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New Zealand’s premiere electro-alt modern rockers The Naked And Famous have a new single out called “Higher.”

Their third record is called Simple Forms and is out on October 14th. The album follows in the footsteps of 2011’s smash Passive Me, Aggressive You and 2013’s In Rolling Waves.

The band is now living in California and put this record together in Echo Park.

The record talks about the breakdown of the 8-year relationship between co-vocalists Thom Power and Alisa Xayalith. They said it “almost tore the band apart!”
No shit.

I can always respect people that can push through what would likely be a great personal challenge for their art.

“There’s pain and passion behind this art,” says Alisa, picking up this theme. “Pop techniques are all about maximum impact. And it’s not like this is an album of bangers but it’s the most immediate thing we’ve ever done.”

They have some shows in the Pacific Northwest this fall!

10/26 — Porltand, OR — Roseland Theater*
10/27 — Seattle, WA — Neptune Theatre*
10/28 — Vancouver, BC — The Vogue Theatre*

All those shows are with XYLØ.


Sorry….still hyping Tall Tree…but seriously music blog friends, it’s a pretty unique festival on an Island full of pretty unique experiences.

My man Nick Rassenti was there and wrote a recap for Rocktographers website.

And look at that…my little Thursday afternoon set got a mention: “a white hot set from DJ Jeremy Baker that sparked a sudden Gn’R-infused afternoon dance party.”

Give this blog post a hit if you wanna read (and see) what a pretty rustic little music festival on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island looks like.

Happy Friday! Off to Harrison Hot Springs this weekend. My old man is turning 60 and some family from Prince George and Quesnel are coming down. Lots of BBQ, beers, lake times, pool and hot springs for my kids with their cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, GREAT-grandparents. Good times.

Go with yourself.

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Coral and I are off to the Tall Tree Music Festival first ferry Thursday morning. I DJ up on Brown’s Mountain on Thursday June 30 at 5PM on the Tall Tree Stage…between two filthy bands. Dirty Mountain and DiRTY Radio.

Go with yourself.

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Made it back from the Tall Tree Music Festival. Festivals are a hot commodity….but I’ll tell ya, if you’re an urban type rocking this blog, you haven’t seen anything like Tall Tree.

Four days of rain, sun, ocean, mountains….bands and DJs. All up on the side of a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Getting there is just part of the adventure.

The festival is a pretty good balance of traditional rock bands and DJs. The afternoon is see-sawing back forth between EDM and bands. Then at night, DJs till dawn.

Somewhere in the mix you’re getting rained on and sloshing through the mud with a beer in your hand and green trees in your sights. Lots of high fives, lots of smiles. Quality people.

I was only up for a couple days of the festival before my carriage turned into a pumpkin and I had to go back to work.  During those precious 48 hours I saw some shit maaaaaan.

Loved Victoria’s Neon Steve.

I got excited when he dropped Sylvan Esso into his Friday morning set.

BESTiE from Vancouver were there (I missed their set)…but I did see WMNSTUDIES…. and here’s a remix WMNSTUDIES did of their song “Asleep On The Bus.”

Australia’s Pete Murray was new to me…and I think the few brave souls that were vertical on Friday afternoon, but apparently he’s kind of a big deal back in Koalaland.

The people that were into him, were REALLY into him.

Tall Tree was pretty magical and I am already excited to go back. I’ll just need to sort out some childcare because I’ll need my girl Coral with me.

Here is a pic of my man Razer (Acres of Lions) and me before things went sideways on Thursday.

Me and Razer

We birthed our party band, Stable Hands, at Tall Tree and I think we even hyped ourselves enough to get signed? At least a late night set at the Spirit Tree Tent.

Go with yourself.

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The Tall Tree Music Festival is a boutique festival on Vancouver Island’s west coast.  They have it on the side of a mountain just outside of Port Renfrew.

I’ve never had the opportunity to go in the past because of work and kids.  This year…well I still have the kids, and the work, but I’ll be able to head up for at least a couple night with my buddy Razor. He is in the band Acres of Lions and they’ll be playing on Friday Night.

Also Friday… Longwalkshortdock!

On the Thursday night… Mullet Man was saying something about maybe DJing. That could be an experience.

Go with yourself.

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