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Victoria’s Handsome Distraction are set to release their new record A Mighty Roar today with a concert tonight at Lucky Bar.

HD are a group that have always demonstrated a great energetic rockshow.  Their previous record, though good, was not great…it lacked that sonic x-factor you need to pull you through the speakers.

This time the guys tackled that short coming. Their record sounds outstanding with a couple songs that first listen had me engaged.  Lead singer Devin told me the focus cuts might be “No False Alarm” or “Promises.”  I liked “No False Alarm.”

The Indie Machine wrote about the record and pulled out similarities to the Foo Fighters (I agree) and Queens of the Stone Age (I don’t hear that).  But an interesting thread they found was a sound that might remind you of Cursive. O RLY? Listening to some of their songs on A Mighty Roar, you do hear that mid-2000s angular, or jangly indie guitar sound.  Especially on the song “Stricken.”  With “Stricken” you’re getting propulsive indie, palpitative and sharp drum crack, but with the bigger vocal hooks of today’s modern rock bands.  This song was created for a friend of the band Mike Box, who continues a battle with cancer.  To me, the standout on the record.

The whole record clocks in at what?  20 minutes?  I need three of these for my run Handsome Distraction!

Go with yourself.

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Victoria’s Warbuck call their sound alternative ambient electronic indie pop.  Listening to their two songer Two (produced with help of Brandon DeLyzer…nice), and I really like the slow climber, sexy “We Can’t Be Touched.”

Warbuck is playing the Moustache Party at Lucky Bar tonight and a fundraiser for Movember (AND featuring a DJ set from me).

I talked on an earlier post about headliners Handsome Distraction….so lets have a listen to the other support band, Citizen Joy.  Groovy, bluesy, vocally driven, jazzy rock & roll.

Go with yourself.

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One of my favourite ways a band can cut through some bullshit and earn some positive hype is to get involved with a charity. I know at the Peak Performance Project in Vancouver, one thing they have the bands do in Bootcamp is to align your band brand with a charity that fits for your vision and community. The Peak rolls 20 bands through bootcamp every year and only one wins the prize… BUT 20 charities get a brand ambassador and in many cases, that relationship lasts longer than the PPP.

This fall… Victoria band Handsome Distraction are growing mustaches (awesome) but more importantly, raising money for Movember.

We’ll see you Thursday, November 22nd at Lucky Bar.  Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.

3 bands… Warbuck, Citizen Joy and headliners Handsome Distraction.  I’ll DJ after the music for those party people taking it to 2AM.

And hey… if you are feeling giving today… homeboy Pol Plastino is raising money too.

Go with yourself.

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