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jack eating

Here is a picture of our youngest. Coral was telling me that he loves sitting by the window to eat his snack! I love this picture.

My family moves over to Vancouver at the end of the month and I can’t wait. My work is shifted a little later in the day so I’ll get to be a stay-at-home Dad for the first half of the day. My wife is taking a few months off before trying to hustle a job so we’re pretty excited for the summer.

The hardest part of this move is missing out on the little things everyday. My weekends in Victoria fly by and as anyone with kids will tell you, “they grow up so fast!” I remember with Madelyn I’d roll my eyes when the veteran parents would say that. But you know what, it is true. If you’re having a kid, or one day you might…that is a true piece of lore from the parents before you. Anyway, trying to live my life and each day like your instagram feed, but at the same time, kinda wishing days to go by so we hit the end of the month and get this summer fired up all together.

OK music… bah bah bah dear diary…

One of our favourite British 90s grungy throwbacks here at CFOX, Wolf Alice, have a new record on June 22nd called My Love is Cool (Dirty Hit Records). We know and love Wolf Alice from their radio song “Moaning Lisa Smile,” (and their amazing set at The Biltmore back in…March?) now we have another listen from the album, “You’re a Germ.” When I was a snot-nosed skid growing up in Coquitlam, people called me Germy. Neat.


Back on the Borns train. “Seeing Stars” is getting some active play on my new playlist. He’s got the line thing through the “O” on his name, I don’t know how to make that with my Canadian keyboard.


and doesn’t this Crystal Fighters song sound like a jingle for a TV commercial? Catchy as fuck. I know, I’m blogging a 2-year-old song, but whatever…feeling it with this sunny hot weather in Vancouver.

Go with yourself.

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it never goes away
I finally got around to jamming another mix on my Mixcloud.  Maybe you’ll take a second to check it out?

Mixcloud >> It Never Goes Away

I have been feeling mentally cluttered for awhile now…. and tired.  The title comes from a thought bouncing around my brain on my hikes.  It Never Goes Away.  At the time, I was thinking, “being tired.”  I can sleep or rest, but I still feel tired.  Originally I was going to call the mix Biophilia.  I still think a future mix will get themed on that.  Coral, Maddy and I were walking around Thetis Lake and I guess those Suzuki Reports we air on the radio have effected Madelyn in a positive way because we had a discussion about “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.”

Later after the hike, I hopped in the studio and turned the music up really loud, and the thought, “It Never Goes Away” turned into something else and I liked it as a different rallying cry.  Not about being tired or nature…

The set isn’t long…. it features a few songs I enjoy during my sets at Veneto Lounge…. particularly the Danny Brown “Grown Up” (Distinction Remix)… here’s a download.

and the Crystal Fighters “You & I” (Gigamesh Remix)…. and a download.

I hope you discover a new favourite.

Go with yourself.

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