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stolen without a gun from Summer Stewart's facebook profile.

Four songs that I am having a near religious experience enjoying today.  3 of which come from Esquire magazine?  SWA? I know right… they listed my boys in Walk The Moon as the “song of the summer” on their list of 30 Summer Songs for Men.

But I want to start my adventure closer to Victoria.  Our May Band of the Month was a gentleman named Mike Edel.  His song “Bottom Floor Apartment,” despite being similarly titled to Weeping Tile’s “Basement Apt.,” is such a pretty song.

Some songs resonate with Zoners, some don’t… this one never really grabbed on. Maybe Mike just needs more time.  Too bad, such a lovely, romantic song.

Mike Edel – “Bottom Floor Apartment”

I heard this brother/sister duo one time and all I could do was shut-it and listen.  As deep as this is… the only word that blasts in my head like a cartoony onomatopoeia is “BOOM!”

The group is called The Belle Brigade.   The LA duo sound so lush and in sync.  Weirds me out like watching the Sedins play hockey with the sibling ESP.

I listen to this song on repeat.  The lyrics start off all depressing, “there will always be someone better than you…” but then gets mighty uplifting.  Its about opting out. Like that speech Lloyd Dobler gives in the ’89 film Say Anything: “I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.

The Belle Brigade – “Losers”

I’m a sucker for hipster girls.  No getting around that.  Jessica Lea Mayfield.  The name already has me gushing and I haven’t even heard a note.

This Ohio native began performing at 8 touring in her family’s band.  She began writing her own music after her brother taught her some chords… and cites Dave Grohl as a major influence.  Alright Jessica, I’ll bite.

Have a listen to this jangle… “suddenly I can see blue skies again”

Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Blue Skies Again”

Finally, something sexy for the DJ sets at the Veneto.  Back in the olden days you might recall a group called Booker T. and the MGs?

Booker T. Jones is a musical legend earning both a Grammy lifetime achievement award and a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

He is still jamming out music and his new record, The Road to Memphis, features a slinky ditty called “Progress” featuring Jim James.  I don’t know if oldies radio station play modern oldies?  I wonder if there is a home for music like this in the year 2011 on the radio.  It would be a crime if there isn’t…  When Madelyn asks me how babies are made, I’ll sit her down and say, ” listen to this.”

Booker T. Jones – “Progress”

Go with yourself.

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Lisa Brown was on the Zone today for My Turn.

She did a great job, and just before go home time at 5PM, she let it be known that she plays a mean acoustic cover of MGMT‘s “Electric Feel.”


4 minutes later, she is going live… and you know what? it sounded pretty darn good.

Go with yourself.

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This afternoon, Coral and Madelyn came to visit me at the radio station.  They came with coffee and they came just as it was time for me to hop in the studio to jam out today’s Modern Rock Inbox.  Mads loves going on the radio, so I dragged her into the Production B studio and hit record.

Have a listen.

The finished product: The Modern Rock Inbox on The Zone @ 91-3.

and if you’re interested in the recording session, here is the raw audio that I chopped up for the inbox.

Go with yourself.

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Last weekend, the rained stopped just long enough to allow Cassie, Chef Chris and myself the opportunity to head out to Sooke and take part in the Sooke Lions’ 4th Annual Great Chili Challenge.

Their esteemed judges handed out only ONE 3rd Place Trophy and I am so happy to say that team Zone claimed the honour.

SWAG'd from Cassie's Facebook

The chili challenge was a ton of work and would not have been possible without the hard work of Team Zone’s Cassie Price and Veneto Lounge’s sous chef Chris Thrift.

Also Graham Caddy from 100.3 The Q! helped shovel chili in waiting bowels and Justin “Fresh-Pots” was there to fetch me pop and came in clutch wrangling up a can-opener when our first one crapped out.

Tindy from the Q! and Boitano from The Zone both put together our supplies for the booth and Zone Ranger Cuervo-Loren brought out a tent to Sooke and set it up for us.  Thank you guys.

The Veneto’s head chef Tod Bosense lent us his propane stove and also pilfer through the kitchen for food and supplies.

