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Last Wednesday, Daniel Wesley, Ko and The Rebel Emergency all came by the Zone afternoon show.  And all three groups laid down a live acoustic cut.  Here we go!

The Rebel Emergency – “Up All Night”

Download MP3 >> RebelEmergency-UpAllNight

Ko – “Moving Mountains”

Download MP3 >> Ko-MovingMountains

Daniel Wesley – “Head Outta Water”

Download MP3 >> DanielWesley-HeadOuttaWater

Happy Friday! Go with yourself.

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illScarlett performing in the Zone (last summer, but it was the only picture I could find)

The past couple weeks have seen a parade of bands come through The Zone Afternoon Show.  Here are the interviews with a bunch of them.

Download: illScarlett (perform “Milkshakes and Razorblades”)
Download: USS (perform “Laces Out”) *this interview is too funny
Download: Daniel Wesley (perform “It’ll Be You”)
Download: Priestess

The USS interview is my favourite.  I always enjoy hanging out with Ash and the Human Kebab.  Ash tells his Lenox Lewis story and we even dabble  with some wrestling talk.

Thank you for finding my blog and downloading.

Go with yourself.

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A day late a buck short… I’m writing the report… oh wow, Blink 182?  really?

Capital Rock City #71 is a couple days late, and I apologize to you passionate CRCers out there who wait breathlessly each and every week for your fix of some fine BC rock & roll.  Corj and I took Mads on a trip of the interior, then yesterday was just way too busy and I was sick and blah blah blah… yeah.

Today is the day, and I thank you for finding Capital Rock City and downloading the show.

Download: Capital Rock City #71


DJ Notes:

01) Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rica (acoustic)”
02) A Trophy Life – “Samonite (I was Way Off)”
03) TV Heart Attack – “A/O”
04) Daniel Wesley – “Pilgramidge (live on The ZAS)”

Vince Vaccaro crafted a video for an alternate recording of one my favourite VV cuts, “Costa Rica.”  Whenever I play this song for someone they become a Vince fan.  Both my sister and Coral love the song.  The video is an excellent DIY creation and well worth about 3 minutes of your time.

The only thing Vince… I noticed a shot of Vancouver radio station The Peak 100.5, but no clips of The Zone?  next video I’m sure.

Our September Band of the Month ’round these parts is a group called A Trophy Life.  You can hit the Band of the Month PAGE on THEZONEDOTFM and download some songs for totally free man.

TV Heart Attack is a Vancouver band that I have featured on the show before.  Peak (and former Zone) music director James Sutton turned me on to the group.  They recently competed in the Peak’s Performance Project where they were a finalist.

TVHA’s new record is called Lost in the Sway and is available now at finer record stores or on iTunes.

On October 20th I will have been married for 9 days AND I’ll be able to get my paws on the brand spanking new Daniel Wesley record.  Before taking off on holidays last week, Daniel came by the Zone and recorded a song called “Pilgrimage.”

The shows today starts with a fine taste of the group Holy Fuck.  I love this group with features the dude from the band By Devine Right!  remember them?

Holy Fuck is going to be in Victoria for the Rifflandia Festival and as luck would have it, they are playing on the only night I have free that weekend to hit a rock show!  Rifflandia looks amazing this year and I wish I could check out more shows… I know a few Morning After Show readers would be interested in Sam Bradley yup, he’s playing too all you R Pattinson fans.

Next week on CRC 72 I am hoping to have the boys of Saul in the studio.  Steve of the band Rotterdam and his set of Vic metal for CRC 73 and then maybe Two and I will be ready for the special live acoustic CRC 74?  maybe?

That’s all I got, thank you for downloading Capital Rock City and if you like the show, please share it with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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Daniel Wesley came by my radio show today to talk and perform.

Man did we have some times.  We talked about his new self titled record coming out in October, having the chance to take some time to record in a professional studio with a producer.  That producer being Mr. Dave Genn.  Dave smokes a lot of pot and his wife is Tamara Taggart… and Tamara was on Regis last Friday, but Daniel PVR’d it and watched it Sunday.  Good times.  Then he played his new single “Pilgramage” and another new one.  Enjoy.

Download: Daniel Wesley Live on The ZAS

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Back from the Sasquatch Festival and I’ll be sure to blog about that more completely when I get a chance to sit down and write.

Right now, its time for this week’s Capital Rock City.

Click and Listen to: Capital Rock City #58

Please share this link with your friends on whatever social network floats your boat.  You can SUBSCIBE via The Zone’s RSS feed or from the iTunes podcast section.  Just search for ‘Capital Rock City’ and subscribe, throw me a comment and rate, rate, rate.


DJ Notes

01) Goodbye Beatdown – “Whatchagwando”
02) CFC – “Taste Beats”
03) The Blue Violets – “Desire”
04) Rabbit – “List of Secrets”

CRC 58 starts with a chit-chat with Mark.  He was the bass player of Daniel Wesley and now works with his new project The Goodbye Beatdown.

JP Maurice mixed down a new one for the CFC and sent it over to me.

The Blue Violets perform the Zone Band of the Month Showcase this Thursday, May 28th @ Evolution.  This song ‘Desire’ has real wicked vintage sound.  Almost Doors-esque?

Rabbit wins for best “worst band bio ever.”  I think the boys have since updated their website, thank god… but a simple google search still brings up this gem.

The members of Rabbit were born on the planet Krypton and rocketed
to Earth as infants by their scientist parents, moments before the
planet’s inevitable destruction. The rocket landed on Earth where
an elderly farm couple found and adopted the boys as their own.
Over the years, the boys grew to be timid and unpopular amongst their
peers but remained exceptionally bright, showing extraordinary prowess
in judo, building small robots of little destruction, photography,
magic, and teaching crochet to children in third world countries.
While working in the fields early one morning, the boys were bitten
by a radioactive rabbit (a really big one). Unbeknownst to them, the
rabid rabbit had given the boys an array of rabbit-like powers,
including the ability to engineer really cool software, play music,
and most importantly, an extra-sensory “rabbit-sense”. Unfortunately,
while still growing into their new found powers, an innocent night at
the movies proved fatal. A mugger gunned down the boys’ parents in a
dark alley leaving them orphans. With vengeance in mind and the vast
fortune willed to them by their adopted parents, the four boys honed
their skillz to peak rabbit perfection… becoming dark avengers of the
night. Now as adults, realizing that criminals were a superstitious,
cowardly lot, and that with great power comes great responsibility,
they formed a band simply known as Rabbit, and resolved to only use
their new found powers for entertainment.

Music sounds sharp and it looks like the boys have updated their website.

That’ll do it for Capital Rock City this week, thank you for finding the show.  Please share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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Daniel Wesley Interview


I was cruising around my Facebook the other day, and there was Daniel Wesley facebooking away the status of his new album.  I messaged him and asked him to call my radio show.  He did.  Here is the audio.

Interview: Daniel Wesley On The ZAS

“Facebooking” is that a verb?  Not as a cute as “twittering.”

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