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Coming Soon….  a David Eleanor // Morning After Show joint

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May 8th

Sure, I am going to go see this.

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Dr. Dog Shit

I don’t like too much negative stuff on this blog, but if there is one thing I really hate its dog shit.  I hate it!

I get that 99 percent of dog owners are good 99 percent of the time but it is that one percent of the one percent when they can’t be bothered pick up the shit, then I step in it, not notice till I get home carrying groceries, so I don’t take my shoes off, wander direct into my kitchen then go… “hey wait a minute, that mud looking streak on my kitchen floor is not mud…”

BWOAR… then I am on all fours with the pinesol scrubbing everything.

AND NOW, Coral wants a dog, god bless her.  To complicate matters… Madelyn can’t articulate it, but I can tell by her eyes, she wants a dog too!

I told them, if I can have  a University degree they can have their dog.  Coral said deal… so now I got to get to work on that degree.

I am fortunate that my girlfriend works for the government and knows lots about student loans and Mom is a high school guidance counselor and knows how to spend it.

Last week (almost exactly one week ago today in fact), I had a powerful dream where I became a doctor.  And I was dating Little Grey from Grey’s Anatomy… the point is, the dream was so powerful that I have become obsessed with the idea of changing careers completely and becoming a doctor.

I went on the internet and checked out some websites on how to become a doctor and it was sadly, um, out of my league… or so I thought until I talked to my Mom.  She said that you can get into med school with ANY degree.  Wow right.  Finish my degree in talking and then I could be operating on you!  how fun.  Not that simple really… but the point is, it IS possible.

Coral said that because of my age and the fact I am a Dad and want to upgrade, I should be able to get a loan to finish up so now its like… why not become a doctor?  We figured I’d be about 40 by the time I could finish.  Neat.


The short term focus will be a new Capital Rock City.  I might do it today as I have a pile of new music to play back at work but I am waiting on a reply to an email I sent on the weekend.  What is up with bands having websites with NO contact info?  Anyways, if the bands check their email and get back to me I might have some good new metal to try out this week… if they don’t get back to me, no metal but I still have lots of great music to play.  I might play an oldie but a goodie from a group outta Calgary called Darryl’s Grocery Bag.  Someone quoted lyrics of their’s on Jeff of Acres of Lions blog and I went, whoa, I know that song and loved it!

I am still hammering out how to make a compelling history podcast and working on my music project which is coming along nicely.  Should finish this week and the proceeds will be paying for my University application fee.

I better go feed the baby, talk at you at 3PM on The Zone.

Go with yourself.

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