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I grew up n Mundy Street in Coquitlam.  If I were 27% cooler than I was (does that sentence make sense?) I would have vandalized every street sign to be “Mundi” Street.  Much more glorious in Latin.  I think ‘mundi’ translates to “of the world.”  Kinda sexual.

I went through a Latin phase as a young buck.  That is Latin for, “I never put my hand on a boobie.”

I used to take books out of the library that tried to explain all the ‘um’ in stadium and jive talk like that.  Like I said, my life path at the time pointed straight to virginitytown.

I was standing in line Fairways on Tuesday.  Buying the parts of a lunch as I have done hundreds of times before.  Standing in front of me was a beautiful woman and in front of her was a Dad and his daughter about the age Madelyn.  She wanted to help Dad… just like Mads.  Super adorable. “I can do it.”

The woman in front of me was fawning over the little girl.  She was gorgeous.  Kind of an alt rocker Suicide Girl type meets nerd.  Normally the tattoo’d look is not my style…and I never really saw the front of her… but I could just tell she was an attractive person by looking at her vegetarian food on the conveyor belt and the way she played with the stranger’s kid in front of her.  Now that I am an old pervy Dad… women that are cool with kids are cool with me.

I spotted on her arm one of the tattoos, it said ‘Mundi.”  “Hey, I lived on Mundi Street,” I thought to myself.  I tried to glance the rest… ‘sic’ ‘transit’ ‘gloria’ ‘mundi.’

A Brand New fan?  huh.  I like that band too… but tattooed on her arm?  and ‘mundi’ isn’t part of the title.

When I got to work I punched the phrase into the google machine and it spit out this: Sic transit gloria mundi is a Latin phrase that means “Thus passes the glory of the world”. It has been interpreted as “Worldly things are fleeting.”

Knowledge is power.

What I mighty fine tattoo… but it turns out “something in Latin” is a popular style of tattoo.  Not saying I ever want to get one… but sometimes I do.

Coral was thinking I should get a Pisces fish on my arm… to represent Madelyn.  She is a Pisces, neat.

I like the idea of lyrics or words, more my style… but that is less bad-ass than some sleeve tattoo.  Maybe I should work on doing those 100 push-ups then I’ll have some arms worth tattooing.


In other news…

Your favourite Victoria Wedding DJ (I hope) is in action with a pub gig tonight.

Coral and I will be doing our husband/wife all vinyl DJ set at Smiths Pub starting at 9PM.  Smiths $12 Burger and Beer special pairs exceptionally with quality music selected with care.  I hope you can come.



Pinkerton from Weezer might not be the greatest record ever made… but it has to be one of Weezer’s best.

The record didn’t see much love when it was released back in 1996.  But because it is weird and different… it lives on as a bit of a cult favourite.

Seeing as I personally can’t handle Weezer’s “good” music…. their weirder, older stuff is my fave.

Weezer is going to re-issue the record in October.  If there is a vinyl run with this re-issue, I’d consider adding a Weezer record to my collection.  Maybe.

Go with yourself.

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