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I have a couple remixes of Queen‘s “Under Pressure,” a silly spin on the Frozen soundtrack jammer “Let It Go,” and I think we should talk Cloud Nothings.

Another perfect day in the Garden City…maybe not summer weather yet, but flirting with it at times.  The Mrs. and I headed off to Honda to look at a bigger ride.  Our growing horde is bursting out of the Civic. I like looking at new cars.

Rolling into the radio factory to a sea of emails. One song that captured my attention was from an LA producer/DJ called Touch Tone.  He posted a remix of the Queen/David Bowie joint “Under Pressure.”  I like to throw the original down during my DJ sets when I can, this remix will give me so many more opportunities to work it into a dance party!

Weirdly, not the only “Under Pressure” remix I received today.  Check out this punchier nu-disco take from Juno Ray.


Kid One and I were watching Frozen for the 37th time the other day.  During the big song from Elsa, “Let It Go,” I was feeling some James Hetfield from her performance….so we started thrashing around the living room…the next day at the radio factory I tried to put the James Hetfield “Let it Go” to tape.  Here you go.


Cloud Nothings
So this happened yesterday and I pray it ain’t no foolin’!  July 4th has one of my all time bands, Cloud Nothings, coming to Victoria for a Friday night show at Upstairs. Wow.

Also their new record came out yesterday, and believe the hype, it is outstanding.


Lastly… there is a Viking Exhibition coming to the Royal BC Museum in May.  Wonderful.  I’m going to hit that for sure, you ought to too.

Go with yourself,

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Stolen without a gun from National Geographic

Hell yes, I was excited to read the other day that coffee counts towards that water I need to put in my body everyday.

The amount of fluid gained is far greater than anything you piss out from the caffeine.

AND coffee helps fight off the debilitating effects of gout. Not that I plan on being a medieval King of England anytime soon or anything… BUT the point is… I feel secure in my coffee consumption each and everyday.

Now, if only I could find the study that says coffee isn’t exasperating my anxiety, we’re gold.

Jimmy Eat World – “Coffee and Cigarettes”


In other news… I am pretty much obsessed with National Geographic magazine and also want to find out how I can get a job recreating famous exploration voyages.

There must be a way to get paid, and handsomely, to hop in an olden tyme sailing vessel and make for the New World.

My reasoning is simple.  I thought it was fucked that people get paid to talk on the radio… and well, someone pays me to do that, so why not get paid to sail around in a replica “Matthew” and rediscover Newfoundland?

Maybe its silly to get paid to be a gloried pirate, but perhaps there is hope for me?

I read this story about the most ancient history of White Canadianna… turns out there were secret exploration missions to Canada around the time of John Cabot.  Evidence destroyed? International Italian Bank syndicates? secret Christian missions in Canada?  A historian on the case… but just before she was going to release a book on the subject, she destroys all her notes and conveniently dies.  What did she discover?

Dan Brown…  Paging Dan Brown….

Here’s what I think… Cabot found the Vikings… and the secret mission of Weston was to exterminate the Vikings so England could make claim.  The Beothuks were then hunted and exterminated later because they knew of the Vikings… whoa.

Everyday that I watch the CBC and don’t see these intriguing stories of Canadian History made into HBO styled mini-series is an affront to entertainment.

Heartland?  Seriously…. I love the Tudors and have picked up on that series.  It shows the CBC is capable, but come on guys, pick a story that is at least kinda related to Canada.

OK, I’ll add the mysteries of John Cabot to my list of Canadian Historical mini-series(es?) I need to write.

01) World War War epic
02) the story of John Jewitt, white slave of Maquinna
03) The Viking Settlement of Canada
04) The Mysteries of John Cabot

If you’re a writer that stumbles on my blog, don’t steal my ideas or I’ll stab you.  Unless of course, you actually steal and make it, then I’ll be happy and watch it!

Go with yourself

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