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Click and Listen to: Capital Rock City #59

Thank you for finding Capital Rock City from The Zone dot Fm slash Jeremy, not too much in the new music department this week and I have little time for DJ notes… so here’s the set. yeesh, not really selling the sizzle with that opening pitch. Trust me, it sounds better than I can describe.


DJ Notes

01) Crown the Wolf – “Primer Ride”
02) Japandroids – “Sovereignty”
03) Jets Overhead – “No Nations”
04) Acres of Lions – “Entertainment”

Sorry I don’t have more time for DJ Notes… its 3PM, time to make some radio magic on The Zone @ 91-3.  Here is what I wrote on the RSS Feed:

CRC 59 begins with the dramz. Did Pride Tiger’s bass player quit moments before their show this past Friday? I dunno if that’s true or what, but I do know Crown The Wolf showed up and did their thing. Japandroids from Vancouver have a trend of canceling shows whenever I am able to go see them. I don’t take it personally, I keep on keeping on. Jets Overhead is the Zone Band of the Month for June! and back from China! Nice. And the show ends with one of my fave Vic rockers, Acres of Lions. if you love the show as much as I do, please share a link with a friend and you can find out more always at http://www.thezone.fm/jeremy (Tuesday, June 02, 2009)

Go with yourself.

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Come get some, Capital Rock City in late, but always on time.

Please Listen: Capital Rock City 49

and remember kids, SUBSCRIBING to the podcast on iTunes is the only way to fight a wild fire in Australia!  The cute little koala bears thank you for it.  Or heck, why not RSS Feed this bitch direct from The Zone!

DJ Notes:

01) Skies Kill – “Exhaust Fumes”
02) Skies Kill – “Remote Visibility”
03) Crown The Wolf – “Primer Ride”
04) The Faunts – “Feel. Love. Thinking of.”
05) Something Better – “Long to Tell You”
06) Steve Marriner – “Zulu Ripper”


Skies Kill are one of my new favourites.  Danny Peters from the group emailed me three songs earlier this week and I gave them all a solid listen.  The band is still developing their sound and maybe there are parts I’d tighten up, but the basic genesis of the music is wonderful to my ears.  The lead off track that I played on CRC, “Exhaust Fumes” is one of my stand-out picks because a lot happens in less than 3 minutes.  It is almost two songs with a long soundtracky end.

Crown The Wolf bring the Fu Manchu fuzz rock to Victoria and maybe you’ll come see them at Evolution Nightclub next Thursday, March 26th!

Adam at Sonic in Deadmonton has to yet to fail in exporting something mighty from the Champion Rock City… the hockey team might suck, but the music is wonderous.

Now Adam might not own a scarf, but I do, so I care what Pitchfork has to say about The Faunts. Actually, I don’t believe Adam doesn’t own a scarf, hypothermia is a clear and present danger in Edmonton any time of the year… maybe I should send him one?

Next I talk to Wynn Gogol.  Wynn operates 1 Ton Studios in the Quadra Village.  He recorded Something Betters music!  Nice.


One of Wynn’s favourite projects was/is working with Ottawa’s Steve Marriner, so I ended the podcast with Steve’s “Zulu Ripper” which … um… rips.

That’s all I got.  Best of 2009… so far, is coming to you next week.  If you have any ideas or request then please don’t be shy, email me or comment.

Go with yourself.

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