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Coral and I are off to the Tall Tree Music Festival first ferry Thursday morning. I DJ up on Brown’s Mountain on Thursday June 30 at 5PM on the Tall Tree Stage…between two filthy bands. Dirty Mountain and DiRTY Radio.

Go with yourself.

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And would you look at that…your friendly neighbourhood music blogging DJ is jamming a set on Thursday!

Tall Tree is called a “boutique” music festival….I guess. It’s a crazy time. If you can get to the West Coast of Vancouver Island at the end of June, do it! There ain’t many music festivals going like it.

When I walked into CFOX today, the music director Britters and producer Jamie were talking about the lineup. They both were excited to see Dirty Radio on the list. I wasn’t familiar.

Oh that’s fun, I can see how people will be able to get down to these guys on the side of Brown’s Mountain!


Like I said, the Festival is nuts. Hit Tall Tree’s instgram to see how they’ve captured the energy and vibes.

See you out there.

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