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It’s been awhile since I’ve featured the Dallas producer Medasin.

Post Malone is pretty hot right now, so why not send out a remix of his song “I Fall Apart.” Sometimes I hear these remixes and I prefer them to original. Post Malone has always traded on a dark pop and it isn’t like Medasin makes it a happy song, but he does infuse a little more energy into the song while still holding on to the dirgy future sounds.


I was thinking about Young Galaxy’s “Crying My Heart Out” today. I love this song so much.

Go with yourself.

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Hunter in Denver took two seconds away from the till during a busy Black Friday to send a couple remixes for our Friday playlists.

Finnish singer Alma and French Montana’s “Phases” gets remixed by Autograf.

Joji’s “Will He” redone by Medasin is chill. so chill.

Go with yourself.

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