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Your friendly neighbourhood music blogger/DJ has signed up for a charity boxing event! I am taking part in Fight 4 The Cause. Studio 4 Athletics in Victoria takes 22 men & women who have never fought in a real boxing match and over eight weeks, whips them into fight condition. Then on November 22nd they throw a formal boxing gala at the Victoria Conference Center and we fight in our first sanctioned fight. The event will likely raise $20,000 to $30,000 for a host of local charities including the local Fire Fighters charitable organization and the food bank.

Watch this video. Whoa.

Now, I am a lifer DJ…so this is turning out to be quite the feat as I scrape 34 years of inactive plaque from my muscles, bones and joints. It has been a great time getting up at 6AM and getting punched. Basically most of my life has been listening to records and drinking beer specials at music clubs (and letting the bouncers deal with the fights).

Thank you to The Zone @ 91-3 in Victoria for sponsoring me! (where I work).

Now… I need you!

Before I enter the ring on November 22nd they show a little video (working on something that should be magical. Can’t wait to share with you)…. but I also need an entrance song.

Some ideas thrown around….

Interpol – “Twice As Hard” (RIGHT!?! THIS boxing video is my life right except picture a pear-shaped white nerd instead of these hard bodies)
Pantera – “Walk” (Maybe a little MMA bro for me…but 14-year-old Jeremy still has a heart of Pantera)
Fall out Boy? Oh gawd…

I need YOU! If you have a boxing entrance theme idea, please throw me a comment. I want to know what you think would be rad.

Something energetic, something hilarious, or I also like the idea of vibe or indie sounding dissonance.

Go with yourself.

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Bell X1
Irish anthemic emotive rockers Bell X1 will be coming at us with their 6th studio record Chop Chop on June 28th.

Frontman Paul Noonan talks about the album title saying, “We returned to simpler times (…) when all around here (Connecticut)  was fields.  Shrink the palette, you know? Chop chop!”

The record was recorded at Peter Katis’ studio in Connecticut.  You know Peter Katis because he recorded and mixed Interpol’s classic Turn on The Bright Lights.  He has also produced every National record since 2002.  The album cover of their breakout album Boxer is a photograph of The National playing Peter’s wedding.

I first heard Bell X1 on Tea Time with Jon back in maybe 2011?  Of all the Tea Time songs I’ve heard from Jon… “Velcro” is probably the only one I still listen to, almost weekly and lives as a depth cut on my Veneto playlist.

Here is a live take of that song recorded in Dublin as part of their Field Recordings.

In Ireland, Bell X1 are a big deal. Headlining festivals and topping the charts with their blend of electronic and popular rock.  But for their new record Chop Chop, Peter Katis says the band dialed it back and simplified the process.

“I can’t remember the last time I was part of a record that was recorded, mixed and mastered in only two weeks (…) The guys came in really prepared song-wise and performance-wise. We had a ‘live’ setup of drums, bass and upright piano all in the same room—tracking to tape, going for full takes. It was a slightly old-fashioned approach, without the usual digital safety net, and I think that energy comes across in the music.”

Here is the single “Starlings Over Brighton Pier.”

Go with yourself.

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Hazy Californian Foster the People-esque indie pop AND more palm trees.  The band is called The Neighbourhood…they use the Canadian spelling of Neighbourhood, wise.  I am new to the young band that has already cycled through the blogs and that’s cool because you can’t follow every trend.  The band is starting to hit a critical mass…as in a record label in Canada is repping them to the radio stations, they’re touring with Paul Banks of Interpol fame (after wrapping a tour with the Temper Trap, hmmm someone likes these guys)….  I punched up their song “Sweater Weather” and it sounds groovy.

A wintery chill day on the beach in California.  Very pretty lyrics pitter-pattering quickly, painting a romantic story over beats and jangly indie rock guitar.


How about this track…. Victoria’s Jon & Roy at a house concert a couple years ago.  Last song of the set is a cover of Lead Belly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” (made famous for our generation by Nirvana). Lead Belly’s legend and lore is worth your time and its on wikipedia. And now Jon & Roy’s take on a classic.

The annual Jon & Roy holiday special goes down in Victoria on December 14th at the Alix Goolden Hall.  In Vancouver on the 21st at The Vogue and the 22nd in Kelowna at Habit.

American friends… look out! Jon & Roy head south for a West Coast tour in the new year.

Go with yourself.

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The Victoria Record Club will be meeting Tuesday, April 24th at Smiths.  And I guess we’re feeling pretty basic because it is Top 5: side one, track one night.  Everyone in the club is supposed to come up with their favourites…then we’ll play selections from the lists at Smiths for a couple hours.

