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Ty Segall’s self-titled record is coming out on the same days as Japandroids AND Cloud Nothings. Neat. Here’s a fuzzy ripper called “Break A Guitar.”

Cloud Nothings are the best.  Life Without Sound is out…also on the 27th. They perform at The Biltmore in Vancouver on February 16th (I got me tickets!) and they shared another song.

Arcade Fire have shared their first new recording since 2013’s Reflektor.

The song is called “I Give You Power” and features Mavis Staples.

It has been reported that the Arcade Fire have wrapped up the recording of a new record that is expected sometime this year. What is not known is if this song will be part of that album.

Proceeds from the song will be going to the American Civil Liberties Union.  Punch it up below.


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Cloud Nothings new record is called Life Without Sound and comes out on January 27th.

They shared another song off the record called “Internal World.”

2017 will have a great start with new records from Cloud Nothings and Japandroids.


You’ve probably heard that it rains a shit ton in Vancouver. But man, this fall it has rained an exceptional amount, even by our soggy standards! Here’s a pic from a weekend walk with my youngest. It’s special because it rained so much he actually wore his hat AND hood. He usually tears hats and hoods off his head.

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Best music news of the day! Cloud Nothings are following up 2014’s most excellent Here and Nowhere Else with a record called Life Without Sound.

The record is due out on January 27th, 2017. In some of the press I’ve read of the band between records, it had sounded like they were experimenting with some new sounds and textures, but hearing the first share track…I am getting that familiar Cloud Nothings song. Pop-forward lo-fi guitar rock? Sure.

In a press release, Dylan Baldi says“Generally, it seems like my work has been about finding my place in the world. But there was a point in which I realized that you can be missing something important in your life, a part you didn’t realize you were missing until it’s there—hence the title. This record is like my version of new age music. It’s supposed to be inspiring.”

They also announced an “extensive” tour. But I guess the Pacific Northwest doesn’t count as “extensive.” Sad emoticon.

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(Photo: Pooneh Ghana / Life of Death PR)

Still one of my favourite records, bands, shows…Cloud Nothings have been a bit out of the spotlight.

I read all the fallout from their hype company Life or Death PR and Cloud Nothings name came up, and there is a singles project. But what abotu a new record?

Denver Post had a story about a one off show where they caught up with Dylan Baldi.

The explained that the band is recording demos in Cleveland and hope to have a record out at the end of 2016.

Whether or not the next Cloud Nothings album sounds anything like that, Baldi doesn’t worry about disappointing anyone other than himself. “People can be fickle,” he says, “and opinions can change without you feeling like you’ve done anything differently anyway.” Nothing matters except for the thing of making music.

They also talk about making a tape label of experimental electronic music. Huh.

(…) he and the band have been on an electronic kick in recent months, to the extent that Cloud Nothings’ drummer Jayson Gerycz and bassist TJ Duke are starting a tape label aimed at putting out Cleveland’s nuggets of experimental music. “We’ve been making a lot of minimalist techno jams lately,” Baldi adds.

I do like that his awkwardness is real, and it just wasn’t me….

From the day after their Victoria show where i got to meet Dyaln.

I even got to meet Dylan Baldi, though it was a pretty awkward encounter. I don’t think we’re best friends. Still I’m as happy as tits I got to meet the man. 

Looking forward to some new Cloud Nothings!

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cloud nothings Dylan
Friday was such an amazing night at Upstairs Cabaret. Cloud Nothings, THE Cloud Nothings, came to Victoria! I even got to meet Dylan Baldi, though it was a pretty awkward encounter. I don’t think we’re best friends. Still I’m as happy as tits I got to meet the man.

The show was well attended. I love going to concerts where I know every song the band plays and I can sing along. Cloud Nothings doesn’t do anything overly spectacular with the set. It’s not an arena style spectacle. Just three skids on stage belting out the fuzz.

Toronto’s Metz were on stage before Cloud Nothings. Ferocious punk rock. They made me a believer.

