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Victoria’s Warbuck call their sound alternative ambient electronic indie pop.  Listening to their two songer Two (produced with help of Brandon DeLyzer…nice), and I really like the slow climber, sexy “We Can’t Be Touched.”

Warbuck is playing the Moustache Party at Lucky Bar tonight and a fundraiser for Movember (AND featuring a DJ set from me).

I talked on an earlier post about headliners Handsome Distraction….so lets have a listen to the other support band, Citizen Joy.  Groovy, bluesy, vocally driven, jazzy rock & roll.

Go with yourself.

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One of my favourite ways a band can cut through some bullshit and earn some positive hype is to get involved with a charity. I know at the Peak Performance Project in Vancouver, one thing they have the bands do in Bootcamp is to align your band brand with a charity that fits for your vision and community. The Peak rolls 20 bands through bootcamp every year and only one wins the prize… BUT 20 charities get a brand ambassador and in many cases, that relationship lasts longer than the PPP.

This fall… Victoria band Handsome Distraction are growing mustaches (awesome) but more importantly, raising money for Movember.

We’ll see you Thursday, November 22nd at Lucky Bar.  Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door.

3 bands… Warbuck, Citizen Joy and headliners Handsome Distraction.  I’ll DJ after the music for those party people taking it to 2AM.

And hey… if you are feeling giving today… homeboy Pol Plastino is raising money too.

Go with yourself.

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Webmeister Bud chopped up the Movember saga with A Morning for a little video on the Zone’s website.

Jeremy’s Lame Mo on A Morning

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oh my poor one is sick.  I woke up to Coral sleeping on the couch with Ellen on the TV and the Christmas Tree blinking away.


Yesterday on the ZAS I called Erick Thompson from A Morning.  If you remember from a previous post on this here blog, it seemed to me that Erick and Astrid were poking some fun at my lame MO without dropping all the facts on the A Morning viewers.

I called Erick up on his cell phone yesterday afternoon.

Jeremy Chit Chats with Erick Thompson

Well god bless ’em, he set the facts straight this morning on A Morning Show.

And yes Astrid, being on the Zone Afternoon Show DOES make you important.

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Coral and I finally got to putting up our Christmas Tree.  Its a lot of work, putting up Christmas Trees.  But in the end, I feel so much better having done it.  I think I’ll keep it p till January 7th… which is like Ukrainian Christmas I think.

Our home is now very festive, until tomorrow when Madelyn wakes up and RAMPAGES everything.


o rly? Coral.


I was not feeling a blog at all after all the work.  Coral and I somehow got on watching Los Angeles  news which was mega depressing.  We flipped it over to A, and it was almost as depressing, except nearer to us, so back to KTLA it went.  I think the CBC is the only station that manages to be serious and less scary.

So now I am typing away, my computer is as slow as shit.  James is coming over on Thursday so hopefully we can track down what is bogging it down so savagely.  I have not been into writing lately, I read other people’s blogs and they are so good.  The ladies I read put WAY more “out there” into internet land.  They share.  Crazy fights, feelings, relationships, drama…you will find it all on someone’s personal blog.  My blog, less so… I just jibber jabber and things.

I was thinking about this the other day.  There has been another round of babyitis infecting the Zone office building.  A few staffers have made the announcement that they expecting kids.  Very exciting, got me thinking back to when Coral and I were expecting Madelyn.  People were sharing their birth stories with us and it would inevitably go something like, “Oh wow, you’re pregnant, let me tell you about our first child!  Man, I’ll tell you, I was in labour for thrity-seven hours.  All my women bits where tearing and bleeding… the doctors would give me no pain killers.  They were amazed I could withstand so much excruiatingly violent pains, they said a man would have passed out hours ago.  But not me, I felt it all.  So the forty hours dragged on, oh did I say thirty-seven earlier?  it was forty.  Forty-two hours of labour, my child came, she was born backwards and with spikes.  The doctor said it was the most painful way to come.  Doctor?  heck no, the doctor was sick, I actually delivered the baby myself.  Lost a lot blood.  Oh man, kids are special, I am so excited for you!”

and then, you sit there all pale and meekly thank them for sharing their joyous birth story with you.

Did I mention my computer was as slow as shit?