What does “side one, track one” mean?  Basically its a hipster way of saying… song number one on a record or album.

To me, side one, track one is hugely important and needs to do one of (or all of) three things.

01) It should be your best song.
02) It should be ripper.
03) It should introduce the listener to your album.

Breaking this down… rule number 1 is vitally important if your band is new to the world and I’ve never heard of you.  Your first song needs to immediately  grab my ears or you’re gone.  When I hosted the Morning After Show in the days when the internet was still new, it was hard to learn about bands and music streaming was not really out there.  I had to actually put your CD in the CD players and in real time listen.  If your first song was some artistic fuckery, as rad as you probably are… I just skipped to the next CD.  Cold.  But that is how it was when I had a pile of wannabes wanting airtime at 3AM on a 1000 watt FM in Vancouver.

Now… if your band has some history, or track one truly is some great studio fuckery… then jam on rule 3 and have the song be a great movie-esque introduction to your band.  A song that did not make my list (but was close) was The Appleseed Cast‘s “Ceremony.”  Huge jam, instrumental.  So perfect and sets the tone for a great album.

Instrumentals and studio fuckery is not your style?  I respect that.  and what?  Your best song is a ballad and maybe not the best side one, track one? OK (if you’re not an indie band… indie bands should still always put their BEST song first) then rule number 2 applies to you.  A ripper.  Hit my head holes with sonic choiceness.  And I will love you and grind through the dip of your shitty song two (and maybe three) to revel in the emotional depth of your stunning ballad.  Snow Patrol‘s Eyes Open kinda does this.  They want to save the jam for the single and track 2 “Hands Open” then bust your heart open with track 3, “Chasing Cars” so you get the highly energetic and lead single “You’re All I Have.”

wah wah wah…. here is my list.  If you’re a regular reader on my blog, there shouldn’t be too many surprises.  And actually, maybe you could leave me a comment if you think I screwed up my own list.  Keep in mind, the purpose of this exercise was to dig through my collection of records… so my rule was, I have to own the record.  if you think, “fuck this guy’s list! Imma make my own!”  Awesome, share the link in the comment section so I can check it out.

01) Smashing Pumpkins – “Cherub Rock”

Making a list of favourite music is always a personal experience and so I begin with some personal history.  Siamese Dream is a hugely important record for me growing up and a vinyl I only recently added to my collection.  “Cherub Rock” invokes rule 2 of Jeremy Baker’s Rules of Side One Track One.  Not the best song on the album, but the best song to hook you into the fuzzy reverberated world of Billy and company.  “Cherub Rock” is number one on my list because it does an exceptional job of telling the story of the album.  You can hear this song… and probably make your mind up whether you wanna stick around.  The album is great because if you do, you get rewarded with a collection of interesting and classic alternative songs.

02) Interpol – “Untitled”

The great albums like the great baseball teams have a strong lead off batter.  Its a role player who gets on base so the power hitter can drive in a run and the team as whole wins.  To me… I am hearing rule number 3… “Untitled” sounds like the opening credits to Turn on the Bright Lights.  Its mysterious.  Paul Banks barely sings anything… but its so emotional.  It reminds me of American Beauty when Kevin Spacey breaks the third wall and talks to the audience and says that his character dies.  Then the movie really starts.

“I will surprise you some time.  I’ll come around. When you’re down”

What an intriguing promise.  Now deliver… and they do with a masterpiece record that to this day remains Interpol’s best.  This song is not only side one track one of an album, but side one track one of their discography.  whoa…

03) The Replacements – “I Will Dare”

My favourite song from my favourite band.  And it happens to be track one, side one off their album Let It Be.  This song has done a lot to make my life better.  It was the first replacements song I heard that got me to explore more about the band.  It has gotten me through some ups and some downs in my life.  Repeated listenings as I ride this rock around the sun year-after-year bring me renewed appreciation and different interpretations.  I will probably love this song forever.

I’ll say this a rule 1 song.  Best song, Right up front.

04) Mission of Burma – “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver”

Another rule 1 song on our adventure of my Top 5: side one, track one.  The best MOB song at first listen.  The beauty of the great bands… once you’re hooked, other songs emerge as “favourites.”  But it is undeniable that “Revolver” is a powerful hook to demand attention.  You give it and the song is rewarding.  Stay with the record and you’ll quickly find other amazing songs on Signals, Calls and Marches.

I must have the Rykodisc 1997 track listing… not the original and not the Matador reissue in the 2000s.  Huh.

