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2000s Jeremy is so excited today. Brand new music from Brand New.

The song has the vibe and energy of their ’03 Deja Entendu era stuff.

The song is called “I Am A Nightmare.”

They have a couple shows coming up in Vancouver!

06/01 – Vancouver, Canada @ Vogue Theatre
06/02 – Vancouver, Canada @ Vogue Theatre

And then with Modest Mouse in the PNW!

07/30 – Seattle, WA @ KeyArena *
07/31 – Portland, OR @ Moda Center *

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modest mouse

Kowabunga! Modest Mouse is teaming up with Brand New for a co-heading tour.

No Vancouver date (WHAT!?!) but they will play Seattle and Portland at the end of July. Let’s cross our fingers for a rebound in that Canadian dollar.

But maybe….they keep the partnership together long enough for Squamish in August?

Brand New are talking about a new record in 2016. Last year they released this single, “Mene.”

This is my all time fave Brand New song.


Modest Mouse’s latest record was 2015 Strangers to Ourselves…a record we had on heavy rotation during our family roadtrip last summer.

I remember our drive from Portland to Cannon Beach, cutting though the hills and forests to the ocean and blasting through Strangers to Ourselves.

The record and that time are always linked for me now.

Go with yourself.

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the truth

“The truth/ is you could slit my throat/and with my one last grasping breath/ I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt.”

and that my friends is how you write one of the greatest emo songs of all time.

Back in 2002, the kids from Long Island called Taking Back Sunday put out their record Tell All Your Friends.  A record that to me, might go down as a 2000s post-harcore (see: emo) masterpiece.

Taking Back Sunday – “You’re So Last Summer

I have lots of stories about Taking Back Sunday. There was that religious music experience I had at Christina Lake.  And the time me and Matt saw them at Richard’s On Richards.

I can’t remember what summer it was, but we headed down for a snazzy quadruple bill of the hottest emo bands of the time, all headlined by The Used.  When we got there, there was a sign on the door that said 3 of the 4 bands couldn’t make it over the border.  FUCK.  We came to see TBS!

Turns out, the one band that got to Vancouver, was Taking Back Sunday.  They offered a refund at the door (sweet) then TBS played as the only band that night.  They played an “extended set” which was their whole first album.  and that was it.  One of the best shows I’ve been to (if I remember it right, maybe Matt can fill in the blanks).

The other neat story is how Brand New has two “dis” songs about TBS.  SWA?  people do that?  Well they used to….

Brand New – “Seventy Times 7

Go with yourself.

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I grew up n Mundy Street in Coquitlam.  If I were 27% cooler than I was (does that sentence make sense?) I would have vandalized every street sign to be “Mundi” Street.  Much more glorious in Latin.  I think ‘mundi’ translates to “of the world.”  Kinda sexual.

I went through a Latin phase as a young buck.  That is Latin for, “I never put my hand on a boobie.”

I used to take books out of the library that tried to explain all the ‘um’ in stadium and jive talk like that.  Like I said, my life path at the time pointed straight to virginitytown.

I was standing in line Fairways on Tuesday.  Buying the parts of a lunch as I have done hundreds of times before.  Standing in front of me was a beautiful woman and in front of her was a Dad and his daughter about the age Madelyn.  She wanted to help Dad… just like Mads.  Super adorable. “I can do it.”

The woman in front of me was fawning over the little girl.  She was gorgeous.  Kind of an alt rocker Suicide Girl type meets nerd.  Normally the tattoo’d look is not my style…and I never really saw the front of her… but I could just tell she was an attractive person by looking at her vegetarian food on the conveyor belt and the way she played with the stranger’s kid in front of her.  Now that I am an old pervy Dad… women that are cool with kids are cool with me.

I spotted on her arm one of the tattoos, it said ‘Mundi.”  “Hey, I lived on Mundi Street,” I thought to myself.  I tried to glance the rest… ‘sic’ ‘transit’ ‘gloria’ ‘mundi.’

A Brand New fan?  huh.  I like that band too… but tattooed on her arm?  and ‘mundi’ isn’t part of the title.

When I got to work I punched the phrase into the google machine and it spit out this: Sic transit gloria mundi is a Latin phrase that means “Thus passes the glory of the world”. It has been interpreted as “Worldly things are fleeting.”

Knowledge is power.

What I mighty fine tattoo… but it turns out “something in Latin” is a popular style of tattoo.  Not saying I ever want to get one… but sometimes I do.

