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Music at Christmas time is the best.  My wife picked up The Replacements documentary Color Me Obsessed from Ditch Records.  The story is a second-hand account, told by the fans (and few producers/ancillary insiders, but no band members) of America’s unknown greatest rock & roll band.

The movie travels in a linear path through their creation, their records, the ups, the downs, and then the end.

I loved how the film went through every album and talked to fans who then said why different songs or records were their favourite.

I didn’t discover The Replacements until I was in my 20s and I first purchased the box set Left of the Dial, then later the compilation Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?  If you’re scratching your head going, The Replacements?  there was Alternative music in the 80s?  You’d do yourself a service starting with either of those compilations to get educated.  Both solid collections that I still listen to often to this day.

Since the 2006 collection of Replacements songs I have gone on a mission to collect Replacements records/books/now films.  I have most their discography except the first and last albums which JR at Ditch said can be a little harder to find unless I get all internety and pay some bucks.  I am not there yet in my fandom.  Just waiting for either to show up in the bin at Ditch for a moderate price.  After watching the documentary I found out their live record, Shit Hits The Fans was a cassette only release.  Limited and never re-issued.  So maybe that might be a mission to track down one day.  Their ’82 ep Stink was originally issued with a hand-stamped cover.  That would be a fun thing to try to track down one day too.

Trolling the net today I stumbled on a cover from Edmonton singer Jessica Jalbert.  She does a very pretty and dreamy cover of the Tim era cut “Swingin’ Party.”

Happy New Year!  I’ll be DJing at The Veneto Lounge on the big night….. and this here blog has a Facebook page.  I would appreciate a “like.”

Go with yourself.

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photo: Webmeister Bud

Well how ignorant of me…. I didn’t post my acoustic songs from the Gaslight Anthem‘s Brian Fallon.  One week ago today, Mr. Fallon stopped by the Zone for a chitchat and live performance.

Gaslight Anthem – “45” (acoustic)

Gaslight Anthem – “Desire” (acoustic)

Very pretty.


I got an email from the distant and savage wilds of Northern Canada… Edmonton.  Brandy Taylor was saying she can’t play Christian Hansen‘s new song “C’mon Arizona” enough on the radio.  Let’s have a listen.

Christian Hansen – “C’mon Arizona”

Brandy says, “Seriously, fave song we’re playing right now. And he says ‘bosom.’  Sooo……”



Um what?  Nice.  Coral and I got married on this day in 2009.  Yay us.

Go with yourself.

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In a spectacular turn of fate, I get a chance to take part in a hockey game contest at the Save-On Foods Memorial Arena at a Victoria Royal’s WHL hockey game.

I win a coffee maker. I like hockey.

Stream from Mixcloud: Hockey! with Jeremy >> I win
Download MP3: Hockey with Jeremy 03 – I win

This hockey game did not bode well for the Royals… they lost to the Edmonton Oil Kings, 8-2.  I still had so much fun as it was the first time I got to see an entire game from start to finish.  (I usually bring Mads and bed time is before the game ends or else I am DJing and can’t go to the game).

I also got to go in the suicide box!  That is a box for the media right at ice level that separates the players benches.  I recorded some of the sounds and the chirping between players.  Still messing around with the audio in the studio but will have that done soon.

Thank you for listening.  Go with yourself.

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When the family was driving around Edmonton, Alberta a few weeks ago we were listening to the modern rocker Sonic 102.9 FM.  They were doing one of those “A-Z Weekends” where the radio plays a bunch of songs from their playlist in alphabetical order.  We happened to be out-and-about early on a Friday morning for a drive to Wetaskwin so we heard Garner lead it off with the As.

On came one of my favourite Jimmy Eat World songs, “A Praise Chorus.”

Side A, track 2 from 2001’s Bleed American was the forth single from the record and for sure, the forgotten song when it comes to airplay in 2010.

When the record began its rotations, it once again piqued my interest in the song.

Jimmy Eat World is very much one of “Coral’s bands.”  When we first met, she wanted to share a band she was passionate about with me.  At first I was skeptical.  The emo music craze was very much in backlash mode and what I knew of Jimmy Eat World at the time was… well, “The Middle.”  A fun song, but to me it was just a pop radio rocker.  I didn’t appreciate the depth of their style.

It takes context to love music.  A space, place, or emotion with a song jamming out as the soundtrack.  Jimmy Eat World will always be the soundtrack to our relationship (and fun fact: Jimmy Eat World’s Futures was a break-up record for a previous relationship she was in…. neat).