Up to this point, it was actually pretty easy.  I almost went right to my record pile and pulled these four records out and knew in my heart this was the list.  Then the 5th pick.

I hmmmm’d and hmmmm’d some more on a few records.  Its pretty late so my kid and Coral are sleeping.  I have my headphones plugged in (and I noticed Madelyn was playing ‘records’ because there is some damage to Numark… MADELYN OLIVIA!!!!)… and this was actually fun… playing a whole bunch of record in my pajama pants trying to find the right 5th… in the end, it came down to The Appleseed Cast, Braid’s “The New Nathan Detroits,” Japandroids and a couple Band of Horses and National LPs… but in the end, I could not deny….

05) Bon Iver – “Perth”

Side one, track one off Bon Iver’s Bon Iver record is just so god damned pretty and lush.  Another number 3 type of lead off track…. Bon Iver is doing the Bon Iver thing to introduce you to the album.  Then he gets to the jam, but only after you eat your bread.

And its called “Perth” and I have a weird romantic fascination with that far off city… that actually know nothing about and will probably never go to.  But a song called “Perth” gets my attention…. silly reason to be on my list, but its true. (and not the only reason)

After you listen to this song, you should be pretty primed to listen to the whole album.  And if all you hear is “Perth” well… you get the idea of what Justin and his band of merry Wisconsinites are all about.

And that is my list.  If you took the time to read this far and listen to some of the songs, thank you for indulging me.

Tomorrow I reckon I’ll get into the new Jack White if I have the time or talk about another great song I heard on Sons of Anarchy.

Go with yourself.

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Normally, I am a lyrics guy.  I pay attention to what is being said in a song.  And a song with a great story will usually capture my imagination (or romantic songs… awwww).

I was mighty surprised that is took a cover of a classic favourite from Interpol to actually get what the song was about.

Malaysian singer-song writer and all-around adorable human Zee Avi recently covered break-out single from the moody Manhattaites.

Zee Avi – “Slow Hands”

Download MP3 >> zee_avi_slow_hands_acoustic

And here is a link to the Interpol original to compare and contrast… “Slow Hands.”

Wow.  I’ve heard the Interpol original infinity times and never thought it was a love song.  I just thought it was hipster jibberish that required a degree in Ottoman Turk studies from Columbia to understand.

Lyrically, its a very pretty song.  When Zee Avi tackles it, the song takes on whole new meaning and brightens up considerably.

Go with yourself.

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Its been a few days since I’ve been back from Vancouver. I had a 24 hour adventure in the Terminal City to check out one of my all-time favourite bands, Interpol.

The show was pretty magical because I love their music… but especially the first two records (like everyone, I guess).  The set was heavy on most of the best from Turn on and Antics.  The show also featured lots off the critically underwhelming Interpol. And was exceptionally light on Our Love to Admire.  In fact, I think they just jammed out “Rest My Chemistry.” Which is cool as I personally think that song is the stand out from the record.

Interpol – “Rest My Chemistry”

There was not much of any “show” in the sense of lasers, devil worship, girls flashing their tits.  Just four guys on stage in suits sounded great.  The Orpheum Theater made the sound of their songs sparkle. A great audio environment.  It didn’t hurt that @Nucksgrl got us 6th row! It definitely was a fan’s show.

I loved the song selection.  I am weakest on their new music so it was great that they paced the new songs in with so many great “hits” from the beloved first two albums.

Interpol has been a favourite band of mine for a number of years and this show helped build on the sonic lust.  Good times.

Go with yourself.

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Zone Music Director have an ultra violet light blasted into his mouth. Whiteness ensues.

Interpol is one of my favourite bands.   No getting around that fact.  Something surprising for me personally; I usually don’t “get” an Interpol record right away.  It sometimes takes a moment to percolate in my head.   I am only now, just getting into  “Our Love to Admire” and the record came out in what?  2007?  I think that is why I love Interpol, they’re a grower, not a show-er.

Interpol was supposed to have a record out in early 2010, but I dunno…. they got sidetracked?  But now they do have a brand new song for free download.

Trade an email address for a song: Interpol – “Lights”

The song is great.  Reminds me of Turn on the Bright Lights era Interpol. Its 5 minutes +, moody, jangly, epic and sexy.

“The new record falls back towards the first. In trying to move forward, there was an unspoken realization that you can’t let go of your sonic-defining tag. There was an effort in Daniel [Kessler]’s guitar tone; he rediscovered it playing in his loft space for a year without anybody. The quality of that tone, played in a big room, is just beautiful. It creates an atmosphere … That big wash of reverb? It’s back.”Interpol drummer Sam Forgarino on the sonic tag of the upcoming record.


