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And would you look at that…your friendly neighbourhood music blogging DJ is jamming a set on Thursday!

Tall Tree is called a “boutique” music festival….I guess. It’s a crazy time. If you can get to the West Coast of Vancouver Island at the end of June, do it! There ain’t many music festivals going like it.

When I walked into CFOX today, the music director Britters and producer Jamie were talking about the lineup. They both were excited to see Dirty Radio on the list. I wasn’t familiar.

Oh that’s fun, I can see how people will be able to get down to these guys on the side of Brown’s Mountain!


Like I said, the Festival is nuts. Hit Tall Tree’s instgram to see how they’ve captured the energy and vibes.

See you out there.

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On Friday, Victoria singer/songwriter Vince Vaccaro came by my radio show to co-host for the day. We shared some mighty times including a performance of his hit, “Costa Rica.” Kim from the Traffic Department made the journey down the hall from her office to sing with Vince. They used to be in choir together back in the day! Small world. Enjoy.

Mixcloud>> Interview and live performance: Vince Vaccaro
Tall Tree Festival

Go with yourself.

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