is the slow jam that closes it all out.

Jimmy Eat World – “Dizzy”

This song reminds me of a slow dance at a junior highschool dance.  remember those things? in gymnasiums?

Go with yourself.

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