Speaking of slow grows and free downloads… I am already thinking about my next mix and I think it’ll be built around Pallers and their song “The Kiss.”

Download: Pallers – “The Kiss”

Seriously, download this song and then try to ‘splain to me why you don’t immediately want to make out.


I better get ready to go on the radio… but before I do, I am wondering about BBQ Smokers.  I kinda want to make one.  I found some plans online and I like this one.  The Big Baby.

Cassie has volunteered to help construct but we’ll need a place to build it… then i thought, others might want in, so I might make a Facebook group so we can get together, decide the plan of attack, then get building.

Big Baby is a sculpture in basic black, a life-style statement, a conversation piece, a badge of honor, and a joy forever. And on a hot summer day, even when you’re not cooking anything, it still smells like barbecue.


Go with yourself.

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Walked into the Zone today.  Seeing as it was so nice and Coral and I didn’t have a chance to do our weekend hike.  On ym way in, i rocked my one armed backpack which is quickly becoming my second fave purchase (the hiking shoes being number 1!).

I using this backpack for all sorts of stuff, lunch kit seems to be the best use.  But it is also my handy dandy diaper bag when out with Madelyn.  Diaper bags are the most emasculating invention ever.  Its bad enough its a purse type bag.  If it were filled with gun powder and musket balls, then I could at least handle it… but then its filled with baby powder and diapers.  No fun central.

This handy little bag, way smaller, out of the way, frees my hands.  Plus I think it’ll be a godsend at the Sasquatch Festival this year (If I can get there!).

If there is one thing I hate, its being encumbered with stuff.  I want to be free.  The flip is, free equals cold, or hungry or thirsty.

This year, I’ll have a little pack, outta the way.  Next, I’ll need some hipster pants that let me zip off the legs during the day to make shorts, then at night, zip them back on.  Plus some sort of sweater that can be tucked into this pack and pulled out when I when Coral gets cold at night.

This year I applied for a proper media pass.  I hope to get a chance to record the shenanigans for a kickass podcast.  My little pack might be big enough for an audio recorder too.  I’ll let the photog haul around the visual apparatus.

With the laptop and the motor home, I can produce up a show every night for broadcast. Go technology!


Stone Temple Pilots s/t album cover

The Stone Temple Pilots record cover looks pretty groovy… man.

The new record is supposed to have a 60s vibe.  really?  I’d believe that.

We all go through a classic rock phase at some point, I am glad that Scott and the rest of the boys are going through theirs.

STP released their first new single since… 2003? on Friday night.  Pretty weird, but the stunt worked.  According Alan Cross over at Explore Music, the single was spun over 500 times in a 60 hour period across North America.  Not bad.

Now if you really want to dive into some syrupy, 60’s acid rock from California, get involved with this band, Best Coast.  The song “When I’m With You” is rad (scroll down to the bottom of the player).  “When I’m with you I have fun.”  Oh very lo-fi a dirty.  Looks like the jumping off point for this week’s mix.  Plus I’ll tuck into some “Best New” tracks and music from Pitchfork and a couple other faves.  We’ll see what plays out.  Its hard to say before I am in pajamas standing in front of the blinking lights of my rig.  I kinda want to play “Show My Ass” (MP3) but uh, yeah that might not be my style.   Coming at you tonight or tomorrow.

Go with yourself.

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I enjoyed an amazing BC Day weekend.  Saturday, my fiancee Coral and I took Madelyn to Beacon Hill Park to feed the ducks then off to Bear Mountain Stadium to watch the Victoria Rebels defeat the Okanagan Sun 34-21 in their football season opener.  Sunday we trucked off to Lake Cowichan for a day of swimming, beach, boating and sun.  I am a little sun burned.  The playlist for the drive up included Coral’s current fave, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Zero,” some Cage the Elephant, Phoenix, Interpol, Japandroids and The Rural Alberta Advantage.  Plus some electro sounding Hadoukan!

Monday, back to it broadcasting a BC Day holiday program.

Holidays are always a little slow on the Zone Phone (250-475-0913) but my-oh-my, the first three phone calls set up a “one of those” type of days moment.

The first call was some champion trying to be funny, “why do all radio DJs sound the same?

Then someone wanted to know if it was true that Lady Gaga is of The Third Sex?

and finally, Hep C outbreak at Thetis Lake.

Those were my first three calls sitting down for a BC Day afternoon… ahhh good times.

Download: BC Day on the Zone Phone

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