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“The Township of Esquimalt wants to ditch the Victoria police in favour of the RCMP, Mayor Barb Desjardins revealed Tuesday afternoon.”

That’s what the Times Colonist newspaper read today.

I don’t know how wise of an investment this will be for Esquimalt considering the RCMP might be pulled out of BC over the next few years.

I do know, that if I were Mayor, I’d be doing things differently in Esquimalt.

Mixcloud: ZAS >> No Law in Esquimalt
Download MP3 >> No Law in Esquimalt

Go with yourself.

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HMS Dreadnought (British Battleship, 1906) underway, circa 1906-07.

I had a “why we fight” moment last night reading Alan Cross’ website.

He posted an article about extremist groups and warlords in Somalia sending warning to the local radio stations: “stop playing music or we’ll kill you!”

CBC: Islamists force Somali stations to turn off music

Here is what i don’t get about this whole extreme Islam… why would anyone want to do it.  Lets say I’m an AK47 toting militia man.  I might some what understand that if I follow the larger man with the gnarly beard, glass eye and hook for a hand in his crazy pyramid scheme… as we oppress everything, I’ll get to be one of the chosen one(s).  But when he comes to me and says, Jeremynabad, I want you to go down the street and fire your machine gun into Desert 107, “The Rock of Mogadishu;” I might say… “hold on a second… just wait one minute!

“I like Mohammad Omar and Mohammad Akbar in the morning, those dudes are hilarious!  They have such a clever spin on the chronic food shortages and extreme corruption of the.. our government!”

It got me thinking, the Canadian government should commission a new bread of fighting troop.  The first Canadian Armoured Broadcast Division.  We’d find an old WWI era dreadnought, refit it in dry-dock in Esquimalt.  Christen her, HMCS Rock & Roll and set sail from CFB Esquamlt.  Destination: Indian Ocean.

Instead of fighting the pirates, we BE pirates.  We’d broadcast a pirate rock and roll radio station off the coast and free the minds of the people of Somalia using the power of sound.

Instead of broadcasting animal sounds… we could put Pearl Jam’s Vs. on and spin “Animal.”  Then say, “hey Hezbol-Islam, come get some.”

Aye, Ready Aye!


Jokes aside, it does demonstrate how much freedom totally rules and how… because of a cosmic roll of the dice; if you were born inside different borders your life would be mighty different (and no Pearl Jam?  Is that even a life?).

I got a message from someone in the Canadian Forces who said that the Frigates and Destroyers do have the ability to broadcast radio signals and that they do blast forth some rock & roll when they are patrolling for pirates off the coast.  Rock not Bombs right…

There are two radio station in Mogadishu still playing music, a UN station and an official Somali government run station.  They are the only two located in a small enclave of the city not completely over run with chaos.  God speed to those two stations.  I do wonder if there is a direct way to support freedom of media and art around the world?  the only idea I have is to stick an FM transmitter on a battleship, but that idea seems way to colonial and thus, counter to the spirit of freedom.

Go with yourself.

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I went home for lunch today.  Coral went to get a haircut and Nana was over watching Mads and I crafted a yummy portobello mushroom sandwich.  Success.

Nana and I sat down to the news and our sandwiches at noon like we used to do when she looked after Madelyn more often and out on the street we noticed cops everywhere.  They had the street blocked off and the SWAT team out, an armoured car, the dogs and officers everywhere.  Standing around in the pouring rain waiting for “Andrew” to come out peacefully.  I guess Andrew thought if he ignored them long enough, they’d go away?  or maybe he was truly and magnificently coked out and thought it was a cruel extension of the Star-Trek rerun he was watching…. I dunno, but he had other ideas than surrendering.  And so the good folks of the Victoria Police Department huddled in the rain.

Now this “Andrew” character, Coral I know him well.  He has some of the most dramatic tantrum and domestics outside our building.  They tend to happen more often in the summer but they also happen any day.  Wednesday morning at 4AM?  “Sure I’ll call my girlfriend a prostitute crackhead whore and she can yell worse back.  And it can spill it on the street and continue for over an hour.”

There will be no one missing Andrew when he finally gets dragged out of his apartment to spend two-years-less-a-day at Wilkinson.  It’ll be almost 2 years of bliss for me.

