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I am not reinventing the wheel of 70s rock & roll with this set… a selection of jammers from a 70s rock playlist I am working on. The set sounds so rocking mighty because I was able to peek behind the curtain of 100.3 The Q!’s playlist and find the songs that turn the cranks of people in the know.

Led Zeppelin’s “Fool in the Rain?” I had never heard that song before, no wait, yes I have, its a monster hit. Wow, I know.

Brewer and Shipley I remember from the Fear and Loathing soundtrack so I had to include it on the J. Rex 70s sampler mega hot mix.

My faves include T. Rex and Grand Funk Railroad. “Layla” is pretty darn near perfect… and that Zep song is growing on me with every listen.

You likely know more about the 70s than I do. Do you have some favourites of the era? What would your hour of 70s might and power sound like? I’d love to know. But always remember, Disco sucks!

Stream the one-hour set from my Mixcloud: J. Rex

DJ Notes

01) Elvis Costello – “Pump it Up”
02) T. Rex – “Bang a Gong (Get it On)”
03) Thin Lizzy – “The Boys Are Back in Town”
04) Grand Funk Railroad – “We’re An American Band”
05) Boston – “Peace of Mind”
06) Led Zeppelin – “Fool in the Rain”
07) Derek & The Dominos – “Layla”
08) The Cars – “My Best Friend’s Girl”
09) Blue Oyster Cult – “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
10) Brewer & Shipley – “One Toke Over the Line”
11) April Wine – “Tonight is a wonderful time to fall in love”
12) The Police – “Roxanne”
13) Elton John – “Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to be a Long Long Time)”


One of my favourite things about exploring old music that is new to me is sifting through the legend and lore.

I never knew “Layla” was about Eric Clapton banging George Harrison’s wife.  A model named Patti Boyd.  Cute attack!

So Eric and George are besties back in the late 60s.  Helping each other out creatively when something sinister befalls poor Eric.  he falls for his best friend’s wife!

The song Layla was written for her…. but uh, her name is Patti, not Layla?

Confused? so am I.

Layla comes from an old Arabic love tragedy Layla and Majnun.  It is the story of a young gentleman named Qays who is a bit of a poet and he falls for a girl in his tribe named Layla.  Sadly, being a poet doesn’t make you too rad back in the 7th century when impaling people on pikes was the true measure of a man… so Layla’s father prohibits their marriage and instead sends her off to marry someone else.

Qays, crushed, descends into madness and wanders the desert.

A bunch of stuff happens and bingo, bango, bongo he dies.

That is the Coles’s notes version.  You’re really gunna want to click the link and read the story as its pretty great.

So Eric Clapton… bummed out that he is in love with a woman who is already married hears this story from one of his buddies… in the midst of converting to Islam.  Inspired he writes would might be considered one of the best rock & roll songs ever.  (well at least included on the a the list of 500 best!)

Wonderfully… George and Eric worked out their differences over Patti and stay friends. George and Patti remain married for a few more years.

George Harrison and Patti eventually divorce and guess what?  Eric Clapton and Patti then get married and stay that way for a number of years.  Neat huh.

ALL THAT! in a song.

Go with yourself.

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I vaguely remember when my old man bought our first CD player.

I think it was a Boxing day maybe? or around Boxing Day… part of me feels like it was winter.

We drove out to the A&B sound in Burnaby.  This was before there an A&B Sound everywhere and obviously before the chain closed down.

If I remember, he bought the player and then needed a CD so he bought an Elton John Box-set that had four discs of hits.  I listened to a lot of  “Crocodile Rock” as a young’n.  I don’t know what it cost, but I think it was pretty expensive for the late 80s or early 90s.  I can’t really remember, its a bit of hazzy remembrance.

I read today that Sony is closing one of their last two CD plants in America.  Its a warehouse in New Jersey that employs about 300 people.  It seems most the people that work there know whats up.  They stopped making Blu-Ray discs last year and one worker said his own daughter steals music off the internet despite the fact the roof over head and food in her belly comes from him pressing CDs.

Then I read some facts about the CD

Invented in 1979.  Which makes it older than me… which means… I’ll be discontinued soon. sad face. Do not disassemble.

The first test pressing happened in Germany.  It was Richard Strauss‘ “Eine Alpinsinfonie.”

The first public demonstration happened on BBC television and featured the Bee Gees 1981 record Living Eyes.

The first record to be pressed in the manufacturing plant in 1982 was ABBA’s The Visitors.  The first CD album to be released for sale was Billy Joel’s 52nd Street.

By 1983 you could buy a CD player in America and there were 16 titles (all from CBS Records) you could buy to play in it.

The first record to sell 1-million compact discs was Dire Straight‘s 1985 classic Brothers In Arms. Wait a minute, that song “Money For Nothing” says “faggot” a bunch, maybe I need to edit history to make a more politically correct record the 1st ever?

First artist to release their entire catalog on Cd was Mr. David Bowie when he took all 15 of his albums and 4 best of’s… and pressed them also in 1985.

First CDs I bougth with my own money were… Metallica’s …And Justice for All, Alice in Chains s/t and Seven Mary Three.  I think it cost me close to $80 and was almost all of one of my first paycheques from the job I got that summer.  making sandwiches at Subway in the summer of ’96.

Then I bought a lot of CDs. I do remember my Dad getting mad at me for wasting my paycheques on CDs.  What did I need so many for?  So I need to find an excuse for having so many… so I became a DJ.

Go with yourself.

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