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Holy moly, Happy New Year.  I had to send in some invoices yesterday and dated them 2010, that was a real trip.

Time to get back to the grind and pace of life.  The holidays were a real blast, and despite the fact that Coral and I were tragically broke, we some how managed to wrangle up always just enough cash and/or gift cards to keep food in the belly, diapers on the Monster and gas in the Jeep.  And so we sailed to Coquitlam on Christmas and then journeyed overland into the mountains and down to the lake for a visit in Kelowna.  Then back to the capital in time to ring in the new year.

The New Years Party on Thursday night was bittersweet.  Sadly, Coral had to wrangle a baby and so I had no one to kiss when the clock struck midnight, but a kind lovely on the dance floor handed me a glass of champagne and I punched up that New Years song that always gets played.

The party was a fine event, attended by upstanding gentry and ladies.  The food at the Hotel Rialto was outstanding.  Aside from being lonely at a party, the vibe was positive.  At one of the food stations scattered throughout the venue, the chef was carving up steaks on a mushroom risotto and then covered in a lobster sauce.  I have heard so much about risotto from Gordon Ramsay TV shows, but had actually never eaten the stuff.  Now I get it, pretty good.  The sauce was the true star, I just wanted the chef to forget about streak and pour the sauce in my mouth then make love to it in my belly.

My DJ booth was set up next to the seafood station which had many benefits.  First, I was near an endless supply of scallops and second, it ensured that there was a steady stream of patrons to the dance floor (the dance floor was set up away from the main party).

I had come to the party prepared to play a mix of contemporary top 40 with hits of the past decade.  I had spent much of the past week researching and listening to old music, and what was left of our little fortune was committed to downloading songs… but when I arrived and began playing music, the crowd wanted to hear oldies.

At one point, a more distinguished lady saddled up next to me to lament, “will you be playing any music for my generation?”

Oh nose! I thought… I asked, “what, uh… sort of music?”

“Like Frank Sinatra!” she beamed.

Oh nose! “yes, the chairman of the board, I love him,” OK, I don’t LOVE him, but I got a couple songs buried on the hard drive.  I was a little sceptical.  The dance party had just begun to fire up, and her this old lovely wanted me to crush everything by dropping Old Blue Eyes…. then my boss rolls over… “oh hey Jeremy, I see you met the owner of the hotel.”

Oh nose!  Frank Sinatra it is.

I punch up the song and hear the inevitable groan and people jump ship for the safer sounds in the lounge.

But then something miraculous happened.  A flood of people began to move into the vacated space on the floor and dance.  When Frank finished I moved on to Elton John, the Beach Boys, Elvis, The Beattles and the times were good.

It turns out I have a pretty good collection of oldies and had to flex the brain to remember them all and play it.  The people really responded and it was a lot more fun to dive into these old cuts rather then play David Guetta’s “Sexy Bitch” again.

New Years behind us, time to focus on some books!

I am hammering through my story of John Jewitt, the English trader that survived a massacre of of his ship and was captured by Nootka chief Maquinna.  He wrote of his ordeal and this book is the story.  I think it will make a good subject for my first attempt at making a radio documentary.  Then while riding the ferry, I saw in the gift shop a book about Quadra.  I didn’t have the means to buy the book last week, but yesterday I did so I purchased ‘At The Far Reaches of Empire: The life of Juan Francisco do la Bodega y Quadra.’ (I may have also bought ‘Master and Commander‘ on Blu-Ray).

Quadra’s exploits predate Jewitt by a few years but he lived and knew Maquinna as well, so it might be interesting to read about his adventures to the Pacific North-West.

Looks like I have some reading to do.  Back to the radio show this week and an all new Capital Rock City for you on Tuesday.

Go with yourself.

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Finally finished John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.  Only took me forever to get through it!

Now I am rocking Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody.  This book is a pretty easy read and I’ll finish it tonight.  So many great one liners and quotes and general inspiration!

“The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will.”

I am hoping that Chris Anderson picks me, picks me! picks me! to get a copy of his new book… Free.

I loved the Long Tail and still check his blog on a regular basis.  He is doing a contest where you send him an email and maybe he sends you a book  for… get this… FREE!

“When scarce resources become abundant, smart people treat them differently, exploiting them rather than conserving them. It feels wrong, but done right it can change the world.”

Lots of great ideas in Hugh’s book, that when added to some principles from other books I’ve read, help me chill out a bit.  Make me happy.  Enjoy the ride more.

Chris talks about giving shit away for free, and then somehow making money… SWA?  His blog posts have always been convincing for me.  I work in radio and my product gets “given” away and somehow the paycheck doesn’t bounce twice a month so there must be something to it.

Go with yourself.

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