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Better Call Becky with the good hair….

 Beyonce released her 6th album on Saturday night. It began with an HBO special for her visual album. On the record Beyonce is dealing marital breakdown, infidelity, sadness…and then reconciliation, healing and empowerment. There is a lot going on with the record sonically.
Also a huge selection of samples, features and guest writing credits… The song “Hold Up” has Beyonce riffing off an old Yeah Yeah Yeah’s lyric from their song “Maps”, that was changed up a tiny bit in a 2011 tweet from Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend.

One of her songs features the ferocious guitar of Jack White and a sample of Led Zeppelin. Check out “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” It’s a rock and roll jammer.

Go with yourself.

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The new Jack White record Blunderbuss is finally out there… I had a chance to hear it Monday in Boitano’s car on our romantic drive to Sidney for a meeting… then again today.  There are so many great songs.  Radio homegirl Brandy really likes the title track “Blunderbuss.”  A song I enjoyed was cut 10.

Jack White – “Hip (eponymous) Poor Boy”

Such a fun song.

“A cold shiver comes over me.  And it turns me on. When the music takes over me.”


Yesterday was Record Club at Smiths Pub.  VRC #12 featured some fine tunes as it always does… and a record that stood out for me was Jesiah’s Junius.  The album is called Reports from the Threshold of Death.  So metal.

Jesiah called it metalgaze.  Like shoegaze, but metal.

It was a pretty rad record to lock into.  Here is the single.

Junius – “All Shall Float”

Download MP3 >> Junius – All Shall Float – [MP3JUICES.COM]

Pretty huge.  The sound has a lot of fuzz and resonance.

Jesiah had the vinyl and it looks awesome.  A blue and white sunburst!

Go with yourself.

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I love mail, but I hate bills.

And most mail is bills.  That is the worst.

Every so often, my Uncle Visa will allow it, I like to order something online and then it gets mailed to me!

At the end of summer it was announced that Conan O’Brien recorded a spoken word single with Jack White at his Third Man Records (home of the Triple Decker!) in Nashville.

Pol Plastino was excited because Conan is his hero.  I was excited because… well it was being pressed on 7-inch vinyl!  Then the best… it was just $5 to order ($6 something after shipping and tax).

After ordering online, then it is the waiting game.  Pol and I pre-ordered so we knew it would be weeks before shipping.

At the end of August it was time to ship and by early September Pol had his.  FUN!

Mine will probably come in a tomorrow.

And I waited by the mail box.  And I chatted up every mailman. And it did not come.

I sent a sad sack email.  The reply (which came quickly) said I should exercise patience.

And fortunately, before the first record club meeting… it came!

Conan’s single is part of Third Man’s ‘Green Series.’  The green label records are their spoken word records and I think Conan is their second.  The point is to have random people come into the studio and tell their story.

Conan and Jack White have a little history and when his stand-up rolled through the South, jack had him in.

Side A features Conan doing a spin on the Frankenstein saga.  Its funny, starts strong but panders out a bit.  I might have heard in an interview with the producer that it is improved.  Which makes sense.  Its funny… but not well structured or written.  And doesn’t really have a strong punchline, conclusion or ending.

Side B is more interesting to a Conan fan as it is a back-and-forth between Conan and Jack.  There were more than a couple lolz on buried in there for the listening fan.

I love owning this interesting single as Jack White is one of my rock & roll heroes and Conan is a comedy great.

It was pressed at a weird time in entertainment history and does make some mention of the whole Leno/Tonight Show debacle.

I’d love to read Pol’s take on the record has he is a true Conan fan and might have some more insight into the performance.

Go with yourself.

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