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first this.

That is an end of the year high-light reel hit by the Pride of Port McNeil. Just an amazing freight train right through the Blackhawk captain Jonathan Toews.  The only sad points about the hit…

I like Toews, he’s a great hockey player, why couldn’t it have been Kane?
AND the devastating hit then created a mint scoring chance for the ‘Nucks that was whistled because the Hawks threw a tantrum after the text-book hit.  boo.

Still, Nucks win, the hit is amazing and it’ll live on Youtube for all time… or until Youtube gets bought out and the servers go dark.



I did make it to the gym today and for once in my life, I ran into a business that was interested in catering to my needs for a cost that works.

Indeed Odyssey Fitness is 24 Hours.  That in of itself was a victory, but the icing for me is that the fee is just $50 a month, no long term contract, no extra fees, a month free and I can come at 2 AM when no one is there and not have to worry about some fitness instructor “selling” any “programs.”

The lady Joanne was sweet, I told her what I wanted, the fees were simple to understand and I signed up!  Heck, I might go after my DJ performance at The Clubhouse tonight.  We’ll see, I have an early wake up call Friday morning.



Next, and keep in mind, I like the Olympics (I am wearing my Olympic sweater right now AAMOF)… but what the fuck is going on?

Maybe I need to send a resume to the Provincial Liberals because how they thought this story would go over well with Johnny Q. Taxpayer is beyond me.

B.C. Spends $1 Million on Olympic Tickets for MLAs

This is how the meeting would have played out if I were in the room when this idea was hatched.

Government Cabinet Minister: “I think we should write a cheque for $1 million dollars of tax payer money to buy premium tickets to Olympic events.”

Jeremy: “no, don’t be retarded.”

then I would send them an invoice for $500,000 and Bob’s your uncle.

That no one stopped to say, hey wait a minute,” is what’s scary.

AND, why would any government official even have to buy tickets anyways?  Shouldn’t they just flash a badge and walk in?  We already paid for the games?  If Premier Gordon Campbell actually has to “buy” an Olympic ticket, then truly, the IOC is fisting us.

Outrageous… I mean not as outrageous as the BILLION with a ‘B’ price tag for secrutity for two weeks… but still, pretty scary.


and because no-one can do anything right in this world except for me.

This is embarrassing.

Victoria Mayor reneges on snow-shovelling bet

A week or so ago, Victoria and Regina entered into some sort of civic pride bet to see which Provincial capital could raise more food donations for the local food bank.  Regina spanked us (already embarrassed).  The bet called for the loser (Victoria’s Dean Fortin) to fly out to Regina to shovel some snow.

Now the guy isn’t going to go?  because of the cost of the flight and uhhh… carbon emissions?

Bike there dude.  You don’t make a bet, publicly, on behalf of our city, LOSE, then renege on the deal.  C’est dommage.

see, now I am in a bad mood, I better scroll back to the top of this blog post and watch the Willie Mitchell hit again.

oh, I totally got blogged about by Mixcloud! fun. Go with yourself.

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I signed up for a 24 hour gym tonight.  God bless the internet.  For… hmmm, wow, the better party of a year, I’ve been wah wah-ing about how sad I am that I am so outta shape, and what to do? and how do I pay for it? and where is the time?

And then… it hit me… fuck, I seem to be up every night till some dumb hour, trolling the internet, watching the worst late night TV, wandering my tiny condo, doing nothing… if only there was something productive, I could do at 12 midnight.  a-ha! Work out.  AND there is a 24 hour gym in Victoria.  I went to their website and you can sign up for a free month trial.  I did, they emailed me a coupon and tomorrow I’ll bring it in and get their “pitch.”  If its reasonable, I’ll sign up and get in the best shape of my life… or not.  Maybe it costs a billion trillion dollars to work out at a 24 hour gym?

The point is, after trolling the internets for a bit, I could burn off energy doing something. Its so boring at night.  It is times like this I wish I lived in a city, then I’d walk outside.



My online journey yesterday lead me to read about a new band called Girls.

Their or his, or whatever… the record is called “Album.”  Neat huh.

Has a nice vintage rock & roll sound.  Maybe for fans of Glasvegas… except they don’t have that one nice stand-out like “Geraldine.”  Surf style guitars, Buddy Holly hic-up sing-songs.

Review: Girls – ‘Album’


Go with yourself.

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