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Today is Father’s Day… and when I woke up this morning; I was alone.  Maddy had spent the night at Nana’s and Coral was in Coquitlam.  So I got the greatest Father’s Day gift of all, peace in the morning.  With no one snoring or kicking me or poking me to “wake up Daddy!” I was able to sleep till 11AM! That hasn’t happened since the winter of ’08.

After a morning that involved working the email for wedding leads and washing my Jeep… it was off to Nana’s cottage house to hang out and watch my sick baby play (she has a cold).  I’ve been feeling sick the past week too… so it was a sick Father’s Day for us.  We didn’t get up to much, but what we did do, will live on forever as a streaming piece of internet audio.  Have a listen.

Mixcloud >> Maddy and Daddy 02

Its Father’s Day 2010 and I thought it would be as good a time as any to catch up with my favourite interview subject, Miss Madelyn Oh Yeah! She wishes me a “Happy Father’s Day” (with my prompting) then we talk about being sick, going to Nana’s, our failed trip to Tim Horton’s and ordering pizza.

The music at the beginning is Tool’s “Eulogy” and the end is The National’s “Daughters of the Soho Riots.


My first paid wedding gig was last night and it was really fun.  I think I’ll enjoy this line of work.  Its great being my own boss (and super stressful) and I like the performance aspect.  I have some grand ideas for my stage set-up after last nights party. I had a good light set up for the wedding last night, but I want a great one! (and I want to find an alternative to the traditional fog machine.  Haze is awesome, but the fog machine ‘smoke’ sucks hard)

I also learned a few things, chiefly I need more 90s pop songs.  Real terrible stuff that I never listened to but today’s brides all lapped up; N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Aqua… yeesh.  I should have anticipated that… but flaked.  I still delivered a good set, but I did have to dodge a couple requests because I had zero Aqua songs on the hard drive.  That said, we did jam out some jems and ended the night with a cut from Lamb of God!

Th first wedding worked out great and I learned a ton.  Can’t wait to apply the knowledge and make the next one even better!

Go with yourself.

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