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Lots of new music to start the show. Vancouver band Whitfield told me about their new album Tornado Cutie so I found a cut that has a nice Killers vibe to lead off the show.  Jell, a former Zone Band of the Month, still working hard and some new music from them.  A demo from Old Man Solie.  The show ends with a live performance from The Racoons.  Thank you for downloading the show, please please, please take four seconds to search for ‘Capital Rock City’ in the iTunes store and subscribe/rate/comment.  Thank you.

Download: Capital Rock City #84


DJ Notes

01) Whitfield – “Top of the World”
02) Jell – “Nothing Left to Say”
03) Old Man Solie – “Lot 9” (demo)
04) The Racoons – “Room to Operate”
05) The Racoons – “Tangiers”

CRC 84 begins with the theme song to my current fave show, “In The Night Garden.”  And why not?  I love that little Makka Pakka, isn’t that a pip?

Whitfield is a band I know of because of my Whale watching/Car Selling friend, Brendan.  He turned me on to these guys some time ago when he popped by The Mix Tape at the Clubhouse one Thursday.  Josh finally sent me an email and here we are, enjoying the opening cut to their record “Tornado Cutie.”  Great album title eh?  Whitfield would sound great for fans of the Killers or Bravery.

Jell is jamming out a concert on Friday at Sugar with Aegis Fang!  Which reminds me, I really show fire up some Aegis Fang again the show.

A couple weeks back, we all enjoyed the LIVE CRC 81 from The Black Stilt.  Well, maybe we ALL didn’t, but I had fun.  While wandering the coffee shop I ran into a worker there who was also a musician and he put his demo in my hand right there!  And you’re hearing it today!  Be gentle with your critique, it is only a an early demo, but I love hearing these raw sounds.  Very groovy party rock.  Might be better suited to summer cocktails then Christmas Rums.

The show ends with one of my fave Vic rockers, The Racoons.  They came by the Zone Afternoon Show to perform “Room To Operate.” But I demanded satisfaction and to hear “Tangiers.”  So they did both. awwww, I love those guys.

Next week on the podcast, not really working on anything to special so I’ll troll the net for some fine rock & roll.  BUT the week after, I’d LOVE to do a Christmas Capital Rock City… any bands have a Christmas song to send me?  jeremy@thezone.fm.

Then I’ll do a “Best of” as chosen by me… in 2010, already lining up a couple shows.  Aidan Knight will come, and perform and play songs from his favourite Vic rockers (and some Black Tie Social!) and then I am trying to get Forestry in here too for a CD release show.  their record is out in January 2010.

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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This week on Capital Rock City, #83, we start off in a festive spirit, with a lovely tune from The Blue Violets, and continue on with more music from Eric Harper, Double Dance Fall Sampler artist Aidan Knight, and, lastly, The Peoples Side Project. Enjoy!

Download: Capital Rock City #83

and remember kids, every time you subscribe/rate/comment to Capital Rock City on iTunes or use this RSS feed, a baby otter slides down a muddy embankment in the most adorable of fashions.

DJ Notes:

01) Blue Violets – “Blue Christmas”
02) Eric Harper – “Missing in the Dark”
03) Aidan Knight – “Jasper”
04) The Peoples Side Project – “Spray Paint”

Next week, I am looking forward to a visit with Aidan Knight (I hope), music from Vanband Whitfield and a new group I have a demo for called…. I can’t even remember, that is how new they are!

***B A N D S***

any of you have Christmas songs recorded or think you can record something?  I’d love to do an all Christmas CRC 86 for December 22.

CRC 87 on December 29 will a retrospective/Best Of ’09 dealio.

Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City, if local indie rock is legit, then please pass on the link to my podcast/blog to your social network and help me grow my baby into a strapping young beast that can do my chores in 2010!

Go with youself.

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Friends and ex-lovers, its time for this week’s Capital Rock City podcast, my last podcast as an unwed bastard father.

Download: Capital Rock City #76

Thank you for taking the time to not only download the show but taking the next step of visiting my blog and finding out more about the bands.  Since you’ve some this far, is it too much to ask that you spread the word and share the world of Capital Rock City on your social network?  Subscribe on iTunes?  Maybe even use this RSS Feed get your weekly dose of the bestest indie rock from the most leftest fringe of Canada!

