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FIDLAR released a brand new song yesterday called “Leave Me Alone.”

Stereogum had the premier where they say, “The new record doesn’t scrimp when it comes to giant hooks or appropriately buzzed-out guitars, but it does add an extra layer to finesse to the band’s reliably scrappy songs.”

Their new record Too is out on September 4th and I’ll be all over it next Friday for sure. God I love these guys.

FIDLAR is on tour in the fall…and typical US band, no Vancouver date. What gives? 

10/22 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
10/23 – The Showbox – Seattle, WA

And I can’t believe this song is two years old now.

Hit the PNE the other day to film an episode of Sip and Spin and got to sample some food. I had heard rumblings of a mystical food called the “Fat Elvis” but sadly did not order one. I really should have. Wow.

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New Macklemore? Wow. Get after this.

Go with yourself.

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Hello Bloglandia…back from a little holiday. Our little tribe headed to Quesnel for my cousin’s wedding. And when in Quesnel, you gotta hit Barkerville. An honest to goodness British frontier town. I don’t know how many young and hip music blog readers will find themselves in the wilderness of central British Columbia…but you’ll be surrounded in working beards, not fashionable beards. Its great.

Barkerville was an old gold mining town from the days of colonial British Columbia. Billy Barker found gold in William Creek in 1861, a town sprung up near his mine and that town is named after him.

Today it is preserved as a museum town.  They have all sorts of stuff to do…my kid got a kick out of gold panning. And she loved all the horses pulling wagons around the town.

Fun fact.. Billy Barker is buried in Victoria. His grave is in the Ross Bay Cemetery. Neat.

Rolling hot at the radio factory, brand new song from Seattle indie rocker Fences showed up. Fences has many cool friends and they all came together on his new single “Arrows.”

Recorded by Death Cab For Cutie‘s Chris Walla, re-imagined by Ryan Lewis and featuring verse from Macklemore. Lyrically themes that get right to the point and there you have a posit-rock Much Mega hit.

Macklemore talks about Fences; “Fences is a good friend, he’s fucked up in the same way that I’m fucked up. Because of that, our lives relate beyond the music. I’ve always admired his talent for illustrating with words and evoking imagery. We’ve made a bunch of stuff together over the years and this here song about Arrows is my favorite one we’ve done.”


From the radio show yesterday…. Dylan & Jason were talking about regulating your body temperature on a hot day by drinking a hot beverage. is that true? I call Professor Frank Marino at Charles Sturt University in Australia and I talk to Professor Kathy Gaul at the University of Victoria to get the cold facts.

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I have returned from Atomic City, USA to the radio factory.  Lots of emails, radio theory, and music to catch up on.

Vegas is a fun town, but not a music town.  I have heard these tales of Vegas being the EDM capital of THE WORLD!  And it might be, but I’d never know because I just can’t pay $50 cover charge and $20 (or more) for booze listening to house music.

The rest of the time, Vegas is just never ending loop tape of classic hits and basic top 40 club-DJery.  I heard Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” a lot.

There are always wonderful exceptions.  I was wandering the Flamingo and some classic punk was blaring.  I was drinking at The Griffin and they had Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” jamming.

I packed some music with me… I meant to dive into Majical Cloudz, but his sad piano & vocal music was more suited to the rain days of Vancouver Island.

But plucking around my iPhone I saw that at some point I had dropped Braid‘s 1998 record Frame and Canvas on there.

One of the first bands I ever interviewed (Headstones were first) for the radio.  I went to see them during their 1999 West Coast Tour when they played for 20-or-30-some-odd folks at The Starfish Room.  I might have been the only “media” there, so the boys were exceptionally kind to 19-year-old snot-nosed me.

During some down time, in my room on the 16th Floor overlooking Caesar’s Palace on The Strip I buried my head and hit play.

A weirdly fitting tune for Vegas… Nathan Detroit was a character from Guys & Dolls that ran an illegal gambling operation.  Neat.

Go with yourself.

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Seattle’s Macklemore (heroes of Rifflandia V) have shot to the top of the pops.  Claiming the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 and new streaming chart.  Though the song “Thrift Shop” has its detractors, there is no denying that is mass appeal right now.

Fun white guy hip hop is always a good time….and it got me thinking of 2009’s “Stationary Robbery” from USS‘s Questamation.  Boitano dropped this jam during the Friday Live Mix and it got me fired back up on the track.  I thought I better share this.

I think if you’re getting down to Macklemore right now, then you can probably also get down to two of my favourite bros from Toronto.

Lazy Sunday.

Go with yourself.

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