“A Praise Chorus” is an uplifting song.  Its a party song.  It might even be a romantic song… I have a hard-on for the line, “I want to fall in love tonight.”

The song has some other touch points that makes this my favourite JEW song.

The artwork for the single is a map of Arizona.  Check.

The song breaks down to a “praise chorus” where a series of lines from other songs including all-time great, “Crimson and Clover” and also some lines from 90s emo stalwarts, The Promise Ring.

The Promise Ring is a cool band if you ever get the hankering to travel back in time to late 90s alternative rock and some quality emo.  Check out this song, “Why Did We Ever Meet.”

I had a point when I sat down to write this… but I’ve been flipping between Promise Ring and JEW songs and its gone.

I think I just wanted to say, hey check out “A Praise Chorus” if you don’t know the song.  Its good.

Go with yourself.

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Summer time and in our little family that means road trip time!

Coral and I have done a few and this summer is no exception.

We haven’t hammered out all the details and founds beds to sleep in every night but so far the plan has us cutting through the hills and mountains on a mighty trek around lakes and beyond the horizon to scenic Alberta.  We are thinking of starting in Banff.  Coral hasn’t been there since she was a kid and the last time I can remember being the birthplace of the National Park is when Bob, Paul and I cut through there on our Cross-Canada Adventure in 1998.

I think we might also check out Calgary before pushing North to Edmonton.  The largest northern city (outside of Santa’s workshop) in North America.

And since used cars cost less there, I am sure we’ll at least pass into Wetaskwin.  We’ll see.  I think I’ll need to do the West Edmonton Waterpark and we’re thinking of bringing our bikes… so a river bike ride?

Then we’ll swing back into friendly territory after sacking Edmonton (BC Total WAR!) and head to Kelowna.  If it times out right, we’ll be there for the long weekend and might get a chance to see Acres of Lions who will be there too! They are playing the Center of Gravity Festival and it would be so cool to hook up with my man Tyson in his old hometown and see his band.

Plus! some desert bike riding will be in order and we might actually check out one of these wineries that everyone speaks of. hmm?  Maybe.  For sure, the Kelowna Waterpark will be on the itinerary.

The adventure ends on Vancouver Island where we’ll be joining my folks camping somewhere beyond civilization (like basically anywhere north of Nanaimo).

Can’t wait!  We just got to track down a bike rack.  Do you have one we could borrow?

Go with yourself.

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Back from my rip-roaring holiday in Edmonton and the first thing I did when I rolled into the radio was watch this fine Nirvana Mash-up.  But then the second thing I did, was hop in the Capital Rock City studio to jam out this week’s CRC.

Download: Capital Rock City #65

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I loved making it.  If you like the program, please share the link with a friend or on your social network.  Every link counts on my march to 1,000 weekly downloads.  Thank you.


DJ Notes

01) Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rica”
02) Vince Vaccaro – “Heart and Hands”
03) Maurice – “Anticipation”
04) Maurice – “Unattainable”

Wow, if you remember last week, I was thinking out loud about the possibility of seeing Vince and Maurice on tour in Edmonton, well the stars aligned and on Friday night, I journeyed out to downtown Edmonton (1,300 km from downtown Victoria) with Coral, Alyx, Dave and Lacey to experience some fine Captial Rock in… uhhh… another Provincial Capital.

The venue was this hot, sweaty basement called Brixx Bar.  The room was downtown on some numbered street (they all look the same to me) just off Jasper under the Starlight Room.

We walked in and Coral and I wanted to fire this night up right so we ordered two three (one for Alyx) double Gin and Tonics.  $33!  SWA?  Edmonton what’s up?  Okay, one round later and I was on to their finest, cheapest beer… Lucky.

I was watching two fine Victoria rockers drinking Lucky Beer in… Edmonton.

Maurice and Vince were tired.  They had played Calgary the night before, bee-lined it north to Deadmonton, slept an hour or two then did Breakfast TV on CITY.  Slept a few more hours then had sound check at Brixx, oh the life of a touring working band.

The boys treated me like a star, told some stories, drank some beers and then Maurice tucked into their set.

As always, Maurice translates so much better live than on record.  The rock songs rock harder and far more furiously and the ballads are more passionate and desperate.  On record, sometimes I find their songs get lost in the production.  Coral was sold after their set and needed a t-shirt! Post Script, Coral sent me an email today:

And HEY! Your blog made it sound like Id never heard Maurice before “coral was sold after their set and bought a tshirt’

How about coral swooned. I was sold befooooore!
Being the long time Maurice admirer that I am, I was sad they did not play “High School Sweetheart.”  Maybe they were drunk, I know I was… but I am pretty sure promises were made to record that song for Capital Rock City??? maybe??? Maybe JP?

