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Last Sunday’s episode of Girls was good (this season in general has brought the show back for me and I think my wife too).

Hannah is gutted at the end of the episode seeing something confirmed that has been gnawing at her…while Fran is chirping at her. The scene rolls into credits with Vicktor Taiwo‘s “Curse” playing.

Go with yourself.

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Listen to the new song from Fun.  The song is called “Sight of the Sun.”  The song is streaming over at Rolling Stone right now with some thoughts from Nate Ruess.  I ripped it to share below. Hilly Dilly ripped it (thank you!)

The song was originally created for their massive massive Some Nights.  The song didn’t make the cut because of a sample the band couldn’t get cleared.  Enter Lena Dunham from the TV show Girls (season 2 premiers on January 13th) looking for a track for season two.  Nate dusted off the cut, reworked the offending sample out and bingo-bongo… we got a new jam.

I love Girls, I have a love/hate with Fun… this relationship I can get behind IF its open bar.

Go with yourself.

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Last night was the Victoria Record Club Meeting 06 at Talk’s Cheap Record Store downtown on Pandora.

As I am always on the search for new and fun 45s to add to my collection, I decided to buy three last night.  I am loving all my selections today.

Stream from Mixcloud: Spin 45s >> There is a treasure inside you
Download MP3 >> TreasureinYou

DJ Notes:

01) The Selecter – “The Selecter”
02) The Specials – “Gangsters”
03) Vivian Girls – “I Heard You Say”
04) Vivian Girls – “I Won’t Be Long”
05) Girls – “Laura”
06) Girls – “Oh Boy”

The first 45 up is 1979’s debut single from 2 Tone records… a split single called “Gangsters vs. The Selecter.”

I began the set with the instrumental cut from The Selecter.  I bought this record because I love the Jamaican word for DJ… “selector.”

The record also includes an early recording from The Specials.  They’d go on to have a long and storied ska career.

Changing gears and eras, but staying with a lo-fi type vibe, I have the new single from Brooklyn all-girl dream poppers, Vivian Girls.

The a-side is an interesting retro inspired teen melodrama.  Lots of harmonies and pretty sounds all recorded to sound olden tyme like.

the flip to “I Heard You Say” is a more uptempo stomper, “I Won’t Be Long.”

Fun fact: Vivian Girls are signed to Champagne, Illinois record label Polyvinyl Record Company.  That is groovy to me for two reasons.

1) Japandroids are also on Polyvinyl! awesome.
2) One of my fave records from the olden days is Braid’s Frame and Canvas… the first “big” record to come out on Polyvinyl. neat.

The set ends with San Fran’s Girls. I already have their 2009 record Album so I am familiar with the single I bought.  “Laura” is a pretty cool jam.  Also has a retro style.

Nice song about wanting to be Laura’s friend.  awwww.

“Oh Boy” calms the set right down with a ghostly lo-fi vocal and lullaby guitar. That selector, he always saves the slowest song for last…

EMOTIONS! – go with yourself.

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OK, so this video is alright I guess…

But then you click THIS RED HOT NSFW link and you get the magic.  A man sings into another man’s penis, boobies, and a naked chick does this reverse bridge thing… yeah its pretty special.

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I signed up for a 24 hour gym tonight.  God bless the internet.  For… hmmm, wow, the better party of a year, I’ve been wah wah-ing about how sad I am that I am so outta shape, and what to do? and how do I pay for it? and where is the time?

And then… it hit me… fuck, I seem to be up every night till some dumb hour, trolling the internet, watching the worst late night TV, wandering my tiny condo, doing nothing… if only there was something productive, I could do at 12 midnight.  a-ha! Work out.  AND there is a 24 hour gym in Victoria.  I went to their website and you can sign up for a free month trial.  I did, they emailed me a coupon and tomorrow I’ll bring it in and get their “pitch.”  If its reasonable, I’ll sign up and get in the best shape of my life… or not.  Maybe it costs a billion trillion dollars to work out at a 24 hour gym?

The point is, after trolling the internets for a bit, I could burn off energy doing something. Its so boring at night.  It is times like this I wish I lived in a city, then I’d walk outside.



My online journey yesterday lead me to read about a new band called Girls.

Their or his, or whatever… the record is called “Album.”  Neat huh.

Has a nice vintage rock & roll sound.  Maybe for fans of Glasvegas… except they don’t have that one nice stand-out like “Geraldine.”  Surf style guitars, Buddy Holly hic-up sing-songs.

Review: Girls – ‘Album’


Go with yourself.

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