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me and murge

Sunday, I got the last-minute opportunity to MC Brewery and the Beast Vancouver.

The best restaurants in the city grill up some meat and you wander around the grounds eating.

There is beer, wine, cider, non-alcoholic drinks….and then piles of grilled meats on your cedar plank.

While you soak up the sun at False Creek, you’re hearing music from the band Electric Timber Company and DJ Murge.

Murge through down this incredible re-edit of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 II era song “Ramble On.”

Go with yourself….

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Last night was a fun night at Lucky Bar.  Can’t Stop the Awesome was a classic party rocker throw down.

The party started right when doors opened at 10PM and people streamed in.  My set was short and sweet and by the end people had the boogie on the dance floor.

Victoria’s blues rock band Aegis Fang turned the screws some more.  What an amazing set. Aegis Fang does a lot right when the focus of the party is dancing and having fun.  They do a great job of mixing originals and covers.  Their covers fit their sound and they communicate with the audience letting us know what’s up.

Halfway through the set… Mike moves out from behind the kit and trades with Nate… party continues.  I have a couple favourite Aegis Fang songs.  “Ghetto Man” might be their most popular in Victoria as we played it on the radio for a bit.

I have always enjoyed “Foot Down.”

These guys remind me of a dirtier, rougher Current Swell.  The subjects of the songs and the Island boogie are very Current Swell.

The party continued with Unky Murge.  Murge channeled his rovcker vibe for a set heavy on hits and good vibes.  At one point, he stops down and brings vocalist Georgia Murray on stage to lay down a couple songs with Murge on the turntables laying down the beats.

Ran into lots of friends. Thank you to everyone that made the party what it was.

TONIGHT! I am DJing a special fundraiser at Veneto Lounge. 9PM-midnight. Murray Aid Victoria

Go with yourself.

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We were debating the merits of an article posted on Spinner last week.  The author made the case that the Japandroids are more hype than substance and didn’t really get the adulation.  The author had some points, but in the end Tiemen from Talk’s Cheap Record Shop on Pandora said that the Japandroids are not the best band ever, nor the best band out of Vancouver.  Because the best band out of Vancouver is White Lung.

Savage.  Propulsive 80s style hardcore. These chicks (and dude) wail!

Their 2012 LP Sorry was just half a point away from getting Best New Music’d by Pitchfork.  The Vancouver punkers travel the land playing DIY style ragers.  Most recently they were in Europe where they packed along a 7-inch single.  As much as I love the record, man this single is solid.  The A-side :”Two of You” is good but the flip “Hunting holiday” is my new favourite song.

White Lung – “Hunting Party”

And here is side 1, track 1 from Sorry.

White Lung – “Take the Mirror”

Download MP3 >> Bandcamp

White Lung was part of that Rifflandia punk rock night at Soprano’s with Fucked Up.  I was already jealous of you SOB’s that hit that show… now twice as much.  They would have been new to me then…but maybe I would have been blown away a month and half earlier and had White Lung in my life sooner.


My next party will be Sunday, November 11th at Lucky Bar.  I am building my war chest full of bangers and modern rock remixes to be just one cog in a great machine of music.

Can’t Stop the Awesome
Aegis Fang
DJ Murge
DJ Jeremy Baker

Sunday, November 11th
Lucky Bar

Tickets $12 in advance. from Coastline Surf Shop 1417 Broad st., The Radio Contact Ticket Assassins, The Mullet Man himself.

Oh the times we’ll share.

Go with yourself.

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My brother CJ got married last Sunday to his lovely Caitlin.

The wedding was very fun.  Good people, great venue and food, obviously a great party.

I wanted to get CJ a record as a wedding gift and chose something that I could remember from our younger days.

The album that came to mind was Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream.

I remember CJ had the record on cassette and we brought it with us on a camping trip.  I had a minor obsession with the cut “Disarm” which is on of the first times I can remember having a serious crush on a song and had to play it over and over like teenagers are wont to do.  I think the camping adventure took our family to Northern California and at some point I found an empty camp site; laid on the picnic table; stared up at the sky through the red wood trees; put my ear buds in and rocked “Disarm”… hit stop, rewind, play and heard it again… hit stop, rewind, play and again.

The Smashing Pumpkins became one of my favourite bands of the 90s (my friend Paul was also a major fan and we’d listen to music all the time), and I’ll always remember that camping trip listening to the Pumpkins as one of my first real exposures to the band.


aww, an old record label called “Coral,” and a song called “I’m Gonna Love You Too.”

