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Man, I have the major cranks today.  I am crabby McCrabberson right now.  I’ll need a few sips of Sea Cider to get back into the normally happy spirit I carry around.

I think it has something to do with waking up at 6AM for bootcamp.  Bootcamp was fun… its the waking up at 6AM that is less than fun.  I haven’t had a proper exercise and Bootcamp leader Karla taught me a lot.

Like did you know, under that belly fat there are muscles?  I know right!  And not just one or two, but like a whole bunch.  Anyways, I met a bunch of them this morning on the wet grass of Clover Point.

It’s looking like my idea to jet off to Tofino for a quick weekend might not happen.  We’ll still go, but maybe not till after Christmas.  Coral and I are trying to horde our treasure and build back up our savings account.  A trip to Tofino will either raid our reserve or go on credit, and neither is wise or prudent.

Speaking of wise and prudent… we did buy hockey tickets!  Huzzah.

We’ll head off to Vancouver on December 26th to see the Nucks and Oil.  Oh course we’ll be travelling with our hockey friends David Eleanor and Lindsay.  plus this year the Fallon Gong and Alyx are coming.  It’ll be a party. I am always excited to see a Canucks games as they are my team to cheer for.  But I love going to see the Oil as I have a soft spot for that Club and its Dave’s team.  So we wear our jersey’s and trash talk and drink the night away.

OK, French Onion Soup is in the oven and beeping.

Go with yourself.

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Dion Phaneuf was traded to The Zone @ 91-3

Victoria: Veteran Zone presenter Jeremy Baker was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs early this morning in a blockbuster three way trade that also involved the Calgary Flames.  Listen for Dion Phanuef on The Zone Afternoon Show Monday.

“It was definitely a shock, but I’m very excited about going to Victoria and being a Zoner,” said Phaneuf.

“It’s a cliche. If Wayne Gretzky can get traded anyone can get traded. I was very surprised, but on the other hand I’m very excited to be going to the 14th largest radio market in the Canada.”

The shakeup comes following a loss to the Vancouver Canucks Saturday night to extend the team’s winless streak to six games, but Leafs GM Brian Burke said that “these pieces were in place prior to yesterday.”

“[Baker] is a warrior. He talks a lot,” explained Burke. “He presents music on the radio and I want players who play the game hard, but also some radio DJs to kinda shake things up in the East.”

A 6′, 180 pound Coquitlam native, Baker was drafted by the Zone in 2003.  He says he was surprised by the trade but is hoping that he can do his part to turn around the struggling Leafs.

“I haven’t laced up since my days playing Midget “C” hockey in Coquitlam, but coach (Ron Wilson) said he expects me to play on the second defensive pairing Tuesday against the Devils.”

“I have a lot of respect for JB, but this is part of the business,” Zone Program Director Sara P said. ”It happens at times, and it’s happened here.’

”Jeremy is certainly a good talker, but we’re getting a big, hard shooting defenseman in return.  He will really lock down the competitive afternoon drive time in Victoria for the Zone.”

The Victoria radio division is one of Canada’s most competitive with the Zone trailing Kool FM in the ratings and the final playoff spot and many share points behind perennial ratings dominator The Q!

Q! Afternoon show host Ryan Awram was reported as saying, “Dion might be a good hockey player, but if he presents modern rock like he played defense on The Flames, I don’t think Kirk (Mason) and I are too worried.”

Media reports say that program director Sara Parker is not done yet with the Zone’s onair line up.

She is expected to deal half of the Zone’s morning line to make cap space for Phaneuf’s 6.5 million dollar contract over 4 years.  Rumours have Jason Lamb shipping off to Edmonton for Sheldon Souray or a block buster proposal that sees Dylan BigD Willows and Rozie Amos plus half the promotions department to Atlanta for Ilya Kovalchuk.  Expect more of this story to develop as the March 3rd trade deadline approaches.

with files from TSN dot ca.

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Coral Crawford: I’m like ashamed to admit I really love that new 30 seconds to Mars song.

you and every other 13 year old, you and every other 13 year old my dear.

Coral and I are back to grind after our fun weekend in Vancouver with Dave and Lindsay checking out the Canucks/Oil game.

Canucks crushed which sucks for Dave, but Coral and I had a fun time sitting along the highest row of GM place with our Blue and Green Canucks shirts and drinking expensive beer.

The game was wicked fun, Canucks got out to a HUGE lead early, then I got to listen to Dave lament the rest of the game with his hilarious observations.  There were lots of Oil fans up in the plebes with us, so lots of good natured ribbing.

After the game, it was pouring rain and we wandered the city looking for a pub without an aggressive line of oppressive cover charge and settled for Lenox on Granville and Robson.  Oddly, I used to work right by this pub but never drank there.  (too touristy) but hey, now I am a tourist!

The bar was full of Australians… weird, but we made quick friends with a table of immigrants and had times that were good.

Dave was buying the rounds so I indulged him.  We stumbled out of there in time for Coral and I to once again experience the rain and catch the last skytrain to the East.

I was in no shape to drive when we returned to Coquitlam, but was in great shape to run around the bushes and and eat cheeseburgers.  Mighty times back in the Coquitlam.

Now we are back and this will likely be Coral’s last week at the government before lay-off time.

We are at peace with the lay-off.  Coral will get to be with Madelyn and get to be a stay-at-home Mom for a bit.  I’ll try and track down as much work as I can handle and we’ll see what happens.

With that, I am working on a new weekly downtown night.  Still hammering out details, but if the night happens it will have me working actual turntables and I’ll have to get my hands on Serato.  Exciting stuff and should help me elevate my performance (and generate a little income to start a proper business).

I will need a new url as I let http://jeremybaker.ca slip.  doh! Its a bit of story how I even got the domain, then had no way of using it, then it expired and now… well once again we turn to a BBM from Coral.

Coral Crawford: OMG! jeremybaker.ca is about masturbation!!!
Jeremy Baker: ha ha!
Jeremy Baker: Its about time.


Go with yourself.

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