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Last night was a fun night at Lucky Bar.  Can’t Stop the Awesome was a classic party rocker throw down.

The party started right when doors opened at 10PM and people streamed in.  My set was short and sweet and by the end people had the boogie on the dance floor.

Victoria’s blues rock band Aegis Fang turned the screws some more.  What an amazing set. Aegis Fang does a lot right when the focus of the party is dancing and having fun.  They do a great job of mixing originals and covers.  Their covers fit their sound and they communicate with the audience letting us know what’s up.

Halfway through the set… Mike moves out from behind the kit and trades with Nate… party continues.  I have a couple favourite Aegis Fang songs.  “Ghetto Man” might be their most popular in Victoria as we played it on the radio for a bit.

I have always enjoyed “Foot Down.”

These guys remind me of a dirtier, rougher Current Swell.  The subjects of the songs and the Island boogie are very Current Swell.

The party continued with Unky Murge.  Murge channeled his rovcker vibe for a set heavy on hits and good vibes.  At one point, he stops down and brings vocalist Georgia Murray on stage to lay down a couple songs with Murge on the turntables laying down the beats.

Ran into lots of friends. Thank you to everyone that made the party what it was.

TONIGHT! I am DJing a special fundraiser at Veneto Lounge. 9PM-midnight. Murray Aid Victoria

Go with yourself.

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Back from the Sasquatch Festival and I’ll be sure to blog about that more completely when I get a chance to sit down and write.

Right now, its time for this week’s Capital Rock City.

Click and Listen to: Capital Rock City #58

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DJ Notes

01) Goodbye Beatdown – “Whatchagwando”
02) CFC – “Taste Beats”
03) The Blue Violets – “Desire”
04) Rabbit – “List of Secrets”

CRC 58 starts with a chit-chat with Mark.  He was the bass player of Daniel Wesley and now works with his new project The Goodbye Beatdown.

JP Maurice mixed down a new one for the CFC and sent it over to me.

The Blue Violets perform the Zone Band of the Month Showcase this Thursday, May 28th @ Evolution.  This song ‘Desire’ has real wicked vintage sound.  Almost Doors-esque?

Rabbit wins for best “worst band bio ever.”  I think the boys have since updated their website, thank god… but a simple google search still brings up this gem.

The members of Rabbit were born on the planet Krypton and rocketed
to Earth as infants by their scientist parents, moments before the
planet’s inevitable destruction. The rocket landed on Earth where
an elderly farm couple found and adopted the boys as their own.
Over the years, the boys grew to be timid and unpopular amongst their
peers but remained exceptionally bright, showing extraordinary prowess
in judo, building small robots of little destruction, photography,
magic, and teaching crochet to children in third world countries.
While working in the fields early one morning, the boys were bitten
by a radioactive rabbit (a really big one). Unbeknownst to them, the
rabid rabbit had given the boys an array of rabbit-like powers,
including the ability to engineer really cool software, play music,
and most importantly, an extra-sensory “rabbit-sense”. Unfortunately,
while still growing into their new found powers, an innocent night at
the movies proved fatal. A mugger gunned down the boys’ parents in a
dark alley leaving them orphans. With vengeance in mind and the vast
fortune willed to them by their adopted parents, the four boys honed
their skillz to peak rabbit perfection… becoming dark avengers of the
night. Now as adults, realizing that criminals were a superstitious,
cowardly lot, and that with great power comes great responsibility,
they formed a band simply known as Rabbit, and resolved to only use
their new found powers for entertainment.

Music sounds sharp and it looks like the boys have updated their website.

That’ll do it for Capital Rock City this week, thank you for finding the show.  Please share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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