I wish I were able to write more, but I have such a precious small amount of time right now and the laundry won’t fold itself before the kids comes home from dinner with Coral.

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My favourite record of 2014 (so far) is Cloud NothingsHere and Nowhere Else.  I played it for my 6-year-old daughter Madelyn…and she was not into it as much.

Maybe you are feeling the same way about the new Cloud Nothings.  I know I don’t.  I AM a big fan.

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I have a couple remixes of Queen‘s “Under Pressure,” a silly spin on the Frozen soundtrack jammer “Let It Go,” and I think we should talk Cloud Nothings.

Another perfect day in the Garden City…maybe not summer weather yet, but flirting with it at times.  The Mrs. and I headed off to Honda to look at a bigger ride.  Our growing horde is bursting out of the Civic. I like looking at new cars.

Rolling into the radio factory to a sea of emails. One song that captured my attention was from an LA producer/DJ called Touch Tone.  He posted a remix of the Queen/David Bowie joint “Under Pressure.”  I like to throw the original down during my DJ sets when I can, this remix will give me so many more opportunities to work it into a dance party!

Weirdly, not the only “Under Pressure” remix I received today.  Check out this punchier nu-disco take from Juno Ray.


Kid One and I were watching Frozen for the 37th time the other day.  During the big song from Elsa, “Let It Go,” I was feeling some James Hetfield from her performance….so we started thrashing around the living room…the next day at the radio factory I tried to put the James Hetfield “Let it Go” to tape.  Here you go.


Cloud Nothings
So this happened yesterday and I pray it ain’t no foolin’!  July 4th has one of my all time bands, Cloud Nothings, coming to Victoria for a Friday night show at Upstairs. Wow.

Also their new record came out yesterday, and believe the hype, it is outstanding.


Lastly… there is a Viking Exhibition coming to the Royal BC Museum in May.  Wonderful.  I’m going to hit that for sure, you ought to too.

Go with yourself,

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I wasn’t really expecting to like the new Manchester Orchestra record Cope, as much as I do.  The band posted the record in entirety on Youtube. Right away, I gravitated to the song “Girl Harbor.”  The record is out on April 1st from Loma Vista.

The first single is “Top Notch.”

So April 1st will be new Cloud Nothings AND Manchester Orchestra.  Dig it.

We so excited for rock & roll.

Go with yourself.  OI! and like the Morning After on Facebook pretty please.

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cloud nothings
Me and the kid just wrapped “reading” the graphic book Ianto’s Tomb last night.  The comic is set in the Dungeons & Dragons world of Athas. After the story I did my best to explain Dark Sun and Dungeon & Dragons to my 5-year-old and you know what she said, “when can we play?”  Bless her little heart!


Logged on to the old information superhighway today to a new NEW!!! Cloud Nothings song.

April 1st, Carpark Records will release Cloud Nothings’ Here and Nowhere Else.

Consequence of Sound says the single “”I’m Not Part of Me” is the BEST Cloud Nothings single to date.  A half-dozen spins in, I might agree.

”You’re a part of me,” Baldi pleads on the pedal-cruiser, as if he’s not only crushing his own soul but those around him. There’s plenty of heart in “I’m Not Part of Me”, an anthem for any young hopeful who’s ever felt the motions without knowing exactly what they are and why they’re obsessed with them.

Lead singer Dylan Baldi says of the new music (from Pitchfork), “I was feeling pretty good about everything so I just made stuff that made me happy. I had nothing to be angry about really so the approach was more positive and less ‘fuck everything.'”

Everyone is taking a seat on the positive rock train these days… strap in and hit play on THIS!

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Keep staying useless….

cloud nothings
yeah, Cloud Nothings from Cleveland, Ohio are cool.  I am beyond amped for the new record which comes out sometime in 2014.  The follow up to 2012’s Attack on Memory was recently performed live in Brooklyn.

I was plucking through my 45s today and rediscovered a 2011 single the band split with Carpark label-mates Toro y Moi.

I am so happy I bought that 45 all those years ago.  Neat song.

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