I want to get some custom DJ labels made up for my Numark NS7 when I finally get it back (tomorrow fingers crossed)… and I am kinda thinking something like this. —>

My man, DJ Murge is firing up his DJ classes again at Long and McQuade and I am thinking of doing another round.  I have a better idea of what I want to learn.  I am interested in taking all these great classic rock & roll and R&B records I’ve been listening too and learning to sample them or remix them into modern beats for both a club/dance environment and my more personal style of ambient and blisscore.

I get frustrated because sometimes I know what I want something to sound like, but don’t know how to begin to create it, or fuck with a song.  And I am not confident to spend anymore more money on software or hardware without some more knowledge on how to use it.   In fact, I figure, if I have the skills, I won’t need all these fancy gadgets and could do it with some basic software that I can get for free or is already on my Mac.  (that is the hope anyways).

Knowledge is totally cool, everything else totally sucks.

Go with yourself.

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CRC 93 starts off with one of the more interesting indie rockers I’ve heard in awhile.  The artist goes by Eat the Weeds. She has some world beat type stuff going on.  Nanaimo metal band Look Medusa have a terrible band bio write up, but fun straight forward epic style of hard rock.  I almost hear a little Fu Manchu in there?  I hope so, I like the Fu.  My friend Tyson got a job touring with Florida punks Against Me! I interviewed him last week at the start of their cross Canada tour and then launch into Tyson’s band Acres of Lions.  The show ends with a remix of Tegan and Sara done by local Victoria DJ Murge.  Murge taught me at DJ school!  what a guy.

Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City, please tell a friend about your experience.

Come Get some, download: Capital Rock City #93

You can subscribe to Capital Rock City with this RSS feed or find it in the iTunes store.


DJ Notes

01) Eat the Weeds – “Open Loop Design”
02) Look, Medusa! – “The Magic Word”
03) Acres of Lions – “Dance Sequence”
04) Tegan and Sara – “Walking With A Ghost (DJ Murge Remix)”

Man, I hate being the dick, but I had to come down on Hey! Medusa’s band bio.  They’re not the first band I’ve had to call out on the podcast for terribleness… but maybe, just maybe the last?  Anyways, here we go.  Maybe you got some thoughts, maybe you’re a writer and can send the boys some help.

Look, Medusa! is a schizophrenic mixture of sweet metal licks and powerful pop sensibility, packed to the rim with so much emotion that you’ll need a lifetime prescription for Prozac.

It all started as a basement metal band in the Summer of ’06, dedicating half of every band practice to catching the latest episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. Now Look, Medusa! is committed to creating a unique and resonant sound to identify with what each of us has gone through, both collectively and individually. As we’ve grown, so too has our sound. As our minds have evolved, so too have our awesome rock-related superpowers.

Right now, Look, Medusa! is recording for their upcoming album at Victoria’s Infinity Studios with Adam Sutherland. The eclectic mix will delve into every musical taste the band has experienced to date, to prove that they’ve got what it takes to escape the island and make it.

I got a few problems with the bio, but chiefly… who even watches 90210?  They do episodes on the dangers of Sexting?  Shenae Grimes is pretty adorable I guess… if you like that sorta thing, but an inspiration for your brand of metal?

That said, a pretty enjoyable, straight forward metal-type sound.

That’s all I got, talk to you next week. Go with yourself.

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Thank you Linda for the picture.

I am having one of those groovy “Staycations” that poor people are always talking about. No but seriously, I am on holidays but I am hanging out at home because I have no money.

Its kinda nice being at home and not having to do a radio show or DJ for a few nights.  I think I might spoil myself and order the Montreal/Vancouver game in HD tomorrow afternoon.  Baller.

DJ Murge is doing another installment of his DJ class at Long and McQuade starting next week so I think I’ll get up in that for some professional development.

I bought this fancy Numark Serato controller and have picked up enough from Boitano to make it go, match some beats and blend some tunes, but I think I need to learn some more (and I think it will be fun).  Shannon Shields says Murge is the man so it might be good to learn from the master.

Last night was my final night at Sips till maybe the late Spring or Summer.  While there I got the email newsletter from Serato about a product for the NS7.  It is an effects controller for the rig called NSFX.  Its kind of a bad ass piece of machinery that will let me bend and manipulate the music.  Maybe after the DJ course I’ll have a greater understanding of the craft and can incorporate the effects.

What I’ll want to be working on soon… and this might sound weird, but I was talking to Alix last night and it made sense at the time… is crafting a DJ set that incorporates the music of the 1920s with modern beats and also a set that uses country music with a modern sophisticated sound for a few projects she is working on for Sea Cider.  I got some time so that is what I’ll be thinking about for the next little while.  Music of the roaring 20s.

OK well that is all I got for now, I am going to get back to my staycation and take Madelyn to the park to play soccer.

Go with yourself.

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