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I vaguely remember when my old man bought our first CD player.

I think it was a Boxing day maybe? or around Boxing Day… part of me feels like it was winter.

We drove out to the A&B sound in Burnaby.  This was before there an A&B Sound everywhere and obviously before the chain closed down.

If I remember, he bought the player and then needed a CD so he bought an Elton John Box-set that had four discs of hits.  I listened to a lot of  “Crocodile Rock” as a young’n.  I don’t know what it cost, but I think it was pretty expensive for the late 80s or early 90s.  I can’t really remember, its a bit of hazzy remembrance.

I read today that Sony is closing one of their last two CD plants in America.  Its a warehouse in New Jersey that employs about 300 people.  It seems most the people that work there know whats up.  They stopped making Blu-Ray discs last year and one worker said his own daughter steals music off the internet despite the fact the roof over head and food in her belly comes from him pressing CDs.

Then I read some facts about the CD

Invented in 1979.  Which makes it older than me… which means… I’ll be discontinued soon. sad face. Do not disassemble.

The first test pressing happened in Germany.  It was Richard Strauss‘ “Eine Alpinsinfonie.”

The first public demonstration happened on BBC television and featured the Bee Gees 1981 record Living Eyes.

The first record to be pressed in the manufacturing plant in 1982 was ABBA’s The Visitors.  The first CD album to be released for sale was Billy Joel’s 52nd Street.

By 1983 you could buy a CD player in America and there were 16 titles (all from CBS Records) you could buy to play in it.

The first record to sell 1-million compact discs was Dire Straight‘s 1985 classic Brothers In Arms. Wait a minute, that song “Money For Nothing” says “faggot” a bunch, maybe I need to edit history to make a more politically correct record the 1st ever?

First artist to release their entire catalog on Cd was Mr. David Bowie when he took all 15 of his albums and 4 best of’s… and pressed them also in 1985.

First CDs I bougth with my own money were… Metallica’s …And Justice for All, Alice in Chains s/t and Seven Mary Three.  I think it cost me close to $80 and was almost all of one of my first paycheques from the job I got that summer.  making sandwiches at Subway in the summer of ’96.

Then I bought a lot of CDs. I do remember my Dad getting mad at me for wasting my paycheques on CDs.  What did I need so many for?  So I need to find an excuse for having so many… so I became a DJ.

Go with yourself.

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Friday was payday for me, so it was off to Ditch to pick up a couple long players they had set aside.

I am slowly but surely collecting The Replacements discography as best I can, so I grabbed Hootenanny. As I have blogged before, I love the Meat Puppets so their important record II was on the shopping list.

My wife Coral, she had a mad lust to hear the ‘An Innocent Man’ album cut “Christie Lee” so we also got our hands on that record as well. I hope you enjoy listening to some selections off this week’s stack of wax.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to music.

Click to stream>> Playing 33s: his name was always Joe to me


DJ Notes

01) Billy Joel – “Uptown Girl”
02) Billy Joel – “Christie Lee”
03) The Replacements – “Color Me Impressed”
04) The Replacements – “Within Your Reach”
05) Meat Puppets – “Plateau”
06) Meat Puppets – “Aurora Borealis”

All the records I played on this mix are from 1983!  Whoa… the year Coral was born.

An Innocent Man is Billy Joel’s tribute to the music of his youth.  You’ll hear elements of doo-wop, motown, and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

The set begins with “Uptown Girl,” Joel’s first UK #1 hit and a song he wrote about about his soon-to-be wife, Christie Brinkley.

Growing up, Coral had the cassette for this record and she is very familiar with all the songs.  She had a desire to hear the album cut “Christie Lee” (also a song named after his wife).

oddly, on iTunes you can buy greatest hits compilations of Billy Joel’s music, but not any albums?  weird, he’s like the opposite of Pink Floyd.

I am slowly collecting all the Replacements LPs I can get my hands on. Hootenanny is the Replacements 2nd full long player (on the podcast I incorrectly called it their first… but their first was Sorry Ma, forgot to take out the trash).

I kept it pretty safe with my selections off this record playing two of the generally more recognized songs.

“Within Your Reach” was include don the soundtrack for the most excellent film, Say Anything…

“I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.” – Lloyd Dobbler you know what’s up.

I finish this little set with a record I just had to own, Meat Puppets II.

I’ve blogged about my obsession with these guys before.  Not not going to pretend that playing vinyl records is “better” than my iTunes or laptop… but I do find a certain satisfaction to listening to the original format when I am trying to transport myself back to this distant times and places.  This is how the kids in 1983 experienced these songs…. errr II came out in 1984…

Go with yourself.

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