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Holy (bad word), allergies are kicking my ass.  I have been rocking Claritin pills lately and they just barely mask the allergy sickness.  They make it so I can just function enough to get to work and talk on the radio or stand in a lounge all night to play music.  But they make me feel like total shit.  its like that bad trip you took in high school where you said, “I am never doing drugs again!” but then you do drugs again.  ugh, every day, I go through bad highschool kid tweeker trip.

Hey, if you haven’t seen the music video for the new Gorillaz song, “Stylo,” its pretty fun.  Gorillaz won’t let me embed the video on the this here blog cuz they really want your nickle for watching Youtube ads, so click THIS LINK if you want to watch it.

I have finally started organizing my music into playlists and folders again.  Man, changing computer is a lot of work.  Its going to take some time to get my music sets back up to the quality they were before… now that said, last week when I was thrust into this new beast because the Toshiba died… I was really spinning trying to get something to play at the Veneto Lounge… but then after my shift, the manager guy Josh came up to me and said it was one of my better sets… so that was nice.

I brought my rig to the Clubhouse last night which is something I don’t normally do, but I really enjoyed my four hours there much more (or way more… I don’t how that sentence could work better).  I think I’ll go though that trouble more often.

OK, now I am just rambling… talk to you later.

Go with yourself.

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Allergies are kicking my ass this season.  Maybe they do every year and I forget?  I’ve been chewing Reactins and Claritins and any pill that ends in ‘-ins’ for weeks now.  I wheeze like over weight asthmatic and blow gooey snot from my nose most hours of the day.

Modern science needs to put cancer on the back burner and come up with a cure for seasonal allergies pronto.  This shit is getting out of hand.


I worked late last night putting the finishing touches on the Canoe Music Project.  I have been working on playlists for the Canoe Club and have some mixes I am really happy with.  I hope that the powers that be like them too, and then this summer, when you’re sipping pints you’ll be enjoying some fine music.  Just got to transfer the music to another computer.  The on to the next project which will be some music music for the Roof Top at the Strathcona Hotel.

The challenge has been keeping it chill without being coma inducing.  For the main daypart I have gone to a coffee shop vibe with a mix of jazz, standards, singer/songwriter and some indie rock.  Afternoons are fun with classic hits, some modern rock, lots of Reggae and lots of classic 80s alternative.  Nights are generally modern rock, electronic and classic hits with a liberal dose of reggae.

Sounds like the managers are huge Police fans, so lots of The Police too!


I really enjoyed this post of Seth Godin’s from a few days back… it has been nesting in my mind: Imminent.

Basically, he says that is you want to win (at anything) you need to “be” a winner.  Easier blogged than done, Seth… but the post has resonated with me.  When I am on the radio, people ask me how I’m doing all.the.time.  I never thought too much about it, but I generally always answer, “good,” or some synonym of that.  I’ve done that for so long, that many people that call me on the Zone think I am always good.  I guess thats a victory.

Reminds me of that scene in American Beauty where the wife goes, “To be successful, one must portray an image of success.”  I don’t think they meant it in the film to be a positive message of hope.  But the chick has a good point.

That’s all I got.

Go with yourself.

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