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Hunter in Denver took two seconds away from the till during a busy Black Friday to send a couple remixes for our Friday playlists.

Finnish singer Alma and French Montana’s “Phases” gets remixed by Autograf.

Joji’s “Will He” redone by Medasin is chill. so chill.

Go with yourself.

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New jam from Major Lazer features Justin Bieber so you know it’s gunna be red hot. My soundcloud feed is already overrun with remixes but the guy who consistently stands out is German producer Koni. He traditionally re-cuts the song with different vocals and puts it back together a bright cloud house song.


There was a story the other day in Vancouver of some quirky fellow who did an engagement shoot with a cardboard cut out his fiance who is currently in Taiwan.

His name is Ryan and her name is Phoebe.

When I searched Ryan Phoebe into google I stumbled upon a pop star named Phoebe Ryan and found myself falling down the rabbit whole reading this story in Vanity Fair.

I thought, huh, she sounds neat. Clicked to wikipedia and saw she did a song with Skizzy Mars!

And here’s Skizzy showing up on a Phoebe Ryan song that has been remixed and listened to a whole bunch of times.

She has a newish sugar pop song called “Dollar Bills.” I like Las Vegas too Phoebe.


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Alma is a Finnish singer I stumbled on last week. I’ve really been enjoying her song “Karma.”


One more from my Minnesota blogger best friend Ruth…some happy house music.

Artist is Chris Malinchak from New York City.

Happy Friday! It’s a Long Weekend here in British Columbia so I’ll try to yap at you next week.

Go with yourself.

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