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Here are a few new songs showing up this week on The Zone for you to put an ear out for.

Ms. Brody Dalle has a new record out now called Diploid Love.  She’ll be in Vancouver for a show on Friday, May 23rd at Venue. My homeboy Jon Williams will have an interview so maybe there will be some audio for you next week.

Brody Dalle talks to the Toronto Star about caravanning a tour with husband, Queens of the Stone Age principle, Josh Homme, their kids, and their bands!

 We get a bus and we’re the family bus. We’re the Hommes. It’s exhausting, but it’s awesome. I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s no time off. Get up at 6 a.m., do the family thing until sound check, play a show, go out afterward, get up at 6 a.m. It’s the best thing ever. It’s everything.”

Fun song, good energy, love the message!


Manchester Orchestra put out a big, meat-and-potatoes rock record called Cope. Chris Freeman talking to the Dallas Observer talks about the bands evolving hard rock sound.

It is a completely different band now than when we first started. We changed members and we just started getting heavier and heavier. We grew as songwriters and musicians. We just sort of began to hone our craft very well. The sound evolves on each album.”


A couple Vancouver rock and rollers for you to end the post.  Vancouver’s White Lung. Hard working punk rock.  We’ve had the chance to see them in Victoria a few times. The most recent time that I can remember was when they opened for Fucked Up as part of Rifflandia.

So.Much.Hype….looking forward to their album Deep Fantasy.

New song is called “Face Down.”


JPNGRLS are another Vancouver rock band.  Kind of a bratty style the reminds me of Hollerado or PUP. Had the chance to meet them when they came to Victoria in March to open for Mounties at Sugar Nightclub.

Go with yourself.

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I wasn’t really expecting to like the new Manchester Orchestra record Cope, as much as I do.  The band posted the record in entirety on Youtube. Right away, I gravitated to the song “Girl Harbor.”  The record is out on April 1st from Loma Vista.

The first single is “Top Notch.”

So April 1st will be new Cloud Nothings AND Manchester Orchestra.  Dig it.

We so excited for rock & roll.

Go with yourself.  OI! and like the Morning After on Facebook pretty please.

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thanks Two for the awesome pictures. *all pictures are from Two in this post.

Monday night had a trifecta (I don’t know if that is a word or not), Monday night had three great modern rock bands invade our Island for a show at The Royal Theatre.

Before the concert all three bands came by The Zone to hang out and The Silversun Pickups and Cage The Elephant made it to The ZAS.

Here is the audio of their interviews/live performances.


Check out the stream of the event at http://thezone.fm/jeremy

we had some technical issues during the Silversun Pickups of our broadcast feed (which is what this recording is of) so the first couple songs are heavily distorted which is a real shame.  The end of the performance is decent.

The interview with SSPU was a little more awkward as we couldn’t hear each other too wel and were on a stage with everyone, so it takes me a second to get comfortable… so yeah, first half of the interview is a little weak and I apologize for that, but our second talk about the recoding process half way through the set is a little bit better.  Brian gets all James Hetfield at the performance and away we go.  Brian is singing/guitars and Nikki is playing bass.

They perform four songs:

01) “Growing Old is Getting Old” (worst of the audio)
02) “Panic Switch”
talk about recording/song craftsmanship/drilling holes in pianos
03) “Substitution”
04) “Lazy Eye” (best of the audio)

After the show on Monday, you might have found the SSPU playing bubble hockey in the Games Room of the Strathcona Hotel.

Check out the stream of the event at http://www.thezone.fm/jeremy

Matt Schultz and I talk about who he likes better, SSPU or Manchester Orchestra, what is better? a tour bus or hotel room, what are some of his favourite bands, who is he singing about in the song “In One Ear” and what is the best part of the great state of Kentucky.

I thought the interview was alright, but later that night at the Royal, I ran into Matt (he was hanging out drinking and watching the other bands in the seats with all us plebes) he was very apologetic.

After the show the groups was off to drink at local peeler bar The Fox.  (and Manchester Orchestra was at Smiths for pints).

The band performed a couple songs with brother Brad and guitarist Lincoln.


01) “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked”
02) “Back Against the Wall”

I hope you enjoy.

Read Mike Devlin’s Review in the Times Colonist

Two’s Flickr inclusing pics of CTE and SSPU
Two’s Vimeo of the live performances


Go with yourself.

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Coral does a pretty funny Sarah Palin impression.  She is like my little Tina Fey.

Wayback Guy & Sarah Palin

Also on the clip, some talk of Vampires and M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes.”


I got a phone call yesterday (actually last week, but dealt with it yesterday) from a Zoner named Clayton.  Clayton told me a bout a band that he is jiving on called Manchester Orchestra.  Pretty pleasant indie rock.  Also, not from Manchester, they live in Georgia… U-S-A!

Manchester Orchestra

The music is pretty, like Band of Horses.


Coral and I went to see Bill Maher’s Religulous.

Bill says that God is not real!  Whoa… I always knew that the only thing REAL in my life was money.

but wait…

This just in: Pope says that financial crisis shows that money is an illusion, only the word of God is the foundation of reality.

I am so confused.


If I didn’t have to DJ tonight at Hugo’s (as in, you should come to Hugo’s tonight) I’d think about hitting an all candidates meeting for my riding.

Everything you need to know about electing someone to Ottawa.


Baby is crying and wants up from her nap… so I better go get her.  In these troubling economic times, we are off to Save-On Foods for some kraft singles and tomato soup.

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