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Vance Joy live at CFOX

Vance Joy stopped by the radio factory today in front of his second SOLD OUT show at the Orpheum in Vancouver.  He performed his hit “Fire and The Flood” for us.

I also asked him about the stage name, “Vance Joy.” How did that come about? Vance was born James and used to play at a cafe during brunch. He’d perform a collection of covers (like Fuel’s “Shimmer”) and originals. Inspired by a character from the Peter Carey book Bliss, he branded his brunch set Vance Joy and here we are.

I feel like I kept it pretty cool. Too bad I can’t say the same for my colleague Meredith!


Go with yourself.

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Thursday, Jon Williams and I got spoiled at the Radio Factory.  We had our Zone Band of the Month Geoff Lundstrom in to perform his single “Wash The Dirt Off.”  But then the dude stuck around and recorded a cover of Lorde‘s Much Mega Hit, “Royals.”  His trio consisted of himself with Amy and Chris on keys.  Amy let Jon hold her 1948 Martin D 28 acoustic guitar!

Earlier, we had Victoria’s Zerbin in studio.  The boys dropped a beautiful take on The National‘s  “I Need My Girl.”

Maybe you’ll be able to get behind one of these covers and you’ll share it with your friends.

Go with yourself.

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Canadian west-coast roots/folk duo Jon and Roy perform tonight at the Alix Goolden Hall…. sold out.  In front of the concert, they stopped by The Zone @ 91-3 for a live performance.  They lay down “Vibrant Scene” from the album Let It Go.  Then they dive into a cover of David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World.”

Go with yourself.


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Ko hopped a plane from Toronto to Victoria to visit the Zone and play a sold out show at Darcy’s.  He played a couple new songs including his single “My Life” from an up-coming record due out tentatively April 20th, 2013.

Hit Ko on Facebook.

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John O from Diamond Rings stopped by The Zone Afternoon Show for a LIVE studio performance in front of his show TONIGHT at Club 9one9 with Gold & Youth.

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Canadian indie rockers, Metric, are in Victoria for a show at the Save On Foods Memorial Center with Stars.  Before the show, Metric hopped on the radio to lay down a couple songs from their album Synthetica.

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Dear internet,

Feels good to be back to a kind of regular day at the radio factory.  Today I only met Jim Pattison, Canada’s forth richest billionaire.  Yesterday I was wandering around East Vancouver in the rain at 7:45AM.  Its been a couple of interesting days to say the least.

Monday, I hopped on the ferry with 100.3 The Q! music director Scott James to see Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol at their sold out Orpheum show.

It was a bit of a whirlwind as Scott and I rushed to the 3PM ferry to discover it full.  We walked on and abandoned Scott’s choice 1991 Honda CR-X.  We took the PCL into Vancouver and checked into the Rosedale on Robson. No sooner had our bags hit the bed, we were taking the elevator down for a quick pint and then the show.

The Orpheum was packed for the show.  Ed Sheeran is a young gentleman from the UK via Hollywood (or vise versa?  He was born in the UK, but moved to LA).  There was a considerable amount of hype surrounding this folky-hip hoppstery-beat boxer (seriously he does a variety of things).  Immediately I ran into a group of girls excited for Ed!  His show was exceptional… I’d say my biggest concern was that it was too short.  I’d be surprised if he played more than 4 songs.  You can tell he is young and enjoying the crowds.  He is still learning how to handle the huge audience… Musically; he was on-point.

I personally prefer his folky Damien Rice type stuff over the beat-boxing raps about his ginger hair.  That is why I recorded his hit, A-Team.

Ed Sheeran – “A-Team” (live 20120430 Vancouver)
Download MP3 >> Ed Sheeran – A Team

Snow Patrol headlined the show.  I had heard through the hype-machine that Ed Sheeran was blowing SP off the stage every night.  I didn’t get that vibe myself.  Not because Ed Sheeran was bad, but because Snow Patrol’s sound and stage is just bigger.  Ed can’t… he was one guy beat boxing and layering his own music.  Impressive trick for sure… but Snow Patrol sounded way bigger and fuller.  Plus they had the lights and screens…

Scott was at the Coldplay show the other day in Vancouver and basically likened Snow Patrol to a little Coldplay.  Snow Patrol is good, but Coldplay are the masters.  And I think what I took from Scott after seeing both Snow Patrol and Coldplay… is that Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world for a reason. But we couldn’t quite pin down what that reason is… Scott says a lot of what Snow Patrol does, Coldplay does, but with Chris Martin it came off as more believable?

Gary Lightbody is flying around the stage, doing a humility schtick, talking to the audience and being very flamboyant and upfront.  And then there were maybe 6 other guys back in the shadows behind him making the music.

The set also felt light for me, which is probably good… I was never bored or scratching my head during a song selection.  They played most the hits from all their records and they played my favourite song “Set Fire to the Third Bar” off Eyes Open.  I hit record (a little late) for this song.

Snow Patrol – “Set Fire to the Third Bar” (live 20120430 Vancouver)

Download MP3 >> Snow Patrol – Set Fire to the Third Bar

After the show, it was a quick beer then bed as we had to be on an early ferry… but seeing as things weren’t going right for Scott and I… we missed the PCL Bus at 7:30 and had to wait till 9:30AM.

Rolling with the adventure, I took the time to wander down Main Street into Chinatown… see the East Van sights as the city was waking up and found a coffee shop.

Go with yourself.

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So many great interviews and performances this week on the Zone Afternoon Show.

Soundcloud: The Pack A.D. perform “Sirens” and “Haunt You”

Soundcloud: Vince Vaccaro performs “Coming Home”

Soundcloud: Miami Nights 1984 talking about his remix of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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k-os came to Victoria today to perform a nooner lunch concert at Sauce Restaurant. Oh the times we shared….

Check out a chit-chat with k-os and the performance of the song “Crucial.”

k-os – “Crucial”

Download MP3 >> K-Os – Crucial

Thank you k-os for coming by Sauce to perform for us.

See k-os live tonight at Club 9one9.

Go with yourself.

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Its been a few days since I’ve been back from Vancouver. I had a 24 hour adventure in the Terminal City to check out one of my all-time favourite bands, Interpol.

The show was pretty magical because I love their music… but especially the first two records (like everyone, I guess).  The set was heavy on most of the best from Turn on and Antics.  The show also featured lots off the critically underwhelming Interpol. And was exceptionally light on Our Love to Admire.  In fact, I think they just jammed out “Rest My Chemistry.” Which is cool as I personally think that song is the stand out from the record.

Interpol – “Rest My Chemistry”

There was not much of any “show” in the sense of lasers, devil worship, girls flashing their tits.  Just four guys on stage in suits sounded great.  The Orpheum Theater made the sound of their songs sparkle. A great audio environment.  It didn’t hurt that @Nucksgrl got us 6th row! It definitely was a fan’s show.

I loved the song selection.  I am weakest on their new music so it was great that they paced the new songs in with so many great “hits” from the beloved first two albums.

Interpol has been a favourite band of mine for a number of years and this show helped build on the sonic lust.  Good times.

Go with yourself.

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