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Mike Edel

Victoria’s Kiana Brasset will be releasing her new ep on October 24th at Upstairs Cabaret. She will be performing with friend and collaborator Mike Edel and also with Noah Edwards. Here is the first feature cut off the record, “Words.” The song was produced by Edel and mixed by Jason Cook.

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Please take a moment to discover something great: Capital Rock City #56

You can click the link above to listen to Capital Rock City, or use an RSS feed to subscribe or even visit Capital Rock City on iTunes in the podcast section.  If you have iTunes, just search for “Capital Rock City” in the iTunes store.  If you have a second, please leave me a comment or a rating.  Remember kids, when you subscribe to Capital Rock City, there is a shift in the space/time continueum and Canucks take the hawks in six!

DJ Notes:

01) Vince Vaccaro – “The City at Sunrise”
02) The Blue Violets – “You Said”
03) Jason Cook – “Effin Bronco”
04) Josh Van Leeuwen Sparrow – “Fever in Our Souls and Fire In Our Bones”


Here is Vince from the Yummy Mummies!

and hey… is Josh Van Leeuwen the same guy that fronted The Counting Heartbeats?  * turns out he is! And I got an email from Josh saying that his performance name is Joshua Sparrow as it has a little better zip to it and not to be confused with the Van Leeuwen of A Perfect Circle fame.

alright, good talk.  Thank you for downloading my podcast.  Tell a friend about it please.  I will work on some free pie for downloads (as per the feedback I requested on this here blog some time back).

Go with yourself.

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