Coral was thinking I should get a Pisces fish on my arm… to represent Madelyn.  She is a Pisces, neat.

I like the idea of lyrics or words, more my style… but that is less bad-ass than some sleeve tattoo.  Maybe I should work on doing those 100 push-ups then I’ll have some arms worth tattooing.


In other news…

Your favourite Victoria Wedding DJ (I hope) is in action with a pub gig tonight.

Coral and I will be doing our husband/wife all vinyl DJ set at Smiths Pub starting at 9PM.  Smiths $12 Burger and Beer special pairs exceptionally with quality music selected with care.  I hope you can come.



Pinkerton from Weezer might not be the greatest record ever made… but it has to be one of Weezer’s best.

The record didn’t see much love when it was released back in 1996.  But because it is weird and different… it lives on as a bit of a cult favourite.

Seeing as I personally can’t handle Weezer’s “good” music…. their weirder, older stuff is my fave.

Weezer is going to re-issue the record in October.  If there is a vinyl run with this re-issue, I’d consider adding a Weezer record to my collection.  Maybe.

Go with yourself.

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I typed the word “swim” into my iTunes and this is what I got, a swimming playlist.

01) Brand New – “Jaws Theme Swimming
02) Broken Social Scene – “Swimmers
03) Bush – “Swim
04) Frightened Rabbit – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land
05) Great Lake Swimmers – “Moving Pictures, Silent Films
06) Iron & Wine – “Swans and Swimming
07) Jack’s Mannequin – “Swim
08) R.E.M. – “Nightswimming
09) Surfer Blood – “Swim

Well didn’t this playlist turn out sorta neat?  I was thinking about the Jack’s Mannequin song oddly tonight.  Uplifting track.  Too me it has a similar vibe of theme to Frightened Rabbit or the new Surfer Blood.  Kinda interesting to think about the “swimming” metaphor.

The “swim” search brought up a bunch of songs but 9 different bands.  I just included one Great Lake Swimmers cut.  My favourite oldie.

I left the list in alphabetical order too… seems to fit.  spooky.  Starts with the Brand New song “Jaws Theme Swimming.”  I like that the playlist has an intro or theme song to start. and sharks man, sharks.  Deje Entendu does not get enough love.  Very cool record.

I think the BSS song “Swimmers” is the one that includes Miss Emily Hains of Metric?  yes/no?  Sounds like her and i’m too lazy to look it up.  But when I searched on wiki it had some tid-bit about how the original art was going to use a cartoon of Pangaea?  SWA?  My next playlist should be about Pangaea!  Reminds me of the songs from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, “Pangea.”  They spell it different.  hey nerds, if you’re gunna be super nerdy, figure it out already.

“Pangea, we used to be together/why did we have to drift apart?”  lovely.

Alyx requested Bush tonight at the Clubhouse.  weirdo.

I guess Sixteen Stone was a big deal in like 1900 and something.

Frightened Rabbit is my favourite band and they have a song for all occasions!

Great Lake Swimmers are a band that you might know, you might love, but you might not be aware that this cut was recorded in a barn grain silo in Ontario one summer.  Listen, really really listen and you’ll hear all the nature buzzing around the mics.  OK, you don’t have to listen to hard, I’m half deaf from all my years in radio and being a hipster and I can hear it pretty easy like.

Iron & Wine is really just one dude, Sam Beam.  He was a University professor before deciding to becomes a folk star.

Turns out I’m super cool and got the limited press of Endless Summer Nights as ‘Swans and Swimming” was on the bonus CD.  If I were less cool, I might get Iron & Wines odds and sods comp, Around the Well.

OK, its the honest segment of today’s playlist… I heard Jack’s Mannequin’s “Swim” during a promo for Grey’s Anatomy or something just as sickening.  I heard it one time, it burrowed into my brain and I downloaded it that night.  The chick that brought us Twilight likes these guys and directed a music video?… so hmmm, I’m a 12 year girl for this song.  I’m not proud but  I like it.

R.E.M. might give me some redemption, but “Nightswimming” is from Automatic for the People… so you can make the call of its redeemness.  “Nightswimming” is one of the better songs from the record, does that help?  no? oh.

The final cut is a new one and that how I like it.  Fugly dudes from Florida called Surfer Blood.  Pitchfork creamed themselves over their debut album Astro Coast the other day.  I bought into the hype partially and downloaded one song, “Swim.”  Its good.

The end.

Go swimming and go with yourself.

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