All I tell Dad’s to be is, pack some food.  And leave as soon as your girl passes out.  Go home and have a shower and brush your teeth, then on your way back to VGH, stop at the drive-thru and get your girl an epic burger.  She earned it.


We got to dream up our annual top 10 list at the Zone of our favourite records and this year will be a challenge.  I do have some favourites but to be honest, I don’t really have ten STAND outs.

Hmm, I remember listening to a lot of Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Beck, and RadioheadMGMT on my walk to work.  Plants and Animals was good.  Fleet Foxes sometimes.  hmm, right.  Does Akon count?


Casey-Jo sent me some clips from A TV when Eric from the morning show put my picture on the TV last week.  After Movember.  I fired it up on the Youtube.

Now right at the end he sorta has a laugh… hmmm?  And he showed me on TV during some witching hour when no one watches… hmmm indeed.  Does he have no respect for the sash?  I had my operatives at A track down Eric’s cell phone so maybe I’ll call him tomorrow on the show.

Anyways, thank you Casey-Jo for taking the time to send me some clips.

Time for a tub and some book read’n.  Go with yourself.

Oh, riiiight, Casey-Jo also sent me this wonderous track.

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Thank you Boitano for the chance to have so much fun.

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Johnny B. Shields is pulling away on the Movember race and is crushing me.  Boitano has also pulled in front of me too!


Priestess‘ Mikey Heppner stopped by the Zone today… we chatted about a bunch things that he had recently blogged about.  He is such a dude.  New record from Priestess is coming soon and you better believe you’ll hear it on my show when there is something to play.


Band of Horses is also working on some new music which gets all of us here at Casa La CorJ hot and bothered.  When I talk fave bands, Band of Horses is near the top of that list.


I got a call on the Zone phone today from some guy completely outraged that I went on the radio yesterday saying I wasn’t so jazzed on the new Guns N Roses. I don’t think he is a regular listener of the show.  He had “heard” through the grapevine that I had “slammed” G ‘n R so this knight had risen to the challenge to defend Axl’s honour and tell me off.  Turns out my head needs to be “shaked” because it wasn’t clear to me that Chinese Democracy was the “BEST record of the last few years.”  O RLY? He got many facts wrong and we talked it out… I think its all good now.  Maybe its good that people talk about my show with their friends, but getting the facts so off… yikes, I don’t think they were saying nice things about my show.  So I guess they are forgiven for never finding the blog either… then they’d know, I am trying to like G ‘n R and I am an odyssey of discovery.  I downloaded “Better” today.  Kinda good.

One good song on the new G n’ R record… to me that is a triumph as I expected zero.

Heard some Mother Mother on the modern rock inbox the other day.  very nice.  The main dude grew up on Quadra Island.


Corj and I are taking Madelyn to visit Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack this weekend, so I’ll rap at cha on Monday.  On Monday I am taking a turn driving the Desert Bus!  Tuesday is Straight Up Modern Rock night at The Clubhouse, giving away some Nine Inch Nail Tickets; Thursday is the Movember gala; Friday I shave my stache and then it is the NIN show at the arena; I’ll be broadcasting live outside; Saturday is the Zone’s Christmas Party!

Have a good weekend.

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Movember is quickly winding down.  I am just a handful of dollars away from $500, so if you have the time, please hit my Movember page and drop a few virtual pennies into my virtual jar.

My Movember Page


I went onto Movember to find my page and I entered “Jeremy Baker” into the search.  There are two other Jeremy Bakers on this planet growing an ugly moustache for prostate cancer.

They are:

Jeremy Baker from Turner, ACT, Australia.  I am not too sure what ‘ACT’ is?  Australia Capital Territory?

The dude hasn’t done much with his Movember page… but has raised $100, so good on him.


Jeremy Baker from Wantage, Oxfordshire, England.  He is doing a little better than our Aussie cousin and has raised $200!

Wantage is famous for being the birth place of King Alfred the Great!


Zoner Capt. Kirk sent me a startling public service youtube video today.


