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You can’t help it when you listen to chillwave… you think the beach.  Even if you live on an Island adrift in a cold Pacific sea… people still hit the waves.  Coral is just driving home from Tofino right now and took this picture yesterday of some brave adventurers enjoying the ferocity of the Ocean.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are an indie hipster band out of NYC.   Their music is pleasant for sure… but what I am really feeling today is music from their new remix EP,  Acid Reflex.

One of my favourite chillwavers, Washed Out, remixed the song “My Terrible Friend.”

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “My Terrible Friend” (Washed Out Remix)

Download MP3 >> The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – My Terrible Friend (Washed Out Remix)

Such an easy song to waste away to… I’ve had it almost on repeat while doing my work here at the Zone.

Go with yourself.

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Victoria band The Racoons… moved to Vancouver and changed their name to Jakarta.  But did you know?  There is a place already called Jakarta?  huh.

So change again they did… and got signed to Arts & Crafts… now they are called Gold and Youth.

If you click the link, you can download this song for free!

Gold & Youth – “Time To Kill”

I’d put money on G&Y playing Rifflandia this year.  The boys are currently on tour of the Eastern US showcasing right now.  Lead singer Matt Lyall posted the top picture of their view from the Brooklyn Bridge.  Gorgeous.

From one bridge to another bridge a bit more local.


My little girl Madelyn turned 4 on Friday.  Coral and I took Friday off work for a family day.  It began with breakfast at Spoons with Coral’s family.  Then we bundled up into all our rain coats, gumboots, hats and toques and traveled north to Shawnigan Lake.  Our destination was the Kinsol Trestle.

The Kinsol Trestle is a beautifully restored rail crossing and part of the Trans-Canada trail.  You could ride your bike or hike along this path from Shawnigan Lake to Lake Cowichan if you were into it.

It was an easy and fun hike to take a 4-year-old on and we’ll for sure be heading back in the summer with our bikes and a picnic.

Then back to the city for burgers, hotdogs and ice cream sandwiches from Big Wheel Burger.  The best.

Saturday saw my family taking the ferry to Victoria and a big birthday party at PlayZone in Langford with Mads’ friends from pre-school.  Then dinner at home.

Sunday I hung out with my folks while Coral, Nana and Madelyn left for a holiday to Tofino!  What a busy girl and a busy weekend to turn 4!  I am actually excited to be back at work as this three day holiday was a lot of work!  What a great treat to have so much family in town to celebrate Madelyn being on Planet Earth for four whole years.

Go with yourself.

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Man, I have the major cranks today.  I am crabby McCrabberson right now.  I’ll need a few sips of Sea Cider to get back into the normally happy spirit I carry around.

I think it has something to do with waking up at 6AM for bootcamp.  Bootcamp was fun… its the waking up at 6AM that is less than fun.  I haven’t had a proper exercise and Bootcamp leader Karla taught me a lot.

Like did you know, under that belly fat there are muscles?  I know right!  And not just one or two, but like a whole bunch.  Anyways, I met a bunch of them this morning on the wet grass of Clover Point.

It’s looking like my idea to jet off to Tofino for a quick weekend might not happen.  We’ll still go, but maybe not till after Christmas.  Coral and I are trying to horde our treasure and build back up our savings account.  A trip to Tofino will either raid our reserve or go on credit, and neither is wise or prudent.

Speaking of wise and prudent… we did buy hockey tickets!  Huzzah.

We’ll head off to Vancouver on December 26th to see the Nucks and Oil.  Oh course we’ll be travelling with our hockey friends David Eleanor and Lindsay.  plus this year the Fallon Gong and Alyx are coming.  It’ll be a party. I am always excited to see a Canucks games as they are my team to cheer for.  But I love going to see the Oil as I have a soft spot for that Club and its Dave’s team.  So we wear our jersey’s and trash talk and drink the night away.

OK, French Onion Soup is in the oven and beeping.

Go with yourself.

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Its criminal.  I haven’t taken the Highway #4 to its terminus since the summer of 2003.

I first moved to Victoria that summer and like any recent immigrant I was a combination of excited for my new community and broke.

My brother CJ and sister Andrea borrowed Mom and Dad’s mini-van.  Loaded it up with my girlfriend and Andrea’s friend Candice and off to Tofino we went.

We didn’t have much of a plan.  A van full of kids and camping gear.  Beer.

When we arrived in Tofino, the first camp ground took a look us and just said, “no.”

wow, friendly folks.

We drove around for awhile and it was getting dark.  We found a camp ground that would have us and quickly fired up our tents and tarps.  I mean it was July, the rains was about to come.  My brother CJ got a fire going and we put on some over priced steaks and veggie kabobs from the Tofino Co-Op.




My brother and I stayed up till late.  I was sitting in a puddle.  Probably not piss. I hope. No it was cold. It was rain water.

The next day, all bleary eyed, I awoke to plane engine noise.  Our campground was beside the airport.  And by airport I mean strip of grass carved out of the rain forest.

We decided we wanted to surf, so into town we went to rent all the gear.

Like I said, it was July so obviously it was gray and misty and fucking cold.

Surfing was hard and brutal and I am not sure,  but someone likely drowned.

It wasn’t beach time like you might expect at Willows.  The beach was gorgeous and wild… and cold.

We went in to town for food, but everything was really expensive so we ate diner grub and headed back to camp.

The next day, we took that scary, twisting #4 back to the city.  And that was Tofino for me.

I did enjoy it… but I’ve never had an excuse to go back till now.

Coral has never been.

Now I gotta go back!

But this time, hotel and maybe I’ll leave the surfing off the itinerary.  Maybe I’ll watch surfing, but I’m not getting in the water.  OK, maybe I’ll get in the water.

If you are a Tofino person or have a great recommendation of an affordable place to stay for me and Coral, please leave a comment.

Go with yourself.

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