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Photo: Webmeister Bud

Photo: Webmeister Bud

How good was Band of Skulls on Thursday, May 29th? The British blues rockers came, saw, and conquered a sold out Sugar Nightclub in Victoria.

The set came out swinging with Himilayan giants “Asleep at the Wheel”  and the title cut from their third record. So many huge anthems and high energy sizzlers off the hop.  The settled in about two-thirds of the way before ultimately climaxing with modern rock radio banger “Hoochie Coochie.”

They came back out with an encore of “Sweet Sour,” “Light of the Morning,” and “Death By Diamonds and Pearls.” Massive.

20140529 - Band of Skulls (Civic)

Before the show, Dylan Willows picked up the band in The Zone’s Summer Civic and had cameras rolling (video coming soon) for a casual Q &A before handing them off to me back at the radio factory. Band of Skulls performed a could songs live on the radio.

Please note the picture of Russell and I being best friends.

Go with yourself.

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Zach hugging me after we completed “The Wall” photo: E/A Photography – Victoria

Wrapped an amazing weekend in Victoria. Saturday was the Vikings exhibition at the Royal BC Museum, DeadBeetz Food truck (they’ll be Rock Festivals around Victoria, so hit it…wow) then I DJ’d a wedding.  Sunday was the Power To Be: Power to Play Adventure Race.

Team Zone was there… Team #32…and we came in 32nd place. Neat. But we raised a bunch of money for the kids, and we had fun.

Back to the grind at the radio factory and it’s another busy one.

Band of Skulls will be in Victoria on Thursday for a sold out show at Sugar.  It’s an early concert, doors at 7 PM.

I saw this great remix of BOS’s latest single “Hoochie Coochie” done by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.

Look for that remix on the Hoochie Coochie ep on July 27th.


Looking forward to Disney’s Maleficent. According to Buzzfeed Angelina Jolie personally picked Lana Del Rey to cover “Once Upon a Dream.”

Go with yourself.

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I had a chance to talk with Russell Marsden of the English rock & roll band Band of Skulls from his base in London.

He shared some laughs and wisdom.  Have a listen as we discuss his new record and what’s coming at our ears in February of 2012.

Interview >> Russell of Band of Skulls

Download MP3 >>20111111 Band of Skulls Edit

Happy Saturday!

Go with yourself.

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Band of Skulls from left: Matt, Emma, Russell

South Hampton, UK rockers Band of Skulls are in Victoria tonight, and they came by the Zone Afternoon Show for a performance.  They give us a couple magical acoustic songs, “Fires” and “Impossible.”

Download: Band of Skulls on The ZAS

I’ve interviewed a ton of bands and heard countless acoustic numbers and “Impossible” is one my more favourite ones.  It is the second song they perform.

Go with yourself.

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