I went and listened to, then downloaded a couple a Guns & Roses tracks yesterday.  At first I hated the record, but DW and David Eleanor swear by it… so I gacve it another spin.  I don’t hate it now… but I still don’t like it.  Sorta average.  The track “Chinese Democracy” is growing on me.  Dave says I need to get the song “Better” which is number 3 on the album.   He is telling about an insane guitar part that sounds like a xylophone.

Then he told me about this book “Last Exit to Brooklyn.”  whoa… I think I’ll need to check it out. He no steered me wrong with his last recommendation, “Night.”

We need a David Eleanor Book club to battle Oprah!

Go with yourself.

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bwoar!  I put a jihad on my computer and had James come over to reformat the hard drive… and if you can believe it… the thing is running slower!

If i had me the monies, I’d get a new beast.

I’ll tell you this, it was very liberating to ace a ton of files and have a “clean” computer.  Tindy is doing a clothing drive for the Q! here in a couple days, and I think Corj and I will do the same in our closet.

Still doesn’t explain my my machine is so slow.  It should be as good as the day it came out of the box shouldn’t it?


It is about 30 days and ten hours till Christmas (as of this post) and I have already started Christmas shopping!  Huzzah.


I cut my mustache this morning when I shaved.  sadness.  I’ll be happy to be rid of it.  Getting made fun of all.the.time (though warranted) is becoming a bit much.  I have a bald patch on my stache.  Right under the nose.  It’s like, even if I *wanted* to become a European dictator, I physically can not.


OK, the computer is so slow I can’t even handle this internetting so I’m out like trout.

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Last night was the all candidates meeting.  It was an interesting time.  It was basically 14 people all saying the same thing, differently.  hmmm.

Earlier today I took part in the 2nd annual MARPAC (Maritime Forces Pacific) Media vs. navy hockey game.  It was a close one, but media did lose 6-4.  Navy potted an empty netter (my fault, I missed the puck when I had the chance) right at the end.

But man was it fun.  They treated us spectacularly, felt like a “real” hockey game.  Jerseys, marching band, national anthem, intermission.


I filled out a ton of questionnaires today in regards to the election.  I’ll post them tomorrow… This weekend, Coral and I will be doing some door knocking.  Next week we are taking a mini holiday to Port Angeles!  No, really, we are.  The boat is $12.50 each if we walk on.  We’ll find the cheapest motel we can walk to and we’ll wander the town. and maybe get drunk.  and probably get wet.  I think the rain has finally come and it ain’t leaving till March.


I created my Movember page.

Check it out and make a donation please.


Lastly… hmmm.  Some dude who was in the Power Rangers back in the day just got convicted for a horrific murder.


Yeah… its real… and terrible.

So that got me thinking about the Power Ranger… started getting the wikipedia all going (when I should be studying sewage treatement… bad Jeremy, bad!) and I stumbled on Amy Jo Johnson. The Pink Ranger.

Pink Ranger Amy now puts put music… and is on the CTV Police show “Flashpoint.”  Good for her.

I went to iTunes, and sure enough, she has a few albums.  They all sorta suck, but way to try.

Everything you need to know about Amy Jo Johnson.


Johnny B. Shields at the ole Zone Facotry is all about Beth Hart lately.

Beast’s “Mr. Hurricane” is the iTunes free single of the week.  Go get it!

Grey’s Anatomy was another gooder.  The show had some groovy indie rock as per.  I liked  the last track played.  Shady Bard’s “Torch Song.”

Myspace: Shady Bard

They also jammed out a track by Erin McCarley’s “Gotta Figure This Out”… but I think she is a socialist or someone that doesn’t care about money because her music… well the song featured on the show seen by millions today is not available for download… so no .99 cents for her.

MySpace: Erin McCarley

and I think the show featured Brazillian Girls doing “Good Times.”  Which is weird, but also wonderful.

Coral stumbled on this singer songwriter feller form Vancouver (kinda…. he seems to be a citizen of the world that has or maybe IS living in the terminal City).

I believe our hero, Sam Bradley is friends with Robert Pattinson… aka Edward the glittery vampire from the Twilight series.  And they wrote a song called “Too Far Gone.”

and its sorta good.

Myspace: Sam Bradley


OK, that is all I got.  I am tired.  i should have started writing earlier, because then I could have given more.  But right now, I want to jam out the songs I just blogged about and decompress.

Go with yourself.

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