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Victoria’s Mike Edel shared a brand new song today called “Go With You.”

Mike wrote about the song, I wanted to create an optimistic indie-pop anthem for 2018’s dwindling days of summer and beyond. I began working with producer Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) after sending him demos while he was living north of the arctic circle in Norway. We quickly adopted a consistency is boring mantra with the new material.  

“Go With You” is a song about change and vectoring forward into the unknown without regret. I love the synth lines and the hi-hat drums. It’s a departure for me, both sonically and rhythmically, and I’m very into it.”


Happy Friday!

DJing tonight at Match in New West then on Sunday I’ll be DJing a short set at Brewery & The Beast before moving over to the mainstage to MC. It is supposed to be 33 degrees in Vancouver. Gnarly.

Go with yourself.

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Twisted fingers and happy hearts… Mike Edel released a new song on his soundcloud the other day called “Blue Above The Green.” He says the song is about spring time.

Mike Edel’s new record is called India, Seattle. The Victoria folkster is hitting the road with fellow Island squad Towers & Trees. We’ll get a chance to see Mike Edel on April 9th in Vancouver at The Biltmore and the following nights in Victoria at The Roxy.

And let’s check in with Towers and Trees. Check out this beauty cover of Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast” recorded on The Zone with my best English mate Jon Williams.

April 9th? Is that a Thursday? Maybe I could go to that?

Go with yourself.

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Victoria’s Mike Edel has a new record in the pipe called India, Seattle. Today we get our first listen, “East Shore / West Shore.”

Edel made a music video for the song which you can check out on Exclaim right now.

He starts the clip with a voice-over, “I don’t think personal records are the most immediate. Maybe they’re too specific; and mine is specific. It’s specific to places and moments and snapshots in my mind and it’s specific to people. I made this record; I called it India, Seattle. I wrote it one Northwest Winter, recorded it the winter after, and many winters later, it will still be here reminding me. ”

The song should sound familiar to people who have followed Mike Edel for awhile. Folky, fiddle, female vocals showing up to compliment Mike’s style.

“I’m on the east shore, you’re on the west. Can we meet in the middle? can we fix this?”

Mike Edle has a little tour of the west happening pretty soon. I don’t see a Vancouver show yet but you can see him in Victoria on April 11th at The Roxy Theatre. and somewhere out west:

March 25, 2015 The Rockwood Golden, BC
March 26, 2015 Ironwood Stage and Grill Calgary, AB
March 27, 2015 Ironwood Stage and Grill Calgary, AB
March 28, 2015 The Streaming Café Kelowna, BC

Go with yourself.

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mike edel

That time Mike Edel stopped by The Zone to perform his new song “Julia.” That is the wonderful Kiana Brasset on backing vocals and fiddle.

Go with yourself.

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Mike Edel

Victoria’s Kiana Brasset will be releasing her new ep on October 24th at Upstairs Cabaret. She will be performing with friend and collaborator Mike Edel and also with Noah Edwards. Here is the first feature cut off the record, “Words.” The song was produced by Edel and mixed by Jason Cook.

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Victorian, former Zone Band of the Month, Peak Performance Top 5 finishers, stud, Mike Edel is coming home.

Mike and his band have caravanned across this giant nation during some hard months.  He’ll be in Victoria for a show on Friday, November 30th at Lucky Bar.  The next night in Vancouver at the Media Club.

Then some sun!  He tours the Western USA… including Reno?  Yes, even Reno…the biggest little city in the WORLD!  let’s hit play on this jam and make out.

Go with yourself.

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Capital Rock City is here to party with you… in the ears.  Please take a moment to listen and/or download.

Stream from Mixcloud >> Capital Rock City #98
Download MP3 >> crc_-_20111101

Woke up this morning to a crazy frost. Very pretty in Victoria. And also Tuesday, so that means you can listen to this week’s Capital Rock City.

I play music from Mike Edel, a song I find very romantic and sweet. Also I chat with Ryan from Year of the Rat. Lola Parks shows up and we also hear from a band outta Washington State called Boss & Rand. Horrible album title… but the music is alright.

Looking ahead… I am working on a couple audio projects.

The Zone @ 91-3 is the broadcast best-friend of the Victoria Royals hockey team.  I would like to try and create some audio for the intermission.  Kinda feel out how that might sounds.  And punch up our broadcasts a bit between Marlon’s most excellent call.

November 11th is Remembrance Day and I’ll be on the radio.  I have been reading a book called Vimy by Pierre Berton.  For a non-fiction account of World War, its mighty!  Filled with fun facts of Trench Warfare.  That sounds like an oxymoron… but there are some stunning accounts of combat.  I want to take just one story and try to make it an audio adventure in time for November 11th.

Since I first got into radio in the late 90s, I’ve always wanted to do a history show and more specifically a World War One broadcast.  For some odd reason, I feel like this week is as good as any to get started.

Like so many project, less is more… I found a story that is exciting, short-ish and has a bit of a “huh…” factor that is based on truth.

Capital Rock City #100 is on the horizon, and I am feeling a best of… just playing some old favourite selections from over the years.  CRC began in September of 2005, so there is lots of music to draw from.

That’s all I got.

Thank you for listening. If you like the show, please share it with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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stolen without a gun from Summer Stewart's facebook profile.

Four songs that I am having a near religious experience enjoying today.  3 of which come from Esquire magazine?  SWA? I know right… they listed my boys in Walk The Moon as the “song of the summer” on their list of 30 Summer Songs for Men.

But I want to start my adventure closer to Victoria.  Our May Band of the Month was a gentleman named Mike Edel.  His song “Bottom Floor Apartment,” despite being similarly titled to Weeping Tile’s “Basement Apt.,” is such a pretty song.

Some songs resonate with Zoners, some don’t… this one never really grabbed on. Maybe Mike just needs more time.  Too bad, such a lovely, romantic song.

Mike Edel – “Bottom Floor Apartment”

I heard this brother/sister duo one time and all I could do was shut-it and listen.  As deep as this is… the only word that blasts in my head like a cartoony onomatopoeia is “BOOM!”

The group is called The Belle Brigade.   The LA duo sound so lush and in sync.  Weirds me out like watching the Sedins play hockey with the sibling ESP.

I listen to this song on repeat.  The lyrics start off all depressing, “there will always be someone better than you…” but then gets mighty uplifting.  Its about opting out. Like that speech Lloyd Dobler gives in the ’89 film Say Anything: “I don’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don’t want to do that.

The Belle Brigade – “Losers”

I’m a sucker for hipster girls.  No getting around that.  Jessica Lea Mayfield.  The name already has me gushing and I haven’t even heard a note.

This Ohio native began performing at 8 touring in her family’s band.  She began writing her own music after her brother taught her some chords… and cites Dave Grohl as a major influence.  Alright Jessica, I’ll bite.

Have a listen to this jangle… “suddenly I can see blue skies again”

Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Blue Skies Again”

Finally, something sexy for the DJ sets at the Veneto.  Back in the olden days you might recall a group called Booker T. and the MGs?

Booker T. Jones is a musical legend earning both a Grammy lifetime achievement award and a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

He is still jamming out music and his new record, The Road to Memphis, features a slinky ditty called “Progress” featuring Jim James.  I don’t know if oldies radio station play modern oldies?  I wonder if there is a home for music like this in the year 2011 on the radio.  It would be a crime if there isn’t…  When Madelyn asks me how babies are made, I’ll sit her down and say, ” listen to this.”

Booker T. Jones – “Progress”

Go with yourself.

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