Drives me crazy.  I hate the “law” and the “government” as much as anyone and I truly believe we should be free to govern ourselves however we feel fit, but when your idea of a drug filled bender interferes with my life, we gotta problem and you gotta go.  In the olden days, Andrew would be tossed outside the walls our village and the Sasquatch would take him away.


Maybe this ties in, or maybe it doesn’t, but did I see on the news yesterday that California and Washington State are thinking of legalizing it?

I seem to recall that whenever talk of legalizing hits BC, the anti-druggie lobby says; “but what George W. do to us?”

Looks like nothing.  He ain’t the president anymore and if California and Washington legalize it, its open season.


On a hockey note, the Abbotsford AHL team The Heat had their first sellout of the year last night against the Manitoba Moose.  I saw in the paper that the Heat average about 3,700 fans a game, less than the ECHL Salmon Kings.  Could Victoria rock an AHL team?  Could we wrestle the Canucks affiliation away from Manitoba but before Abbotsford does?

The Heat are the only team in west for the AHL.  Rumblings I’ve heard speculated on say the AHL wants to come out west.  Could the AHL pickup the top ECHL west coast teams?  Victoria vs. Abbotsford rivalry would be amazing.

The Mighty Ducks don’t have an AHL affiliate and are the only team without one…. hmmm.

Go with yourself.

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first this.

That is an end of the year high-light reel hit by the Pride of Port McNeil. Just an amazing freight train right through the Blackhawk captain Jonathan Toews.  The only sad points about the hit…

I like Toews, he’s a great hockey player, why couldn’t it have been Kane?
AND the devastating hit then created a mint scoring chance for the ‘Nucks that was whistled because the Hawks threw a tantrum after the text-book hit.  boo.

Still, Nucks win, the hit is amazing and it’ll live on Youtube for all time… or until Youtube gets bought out and the servers go dark.



I did make it to the gym today and for once in my life, I ran into a business that was interested in catering to my needs for a cost that works.

Indeed Odyssey Fitness is 24 Hours.  That in of itself was a victory, but the icing for me is that the fee is just $50 a month, no long term contract, no extra fees, a month free and I can come at 2 AM when no one is there and not have to worry about some fitness instructor “selling” any “programs.”

The lady Joanne was sweet, I told her what I wanted, the fees were simple to understand and I signed up!  Heck, I might go after my DJ performance at The Clubhouse tonight.  We’ll see, I have an early wake up call Friday morning.



Next, and keep in mind, I like the Olympics (I am wearing my Olympic sweater right now AAMOF)… but what the fuck is going on?

Maybe I need to send a resume to the Provincial Liberals because how they thought this story would go over well with Johnny Q. Taxpayer is beyond me.

B.C. Spends $1 Million on Olympic Tickets for MLAs

This is how the meeting would have played out if I were in the room when this idea was hatched.

Government Cabinet Minister: “I think we should write a cheque for $1 million dollars of tax payer money to buy premium tickets to Olympic events.”

Jeremy: “no, don’t be retarded.”

then I would send them an invoice for $500,000 and Bob’s your uncle.

That no one stopped to say, hey wait a minute,” is what’s scary.

AND, why would any government official even have to buy tickets anyways?  Shouldn’t they just flash a badge and walk in?  We already paid for the games?  If Premier Gordon Campbell actually has to “buy” an Olympic ticket, then truly, the IOC is fisting us.

Outrageous… I mean not as outrageous as the BILLION with a ‘B’ price tag for secrutity for two weeks… but still, pretty scary.


and because no-one can do anything right in this world except for me.

This is embarrassing.

Victoria Mayor reneges on snow-shovelling bet

A week or so ago, Victoria and Regina entered into some sort of civic pride bet to see which Provincial capital could raise more food donations for the local food bank.  Regina spanked us (already embarrassed).  The bet called for the loser (Victoria’s Dean Fortin) to fly out to Regina to shovel some snow.

Now the guy isn’t going to go?  because of the cost of the flight and uhhh… carbon emissions?

Bike there dude.  You don’t make a bet, publicly, on behalf of our city, LOSE, then renege on the deal.  C’est dommage.

see, now I am in a bad mood, I better scroll back to the top of this blog post and watch the Willie Mitchell hit again.

oh, I totally got blogged about by Mixcloud! fun. Go with yourself.