I am off on holiday tomorrow, and the next Capital Rock City will be in the distant future (like October15th or 16th).  Don’t be shy, explore some old (but still fly) CRCs!


DJ Notes

01) Acres of Lions – “Dance Sequence”
02) The Laundronauts – “Come Clean”
03) Jason Walsh – “Blood in my Eye”
04) Steph Macpherson – “To You”


Friday night last week, it was my buddy (my bro-ski) Double R’s birthday.  We all met at Razer’s apartment downtown for some pints and to wax all nostalgic for years past.  Razer plays guitar and keys (see above) for Acres of Lions and he had just got back from Vancouver where AOL recorded a music video for the song “Dance Sequence.”  The is still being produced but there are some great candids from the film set on their facebook page.  Check it out! and add them as a fan.

Acres of Lions are playing Hallowfest on October 31st at Saanich Commonwealth Place.  Just $10!  Believe it.

I had promised a Laundronaut song every week till we grind through their album…. but then last week I fell off the wagon so this week I present song number 2, “Come Clean.”

Now I must apologize for this week’s show which is kinda brutal, mostly because I didn’t put a lot of love in and wanted to get it done.  Tomorrow I am off on holidays so doing multiple takes, or researching, or writing… was not on the menu… but next week (or the week after) I will have a treat from JP Maurice.  He has promised to come by and perform a song exclusively for Capital Rock City.  It is one of my all-time favourites from Maurice and song they have never recorded (that I know of) or even play live anymore, which is too bad, because its a pretty rad song.

Jason Walsh messaged me the pother day saying he got wind of the Capital Rock City podcast from Two (thank you Two for being a good soldier for the podcast and sharing with a friend).  Jason sent me some music he working on and I like the style.  Kinda Bob Dylan-ish?  sure.

The show end with another goodie from Steph Macpherson.

Next week’s episode will be late (October 15th or 16th), and likely I think its time for a recap show where I grab some special moments from the past while OR actually I have a ton of live tracks recorded on my afternoon show in the Zone studio, so maybe I’ll do that.  I have a Dudes song, A Trophy Life, Said The Whale and Vince Vaccaro.  Yup that sounds like a plan for CRC 77.

I really wanna watch Hells Kitchen but the baby or Coral have lost the Shaw Box remote… so bed time then an early morning wake-up call and a trip to Vegas.  Talk to you next week.

Go with yourself.

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A day late a buck short… I’m writing the report… oh wow, Blink 182?  really?

Capital Rock City #71 is a couple days late, and I apologize to you passionate CRCers out there who wait breathlessly each and every week for your fix of some fine BC rock & roll.  Corj and I took Mads on a trip of the interior, then yesterday was just way too busy and I was sick and blah blah blah… yeah.

Today is the day, and I thank you for finding Capital Rock City and downloading the show.

Download: Capital Rock City #71


DJ Notes:

01) Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rica (acoustic)”
02) A Trophy Life – “Samonite (I was Way Off)”
03) TV Heart Attack – “A/O”
04) Daniel Wesley – “Pilgramidge (live on The ZAS)”

Vince Vaccaro crafted a video for an alternate recording of one my favourite VV cuts, “Costa Rica.”  Whenever I play this song for someone they become a Vince fan.  Both my sister and Coral love the song.  The video is an excellent DIY creation and well worth about 3 minutes of your time.

The only thing Vince… I noticed a shot of Vancouver radio station The Peak 100.5, but no clips of The Zone?  next video I’m sure.

Our September Band of the Month ’round these parts is a group called A Trophy Life.  You can hit the Band of the Month PAGE on THEZONEDOTFM and download some songs for totally free man.

TV Heart Attack is a Vancouver band that I have featured on the show before.  Peak (and former Zone) music director James Sutton turned me on to the group.  They recently competed in the Peak’s Performance Project where they were a finalist.

TVHA’s new record is called Lost in the Sway and is available now at finer record stores or on iTunes.

