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Back from my rip-roaring holiday in Edmonton and the first thing I did when I rolled into the radio was watch this fine Nirvana Mash-up.  But then the second thing I did, was hop in the Capital Rock City studio to jam out this week’s CRC.

Download: Capital Rock City #65

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I loved making it.  If you like the program, please share the link with a friend or on your social network.  Every link counts on my march to 1,000 weekly downloads.  Thank you.


DJ Notes

01) Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rica”
02) Vince Vaccaro – “Heart and Hands”
03) Maurice – “Anticipation”
04) Maurice – “Unattainable”

Wow, if you remember last week, I was thinking out loud about the possibility of seeing Vince and Maurice on tour in Edmonton, well the stars aligned and on Friday night, I journeyed out to downtown Edmonton (1,300 km from downtown Victoria) with Coral, Alyx, Dave and Lacey to experience some fine Captial Rock in… uhhh… another Provincial Capital.

The venue was this hot, sweaty basement called Brixx Bar.  The room was downtown on some numbered street (they all look the same to me) just off Jasper under the Starlight Room.

We walked in and Coral and I wanted to fire this night up right so we ordered two three (one for Alyx) double Gin and Tonics.  $33!  SWA?  Edmonton what’s up?  Okay, one round later and I was on to their finest, cheapest beer… Lucky.

I was watching two fine Victoria rockers drinking Lucky Beer in… Edmonton.

Maurice and Vince were tired.  They had played Calgary the night before, bee-lined it north to Deadmonton, slept an hour or two then did Breakfast TV on CITY.  Slept a few more hours then had sound check at Brixx, oh the life of a touring working band.

The boys treated me like a star, told some stories, drank some beers and then Maurice tucked into their set.

As always, Maurice translates so much better live than on record.  The rock songs rock harder and far more furiously and the ballads are more passionate and desperate.  On record, sometimes I find their songs get lost in the production.  Coral was sold after their set and needed a t-shirt! Post Script, Coral sent me an email today:

And HEY! Your blog made it sound like Id never heard Maurice before “coral was sold after their set and bought a tshirt’

How about coral swooned. I was sold befooooore!
Being the long time Maurice admirer that I am, I was sad they did not play “High School Sweetheart.”  Maybe they were drunk, I know I was… but I am pretty sure promises were made to record that song for Capital Rock City??? maybe??? Maybe JP?

Vince did his thing after, using most the boy in Maurice as his backing band.  A very efficient way to do it.  Too bad more people in Edmonton don’t go out on a Friday night, it was a sparse crowd.  Any touring band might want to think about some more local support.  They had some group open, then the touring acts headlined… next time, have a local open and one close the night out.

I grabbed a copy of Maurice’s ‘Young People With Faces’ and Vince’s s/t LP, the girls got t-shirts and it was off to enjoy the rest of our holiday… which included lots of driving.

Maurice’s record stayed in the player lots.  “Anticipation” rose to the top for Coral and I.  Another song that peaked my interest was the final song of the podcast, “Unattainable.”  JP sings about Fernwood! and existentialism?  ahhh, you had me at Fernwood.

Thank you for downloading this week’s show!  Tell a friend about it.

Go with yourself.

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