Vince did his thing after, using most the boy in Maurice as his backing band.  A very efficient way to do it.  Too bad more people in Edmonton don’t go out on a Friday night, it was a sparse crowd.  Any touring band might want to think about some more local support.  They had some group open, then the touring acts headlined… next time, have a local open and one close the night out.

I grabbed a copy of Maurice’s ‘Young People With Faces’ and Vince’s s/t LP, the girls got t-shirts and it was off to enjoy the rest of our holiday… which included lots of driving.

Maurice’s record stayed in the player lots.  “Anticipation” rose to the top for Coral and I.  Another song that peaked my interest was the final song of the podcast, “Unattainable.”  JP sings about Fernwood! and existentialism?  ahhh, you had me at Fernwood.

Thank you for downloading this week’s show!  Tell a friend about it.

Go with yourself.

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Off to the City of Champions.

Talk at you next week.  Thank you for reading my blog.

Go with yourself.

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Time to discover four more great indie rocker gems on this week’s Capital Rock City!

Download and Share: Capital Rock City #64

Thank you for taking the time to find out the fine music of Victoria.  If you like the show please share this link with a friend.


DJ Notes:

01) Said the Whale – “Camilo (The Magician)”
02) A Trophy Life – “Conversation Sucks”
03) Maurice – “Kerosene”
04) Franco – “Forever”

I knew the leader of Said the Whale way back in the olden days when he was just a 15 year old ponker kid in a band called My Buddy Dave.  Today, Tyler is an ex-UVic’er jamming out his new band based out of Vancouver called Said The Whale.  The band is starting to get some love and radio play.  You might hear Said the Whale on the Modern Rock Inbox with David Eleanor, or on The Peak in Vancouver.  Good times.

A Trophy Life commutes between Victoria and Vancouver.  Their song “Conversation Sucks” is from the new EP called “Go On Tour” ep.  “Conversation Sucks”  is titled after the former Zone Band of the Month Conversation.  The title is just a tongue in cheek reference, the bands are friends.  Tim of Conversation sings and plays keys/samples for A Trophy Life.

Former ZBOTM Maurice needs a trophy for their creative album title, ‘Young People With Faces.’  Don’t we all have faces?  Profound.

Maurice is on tour playing all sorts of groovy cities.

16 Jul 2009 21:00
The Gateway – SAIT w/ Vince Vaccaro Calgary, Alberta
17 Jul 2009 20:00
Brixx Bar and Grill w/ Vince Vaccaro Edmonton, Alberta
18 Jul 2009 21:00
TBA Canmore, Alberta
21 Jul 2009 21:00
The Habitat w/ Vince Vaccaro Kelowna, British Columbia
22 Jul 2009 21:00
The Media Club w/ Vince Vaccaro Vancouver, British Columbia
23 Jul 2009 21:00
GLC w/ Vince Vaccaro Whistler, British Columbia
3 Aug 2009 12:00
St Anne’s Academy (Outdoors) Victoria, British Columbia

Hang on a second, I’ll be in Edmonton the day Maurice is in own… should I go see Victoria bands in Edmonton?

Finally, a song from yet another former ZBOTM, Franco.  Franco used the Spinal Tap thing for their ep title, ‘This Is Franco.’  The song I featured, “Forever” was selected by the CBC Radio’s BC Almanac as a theme song.  How cultured of them.

Thank you for downloading the show, I hope you love it (or at least enjoy it) and share the link for the podcast on your blog or with your friends.

Go with yourself.

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Oh Victoria, remember when you used to have a world class Folk Music Festival?  Ahh goodtimes… if it wasn’t for Nick and Dimitri and Piers and Coral at Atomique putting on Rifflandia (plug in 3,2,1…details this afternoon on the show) we4’d having nothing fun to do…

Now this festival looks like something I could get into more than any damn Stampede!


Now part of me thinks that Coral, Mads and I will be in Deadmonton in and around these dates.  Is Calgary an arduous ordeal from the Champion City?  I mean, Glen Campbell?

I’d see him in Vancouver or Victoria, you know… if either city had a reason for the hero of Galveston to come, but sadly, there are more pressing concerns in Medicine Hat and Spokane.

Time to head to the show… go with yourself.

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