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Thank you for finding my weekly Victoria rocker podcast, Capital Rock City.  As I continue the march to 1,000 weekly downloads I ask that maybe you’ll share the link to this podcast with a friend or on your social media page.

Download: Capital Rock City #68

Here we go!


DJ Notes

01) Funk Vigilante – “On Top of the World”
02) Goodbye Beatdown – “Feel Your Pain”
03) Lizzie and Simon – “Wherever You Go”
04) Black Hat Villain – “Rain or Shine”

Funk Vigilante reminds me of my old vigilante hat.  Many moons ago when I was snot-nosed suburban hipster, I went to the Warped Tour in Vancouver.  During the show I found this trucker hat (remember when those were so hawt!) that had the top cut off so it looked like a real D-bag styled golf vizer thing.  Written in sharpy marker was the word “vigilante.”  Cool.

Funk Vigilante describes themselves as:

The album is called “Civil Disobedience”  it’s like one of those hot lava burritos, blended up, and poured right into your listening hole.

which is much better than anything I could write.

The Goodbye Beatdown are a Vancouver band that is increasingly spending more and more time visiting us here in Victoria.  They’ll once again be here for a show on August 20th at Lucky Bar.

Liz Beattie was (maybe still is?) the bass player for Machina.  Remember that band?  Lately I notice she performs as The Liz Beattie band or on MySpace as Lizzie and Simon.  Simon is the keyboard player for Maurice and together they make some pretty indie pop.  Cute attack!

I end the show this week with Langfordians, Black Hat Villain.  You’ll get a chance to experience their post-grungy sounds live at The Station House Pub on Saturday, August 15th when they suppoert the Armchair Cynics.

Thank you for trying something new with your music and discovering some great Victoria rock & roll.

Go with yourself

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Thank you for finding this week’s Capital Rock City.

Today, its real easy… a sit down and chit-chat with Current Swell and then they perform some songs live.  Basically I took the live broadcast from Thursday, July 30 and replayed it here.  Enjoy.

Download: Capital Rock City #67

And remember friends and lovers, if you like the show please consider subscribing on iTunes or with this fine RSS Feed.  if you best enjoy your radio experience on the MP3 player, you might really like Pol Plastino’s Polcast!  This week he has an outstanding call with a Zoner that tries to make the case for texting while driving.  It makes her a better driver!  You got hear it to believe it!

Download: The Polcast


DJ Notes

01) Current Swell – “Nail ’em Up (live)”
02) Current Swell – “Red Shag Carpet”
03) Current Swell – “Mr. Golden Sun (live)”

How cool is this, their first song is based on the film ‘Black Snake Moan.’

“Red Shag Carpet” is a song that began life as a bumper sticker the boys saw while driving around.  That needed to be a song!

Lastly, a real treat on CRC, “Mr. Golden Sun” is a song they have never recorded.  They are thinking of maybe laying down on the next record, but you get it first on this here podcast (well second, if you listened ot my show last week, you got it first).”

Thank you for finding my podcast, if you like the show, don’t be shy and share the link with a friend or on your social network. Next week I am already looking forward to some new music from the Goodbye Beatdown and I might track down some music from bands taking part in the Big Time Out Festival and Sunfest?  sure.

Go with yourself.

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Wow, a couple days late with the DJ notes.  bad radio DJ, bad!

Please tuck into: Capital Rock City #61

I continue my march to 1,000 weekly downloads on Capital Rock City.  Webmeister Bud is still on mat leave celebrating the birth of his daughter!  Huzzah Bud!  So I don’t know the stats, the last I checked it was in the neighbourhood of a 100 a week.  Not bad, but as you can see, lots of work ahead of me to get the podcast to a sustainable audience.  You can do your part in supporting the fine music of Victoria by sharing the link of the podcast with a friend(s) or posting on your social network (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace).

You can also subscribe to the podcast, two ways, RSS Feed or in the iTunes Store podcast section.  Just search for ‘Capital Rock City’ and don’t forget to rate and comment please.

You’ll also find Capital Rock City at Raised on Indie!

Sales pitch aside, let’s get to it.


DJ Notes

01) Jell – “Watch Yourself”
02) Listening Party – “Pachina”
03) Goodbye Beatdown – “The Grudge”
04) The Matinee – “The Road”

Jell sent me a link for their new music video.  Pretty decent.  Have a look.

I was surprised to see that Jell has actually made a few videos for their songs.  All a very good DIY quality.  Jell’s Youtube Page

Here is yet another from Jon Middleton’s Listening Party.  This song is a little more lo-fi than the last LP song I featured.  Not sure what I think about it.  i like the quirkyness of it.

The Listening Party will be in Duncan on June 27th and in Vancouver opening for one of my favourite bands, Japandroids, at Richards on August 7th.

The Goodbye Beatdown are playing Zoner Gina’s party on July 4th.  You’re totally invited (no seriously, email me if you want to go…).

The show ends with The Matinee.  A band I have known since highschool.  they’ve changed their name like a hundred times (well three) and this latest incarnation has a slight country/folky twang.  Matt sent me a slate of new tunes and I felt that “the Road” was by far the strongest.

Thank you for finding Capital Rock City, let’s do it again sometime shall we?

Go with yourself.

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Back from the Sasquatch Festival and I’ll be sure to blog about that more completely when I get a chance to sit down and write.

Right now, its time for this week’s Capital Rock City.

Click and Listen to: Capital Rock City #58

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DJ Notes

01) Goodbye Beatdown – “Whatchagwando”
02) CFC – “Taste Beats”
03) The Blue Violets – “Desire”
04) Rabbit – “List of Secrets”

CRC 58 starts with a chit-chat with Mark.  He was the bass player of Daniel Wesley and now works with his new project The Goodbye Beatdown.

JP Maurice mixed down a new one for the CFC and sent it over to me.

The Blue Violets perform the Zone Band of the Month Showcase this Thursday, May 28th @ Evolution.  This song ‘Desire’ has real wicked vintage sound.  Almost Doors-esque?

Rabbit wins for best “worst band bio ever.”  I think the boys have since updated their website, thank god… but a simple google search still brings up this gem.

The members of Rabbit were born on the planet Krypton and rocketed
to Earth as infants by their scientist parents, moments before the
planet’s inevitable destruction. The rocket landed on Earth where
an elderly farm couple found and adopted the boys as their own.
Over the years, the boys grew to be timid and unpopular amongst their
peers but remained exceptionally bright, showing extraordinary prowess
in judo, building small robots of little destruction, photography,
magic, and teaching crochet to children in third world countries.
While working in the fields early one morning, the boys were bitten
by a radioactive rabbit (a really big one). Unbeknownst to them, the
rabid rabbit had given the boys an array of rabbit-like powers,
including the ability to engineer really cool software, play music,
and most importantly, an extra-sensory “rabbit-sense”. Unfortunately,
while still growing into their new found powers, an innocent night at
the movies proved fatal. A mugger gunned down the boys’ parents in a
dark alley leaving them orphans. With vengeance in mind and the vast
fortune willed to them by their adopted parents, the four boys honed
their skillz to peak rabbit perfection… becoming dark avengers of the
night. Now as adults, realizing that criminals were a superstitious,
cowardly lot, and that with great power comes great responsibility,
they formed a band simply known as Rabbit, and resolved to only use
their new found powers for entertainment.

Music sounds sharp and it looks like the boys have updated their website.

That’ll do it for Capital Rock City this week, thank you for finding the show.  Please share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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