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Can you believe it?  The Canucks aced the Sharks in the NHL Western Conference Final and will be heading to the Stanley Cup vs… ? Bruins? Lightning?

To celebrate I jammed out a little Canucks audio montage to relive the magic.  The song threaded throughout is Devotchka‘s “How It Ends.”

“They All Depend on You” Canucks Game 5 audio montage

Download MP3 >> 20110525 Canucks win

Go Canucks Go and go with yourself go!

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I was rather inspired by the Gears of War video game commercial today.

The song is called “How it Ends” by Devotchka.

Devotchka did the soundtrack for the Steve Carell, Greg Kinnear film Little Miss Sunshine.

amazing song.


I answered another question today in regards to the municipal election going down this Saturday.


From: SM
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 10:55 AM
Subject: Esquimalt town council question

Good day Jeremy,

I listen to the zone….you rock……

On a more political note.  I would love to vote for a councilman who has a crime and drug reducing idea that will actually work. It states in you blog (which by the way needs to be looked at and spelling errors corrected) you touch on police force amalgamation and that is a good position to stand, but it doesn’t give the people a statement that something must be done.  Esquimalt has been my home since 2002 (and will remain my home as it has the small town community mentality). But, The crime rate in the Esquimalt area does not seem to be improving.  The drug houses and apartments located by the Carlton, Cambie and Bingo Hall remain untouched and this will make it more inviting to drug-abusers and harder on making your ideas of a more touristy Esquimalt come true. Something must be done about the crime and drug aspect of our beautiful area.

On a lighter note I totally agree with the later bus routes policy you have. That will make life easier for everyone. To add to that, what about the western community people? There is only one bus with a horrible schedule that has a direct route to Langford and western exchange.

I would love to hear back from you regarding the ability to move people to the western communities. Also, if you want my vote let me know what you are going to do about the drug abuse and crime here in Esquimalt. This aspect of Esquimalt life is getting overlooked and becoming a HUGE boil that is the silky smooth ass of Esquimalt.

Zone rocks.


Good evening Mr. M,
Thank for rocking the Zone and listening to my show.

That said, lets get down to the business of municipal policing.

On my website I stated I supported the amalgamation of police services for the four core municipalities.  I believe this is a good idea because it will share the costs more evenly over a greater population.  When the Province forced the amalgamation with Victoria back in the early 2000s, it was believed that the other forces would be amalgamated as well.  That has not yet happened and Esquimalt’s policing costs have doubled since.  Our costs are also considerably more than Oak Bay.  A town with a similar population.

This report by the Victoria Chamber of Commerce makes the case for amalgamation of police forces. http://www.victoriachamber.ca/img/content/Policies/11.pdf

The crime rate in Esquimalt has (generally) improved.  It is the perception of police response times that has not.  As a town councilor I would push to have our police station manned 24/7.  It is currently only available during bank hours.  Not acceptable even for banks, let alone the police!  I would also try to make greater use of auxiliary and volunteer police services to try and improve the visibility of police in the community.


I would agree that being a neighbour to a drug house would be a challenge. I lived in Fernwood for years before moving to Esquimalt and understand that there are many problem associated with that.  The township has begun and shown some success with the Crime Free Multi-Housing program.  This program has Victoria Police work with the owners and mangers of rental properties to increase security and training to recognize problems.



My wish list for transit would include greater late night service to the downtown core to facilitate safe transportation to a fun night out and give Victoria residents access to Esquimalt’s pubs and nightclub.  Esquimalt is uniquely situated between the downtown engine of the region and the growing suburbs of Colwood and Langford.  I would support increased bus connections to Langford but I think more importantly, getting the E&N Railway online as a light commuter rail service.  As well as connecting Esquimalt by bike path/trail to the galloping goose.


Tackling drug abuse is an epic challenge that I personally would not be able to single handedly solve.  Saying nope to dope is something that starts with good parenting and education.  People that have valuable lives and connections to their community would be less likely to risk that on drugs.  I have worked briefly in foster care and know that managing peoples’ behavior is nearly impossible.  All I can do is offer support and options.

Mr. M, I hope my answers are something you can get behind on November 15th.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and also for jamming out the Zone.



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