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straight from hell
Plucking through my old CDs, I couldn’t find any Joel albums.  That’s a real shame.  The other day CHEK News came down to the radio factory to record Boitano talking about getting a song played on the radio.  An artist from Vancouver named Jay came by to play a song and create a relationship to hopefully get a song considered for radio.

The dude flailed around on his acoustic guitar jamming this wild song.  I flashed back to a performer I remember named Joel.  He had this feral acoustic style that was mighty fun.  I sometimes remember his music and want to listen (always at weird times) and then I think… those records must be buried in storage or lost to time.

I do have one song… a track I blogged about a couple years ago.

This song, “Straight From Hell” I don’t know too much about.  It was recorded when Paul was still doing the Morning After Show with me on CiTR. So 2000? 2001?  Doesn’t matter I guess.

Savage. Go with yourself.

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