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Over the weekend a cow washed up on the shores of Victoria and typical, it took no less than three levels of government to deal with the situation,

Cow Washes Up on Victoria Beach

My favourite line from the story:

“It was originally thought to be a dead horse, but once the officers got there they were able to determine it was a cow,” said Victoria police acting Sgt. Jamie McRae Sunday.

Well done city.

Have a Listen: The Zone Afternoon Show Talks About the Beached Cow and an Exploding Whale!

Now this isn’t the first time something bizarre has washed up on our fair beach.  Zoner Liz sent me some pictures from a six-gilled shark!

Hey guys,

You were talking about how they don’t know what to do with the dead cow that got washed up at Clover Point. I have a suggestion: http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/destroyed-in-seconds-beached-whale-explosion.html

It’s a matter of precedent since apparently that’s how they dispose of washed up whales.

Incidentally, around this time last year a dead six-gill shark was washed up at Mile Zero (near Clover Point). We took it back to the dive shop at Ogden Point and it sat our dunk tank until the UVic biology department got it a week later. Here are some pics for shits and giggles of it. I wonder what will get washed up next year? A dinosaur?



six gill1
six gill2

Some Zoners thought it might be a good idea to blow the thing up like they tried to do to a whale in Oregon back in the olden days.  Hilarity ensues.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday on the ZAS I had the chance to chit-chat with Farmer Dave of Madrona Farm.

Chit Chat: Interview w/ Farmer Dave on the ZAS

Madrona Farm is an organic vegetable farm just 15 or so minutes out of Victoria. This beautiful land is part of our collective natural heritage and an important contributor to our food security. However, due to increasing demands for property and living space in the Capital Region, it is increasingly difficult to grow food for our community within our city. Farmer Dave and his family are working with the Land Conservancy of British Columbia to raise funds to purchase the farm and protect it as farm land.

<!– –>

<!– –>Disclosure: I love Farmer Dave because he rocks the Zone!

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Hang the DJ

“It puts me to fucking sleep to be quite honest, I don’t really see the technical merit in playing two songs at the same speed together and it bores me to fucking tears and hopefully with all due respect to the DJ type that will fucking go the way of the dinosaur id like them to dis-a-fucking-pear. It’s so middle man, they’re like fucking lawyers. You need them, but they’re fucking cunts. God bless them they’re my number one customer right so I’m not gonna go dis every fucking DJ. But to say you become this massive up on a podium performer by playing other peoples productions at the same speed as someone else’s productions and fading between the two of them, I don’t get it.” – Deadmau5

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Who is we?


We won’t run out of things to sell, we’ll run out of people to sell things to.

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Seriously?  WTF is this?  How about you say what the right party is instead of ridiculous cartoons.

Dear Family Owned Businesses… make better commercials or I’m shopping at Wal-Mart.

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I woke up to a really cute email today from former Central Saanich mayor hopeful Sean McNulty.

Is this the same idiot who commented on my blog? And if so, what are you doing on my friends list?

OMG!  I am the same Jeremy Baker!  You got me bud… oh, wait I posted my name, website and email.

Sean’s Blog

* my comment is #14, go me!  I dunno, maybe its asshole-ish but I thought it was very diplomatic.


The other night I was DJing at the Clubhouse when I got a message from Coral.

DUde! Someone just spent like ten minutes trying to get into our apartment, and not able to get the key in. I heard all this swearing and started freaking out. I opened the door and was like “Um excuse me?! and this super drunk chick tried to push past me and then looked inside and was like “What?!” and the guy with her was like “I think we got the wrong floor!!” And then they just turned around and walked away without saying a word!!! (Im assuming that it was one of the girls from upstairs)

Jesus, could you imagine?  Coral is home alone with the baby late on a Tuesday night and this happens?  The worst part is the chick didn’t even apologize.  She turned around and walk away!

I wanted Coral to write a passive aggressive note and post it in the elevator.

Dear Neighbours,

The next time you you go out and get wasted at the pub and bring some skank guy back to our apartment building, please make sure you get the right apartment unit. Some of us are mothers home alone with our children.

If some of you writers can think of something better, please post it.  I seriously want to post something on the community board and send it in to Passive Aggressive Notes.

Passive Aggressive Notes is great.  One common theme is work place dish pits.  a bone of contention at The Zone.  I think Tindy would geta real kick out this one.

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