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Your friendly neighbourhood music blogger/DJ has signed up for a charity boxing event! I am taking part in Fight 4 The Cause. Studio 4 Athletics in Victoria takes 22 men & women who have never fought in a real boxing match and over eight weeks, whips them into fight condition. Then on November 22nd they throw a formal boxing gala at the Victoria Conference Center and we fight in our first sanctioned fight. The event will likely raise $20,000 to $30,000 for a host of local charities including the local Fire Fighters charitable organization and the food bank.

Watch this video. Whoa.

Now, I am a lifer DJ…so this is turning out to be quite the feat as I scrape 34 years of inactive plaque from my muscles, bones and joints. It has been a great time getting up at 6AM and getting punched. Basically most of my life has been listening to records and drinking beer specials at music clubs (and letting the bouncers deal with the fights).

Thank you to The Zone @ 91-3 in Victoria for sponsoring me! (where I work).

Now… I need you!

Before I enter the ring on November 22nd they show a little video (working on something that should be magical. Can’t wait to share with you)…. but I also need an entrance song.

Some ideas thrown around….

Interpol – “Twice As Hard” (RIGHT!?! THIS boxing video is my life right except picture a pear-shaped white nerd instead of these hard bodies)
Pantera – “Walk” (Maybe a little MMA bro for me…but 14-year-old Jeremy still has a heart of Pantera)
Fall out Boy? Oh gawd…

I need YOU! If you have a boxing entrance theme idea, please throw me a comment. I want to know what you think would be rad.

Something energetic, something hilarious, or I also like the idea of vibe or indie sounding dissonance.

Go with yourself.

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Don’t cal this new Fall Out Boy record a comeback… according to the band, they were just resting their eyes.

On Monday Fall Out Boy shocked the world (well mostly kids that that are now floating around 20-years-old) with a new single and the promise of a record bombastically called Save Rock and Roll (May 7).

The single released is called “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)” … yup, this is Fall Out Boy back at it!

Ryan Awram on The Q! heard the song and thought I was listening to Van Halen’s “On Fire” (I’m on FIIIIIIIII-AH!)

Its a catchy poptastical jam… have a listen.

Fall Out Boy hit the warpath and will be in Vancouver at The Commodore Ballroom on June 20th.


Go with yourself-AH!

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