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Walk The Moon packed up their latest single “Tightrope” as an ep (limited vinyl here).

Some interesting b-sides, acoustics and a cover!  Walk the Moon take on classic 1983 Talking Heads “Burning Down The House.”

In related, but unrelated to the ep news… there is also a remix of “Tightrope” by j.viewz that was uploaded today… free download.  Good times.

Happy Monday!

Go with yourself.

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London’s The XX have a new record called Coexist out on September 11th.  Already the album is streaming for those in the want.  A remix floating around the blogs today comes from a Philadelphia producer named Skollo.  One blogger described it as a moombahton style.  Sure.

The xx – “Angels” (Skollo remix)

Download MP3 >> Angels (Sköllo Remix)


I read an interview the other day on Pitchfork with Dr. Jonathan Sterne and he was talking about his new book about the MP3.  I thought it sounded pretty neat so I emailed him and said, “I’m a radio guy, blah blah blah, send me a book.”

AND he did!

I cracked it, and the first page had an interesting quote from the 1930s.

The organic has become visible

again even within the mechani-

cal complex: some of our most

characteristic mechanical instru-

ments—the telephone, the phono-

graph, the motion picture—have

grown out of our interest in the human

voice and the human eye and our knowl-

edge of their physiology and anatomy.

Can one detect, perhaps, the characteristic

properties of this emergent order—its pat-

tern, its planes, its angle of polarization, its color?

Can one, in the process of crystallization, remove

the turbid residues left behind by our earlier forms

of technology? Can one distinguish and define the specific

properties of a technics directed toward the service of life:

properties that distinguish it morally, socially, politically, es-

thetically from the cruder forms that preceded it? Let us make

the attempt.—Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization

Right on Mumford… right on. Interesting character and a great way to start a book about ones and zeros and music.


Some serious thought to wrap the grey matter of my brain around.  I’ve also been thinking of writing a story.  Ugh, two actually… but they are both so weird and niche and I don’t see the end or the point yet.  That might take more meditation and a machine that adds a couple more hours to the day because right now, there just ain’t enough time.

That’s all I got, time to go read my book.

Go with yourself.

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I have fallen a wee bit off the blog train the past week.  Its been crazy busy with work and the stress of life… maaaaaan.

BUT, I did hear something a little different today.  The band is called RoTTen Rails.  Sooke heavy metallers… check out this demo “Gettin The Pit” that will be mastered and included on their upcoming album.

Download MP3 >> Gettin The Pit

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When you listen to a Frightened Rabbit song… you believe, “these guys must live in a cottage.”  It was reassuring to read on their blog for the new song “Scotting Winds,” that it was in fact written on the bus to their cottage in the Borders.

My favourite Scottish sad rockers have a new extended play and glorious news, its a free download.  That’s the best.

Download The Frightened Rabbit EP HERE.

Waking up, trolling Stereogum and discovering a new FREE Frightened Rabbit really made this Thursday a superior Thursday… compared to say, last Thursday.

Frightened Rabbit – “Scottish Winds”

Frightened Rabbit – “Fuck This Place”

Frightened Rabbit – “The Work”

I hope to take a second to download the EP… then maybe go back in time and listen to the older stuff.  Its all pretty magical.

I helped Ceri over at Vintage Spirits with some music related stuff for her business… and so she set me up with a bottle of Baker’s Bourbon.  Thank you Ceri!

My bourbon collection is slowly growing (like hockey jersey’s, its a hard thing to spend money on as it isn’t the most practical use of my limited funds) so barter seems to work well.  My Maker’s is all gone, but I still have my Buffalo Trace, Bulleit and Woodford Reserve (that is what I used for my Bourbon Whip Cream on Thanksgiving).

I haven’t had a chance to taste the Baker’s… seriously I got it for the label.  Same name as me!  SWA?

Can’t wait to crack the wax and give it a sip.

Go with yourself.

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Good times.  Jon Middleton (Jon & Roy) sent me his new solo record.  Always such a pleasant listen… new Jon Middleton is pretty folky and very Vancouver Island.

Jon Middleton – “Vibrant Scene”

Download MP3 >> 06 Vibrant Scene

Jon and Roy will be one of many great Vancouver Island performers taking part in this summer V.I.C. Fest on June 18th.

hey, never say say I don’t give you anything nice on this here blog.

Go with yourself.

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Finally finished John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.  Only took me forever to get through it!

Now I am rocking Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody.  This book is a pretty easy read and I’ll finish it tonight.  So many great one liners and quotes and general inspiration!

“The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will.”

I am hoping that Chris Anderson picks me, picks me! picks me! to get a copy of his new book… Free.

I loved the Long Tail and still check his blog on a regular basis.  He is doing a contest where you send him an email and maybe he sends you a book  for… get this… FREE!

“When scarce resources become abundant, smart people treat them differently, exploiting them rather than conserving them. It feels wrong, but done right it can change the world.”

Lots of great ideas in Hugh’s book, that when added to some principles from other books I’ve read, help me chill out a bit.  Make me happy.  Enjoy the ride more.

Chris talks about giving shit away for free, and then somehow making money… SWA?  His blog posts have always been convincing for me.  I work in radio and my product gets “given” away and somehow the paycheck doesn’t bounce twice a month so there must be something to it.

Go with yourself.

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To Download, click the link and follow the directions: Coldplay – LeftRightLeftRightLeft

Track List

01) Glass of Water
02) 42
03) Clocks
04) Strawberry Swing
05) The Hardest Part / Postcards From Far Away
06) Viva La Vida
07) Death Will Never Conquer
08) Fix You
09) Death and All His Friends

I don’t know if you’re planning on hitting the Coldplay show(s) in Vancouver June 20 and 21st, but this free live record should get you in the spirit.

Singer Chris Martin says on FMQB, the songs on LRLRL are songs “that you might not hear if you didn’t go to a concert, but things that we really love playing. And also songs we think the audience sing really well.” (…) “In a way it has to be free because there’s so many backing singers on it. There’s no way we could afford to pay them all… Our crowd make Bohemian Rhapsody sound like a two-track demo.”

Oh Chris Martin, you know how to bring the lolz.

The song “Clocks” always sounds dreamy, but you get a great understanding of this song’s power on the live recording.  That early piano noodling gets the fans amped up and you can hear them singing right away and then during the whole song.

Of course the hits are definitely the songs that get the crowd fired up.  “Viva La Vida” is another high point on the record and I have always been a sucker for “Fix You.”  Sara hates that song, but I think its one of their best.  Most of “Fix You” is sung by the audience.

For the low low cost of free, this is a pretty easy recommendation for me to make. Hit the link already.

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