On October 20th I will have been married for 9 days AND I’ll be able to get my paws on the brand spanking new Daniel Wesley record.  Before taking off on holidays last week, Daniel came by the Zone and recorded a song called “Pilgrimage.”

The shows today starts with a fine taste of the group Holy Fuck.  I love this group with features the dude from the band By Devine Right!  remember them?

Holy Fuck is going to be in Victoria for the Rifflandia Festival and as luck would have it, they are playing on the only night I have free that weekend to hit a rock show!  Rifflandia looks amazing this year and I wish I could check out more shows… I know a few Morning After Show readers would be interested in Sam Bradley yup, he’s playing too all you R Pattinson fans.

Next week on CRC 72 I am hoping to have the boys of Saul in the studio.  Steve of the band Rotterdam and his set of Vic metal for CRC 73 and then maybe Two and I will be ready for the special live acoustic CRC 74?  maybe?

That’s all I got, thank you for downloading Capital Rock City and if you like the show, please share it with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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Back from my rip-roaring holiday in Edmonton and the first thing I did when I rolled into the radio was watch this fine Nirvana Mash-up.  But then the second thing I did, was hop in the Capital Rock City studio to jam out this week’s CRC.

Download: Capital Rock City #65

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I loved making it.  If you like the program, please share the link with a friend or on your social network.  Every link counts on my march to 1,000 weekly downloads.  Thank you.


DJ Notes

01) Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rica”
02) Vince Vaccaro – “Heart and Hands”
03) Maurice – “Anticipation”
04) Maurice – “Unattainable”

Wow, if you remember last week, I was thinking out loud about the possibility of seeing Vince and Maurice on tour in Edmonton, well the stars aligned and on Friday night, I journeyed out to downtown Edmonton (1,300 km from downtown Victoria) with Coral, Alyx, Dave and Lacey to experience some fine Captial Rock in… uhhh… another Provincial Capital.

The venue was this hot, sweaty basement called Brixx Bar.  The room was downtown on some numbered street (they all look the same to me) just off Jasper under the Starlight Room.

We walked in and Coral and I wanted to fire this night up right so we ordered two three (one for Alyx) double Gin and Tonics.  $33!  SWA?  Edmonton what’s up?  Okay, one round later and I was on to their finest, cheapest beer… Lucky.

I was watching two fine Victoria rockers drinking Lucky Beer in… Edmonton.

Maurice and Vince were tired.  They had played Calgary the night before, bee-lined it north to Deadmonton, slept an hour or two then did Breakfast TV on CITY.  Slept a few more hours then had sound check at Brixx, oh the life of a touring working band.

The boys treated me like a star, told some stories, drank some beers and then Maurice tucked into their set.

As always, Maurice translates so much better live than on record.  The rock songs rock harder and far more furiously and the ballads are more passionate and desperate.  On record, sometimes I find their songs get lost in the production.  Coral was sold after their set and needed a t-shirt! Post Script, Coral sent me an email today:

And HEY! Your blog made it sound like Id never heard Maurice before “coral was sold after their set and bought a tshirt’

How about coral swooned. I was sold befooooore!
Being the long time Maurice admirer that I am, I was sad they did not play “High School Sweetheart.”  Maybe they were drunk, I know I was… but I am pretty sure promises were made to record that song for Capital Rock City??? maybe??? Maybe JP?

Vince did his thing after, using most the boy in Maurice as his backing band.  A very efficient way to do it.  Too bad more people in Edmonton don’t go out on a Friday night, it was a sparse crowd.  Any touring band might want to think about some more local support.  They had some group open, then the touring acts headlined… next time, have a local open and one close the night out.

I grabbed a copy of Maurice’s ‘Young People With Faces’ and Vince’s s/t LP, the girls got t-shirts and it was off to enjoy the rest of our holiday… which included lots of driving.

Maurice’s record stayed in the player lots.  “Anticipation” rose to the top for Coral and I.  Another song that peaked my interest was the final song of the podcast, “Unattainable.”  JP sings about Fernwood! and existentialism?  ahhh, you had me at Fernwood.

Thank you for downloading this week’s show!  Tell a friend about it.

Go with yourself.

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