Cassie has been getting some requests for the recipe so I will try to re-create it here:

The Zone @ 91-3 #11 Chili

* 2 pound(s)  boneless pork shoulder, trimmed and cut into 1-inch chunks
* 2 pound(s) boneless beef chuck, trimmed and cut into 1-inch chunks
* 2 teaspoon(s) vegetable oil
* 20-ish clove(s) (garlic) crushed into a paste
* 2 medium onions, chopped
* 1 tablespoon(s) ground coriander
* 1 tablespoon(s) cumin
* 1 tablespoon(s) paprika
* 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) chipotle chile paste
* 1/2 tablespoon(s) ground cinnamon
* 3 can(s) (15 to 19 ounces each) pink beans and/or red kidney beans
* 1 can(s) (28 ounces) diced tomatoes
* 1 can(s) concentrated tomato
* 1 cup(s) water
* 2 packets of hot chocolate powder
* 1 1/2 teaspoon(s) salt
* pepper
* 1 pineapple
* Corn tortillas, (optional), warmed
* Shredded unsweetened chocolate and fresh cilantro chopped to sprinkle on top.


Brown the meat in the oil…add salt and pepper… add the onion… add the tomato… let that stew together for a bit.  then add the spices.  Little at a time, constantly taste and season. Add the garlic. Add the hot chocolate powder.  If it doesn’t taste right, it needs more salt.

Add the chipotle paste till you get the heat you need. Tabasco will help with the heat too.  Be BRAVE… let this yummy concoction stew for a bit.  You can serve it when its all hot… but it excels at delicious if you let the meat get nice and tender.  Right before serving, add the chopped pineapple.

To garnish… shave some rich, dark chocolate on top and hit of fresh chopped cilantro.  Prepare to come in third place!

Madelyn got her fingers all over my camera so it wouldn’t take pictures and needs a cleaning.  So this evidence comes from Cassie’s facebook.

Cassie is so silly.

Justin Fresh-Pots and Me.

Chef Chris doing his thing and Cassie choppiong the pineapple.

These two giant pots of chili were not enough. We head a steady line all afternoon. Many second helpings.

So busy out in Sooke.

Chef Chris and I adding the "sex" right at the end.

Go with yourself.

My camera

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My daughter Madelyn Oh Yeah came to visit me during my radio show onhttp://thezone.fm/jeremy .

She then proceeded to push EVERY button and BROKE the radio. The worst part… the worst part, she wouldn’t even apologize on the radio to everyone. That baby!

Listen >> Maddy Oh Yeah broke the radio

Go with yourself.

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Dion Phaneuf was traded to The Zone @ 91-3

Victoria: Veteran Zone presenter Jeremy Baker was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs early this morning in a blockbuster three way trade that also involved the Calgary Flames.  Listen for Dion Phanuef on The Zone Afternoon Show Monday.

“It was definitely a shock, but I’m very excited about going to Victoria and being a Zoner,” said Phaneuf.

“It’s a cliche. If Wayne Gretzky can get traded anyone can get traded. I was very surprised, but on the other hand I’m very excited to be going to the 14th largest radio market in the Canada.”

The shakeup comes following a loss to the Vancouver Canucks Saturday night to extend the team’s winless streak to six games, but Leafs GM Brian Burke said that “these pieces were in place prior to yesterday.”

“[Baker] is a warrior. He talks a lot,” explained Burke. “He presents music on the radio and I want players who play the game hard, but also some radio DJs to kinda shake things up in the East.”

A 6′, 180 pound Coquitlam native, Baker was drafted by the Zone in 2003.  He says he was surprised by the trade but is hoping that he can do his part to turn around the struggling Leafs.

“I haven’t laced up since my days playing Midget “C” hockey in Coquitlam, but coach (Ron Wilson) said he expects me to play on the second defensive pairing Tuesday against the Devils.”

“I have a lot of respect for JB, but this is part of the business,” Zone Program Director Sara P said. ”It happens at times, and it’s happened here.’

”Jeremy is certainly a good talker, but we’re getting a big, hard shooting defenseman in return.  He will really lock down the competitive afternoon drive time in Victoria for the Zone.”

The Victoria radio division is one of Canada’s most competitive with the Zone trailing Kool FM in the ratings and the final playoff spot and many share points behind perennial ratings dominator The Q!

Q! Afternoon show host Ryan Awram was reported as saying, “Dion might be a good hockey player, but if he presents modern rock like he played defense on The Flames, I don’t think Kirk (Mason) and I are too worried.”

Media reports say that program director Sara Parker is not done yet with the Zone’s onair line up.

She is expected to deal half of the Zone’s morning line to make cap space for Phaneuf’s 6.5 million dollar contract over 4 years.  Rumours have Jason Lamb shipping off to Edmonton for Sheldon Souray or a block buster proposal that sees Dylan BigD Willows and Rozie Amos plus half the promotions department to Atlanta for Ilya Kovalchuk.  Expect more of this story to develop as the March 3rd trade deadline approaches.

with files from TSN dot ca.

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Who would have guessed that?  not this guy.  Check out his blog.

Pirate Pick

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