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Me and Corj

Coral and I got to spend a quick 24 hours up in Whistler this weekend.

I was up there to DJ a wedding for a couple from San Francisco. They have a passion for skiing and mountain adventure so that’s why they chose Whistler. They also love indie and alternative music, so that is why they chose me to DJ!

The groom, Sanjay, had curated a pretty choice selection of songs for the ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing. The song he picked while he came up to the alter was a cool song by Rayland Baxter. The song is called “The MTN Song.” It was so perfect for this hot evening in May.

The song is about mountain nature, love, and standing up their in front of everyone and proclaiming it.

More recently Rayland has a song called “Yellow Eyes” which received some praise.

Happy Monday!

Go with yourself.

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Up late…. working working. Feeling a bit behind the 8-ball after a couple weeks off. I want to get the radio show firing on all cylinders. Need to update my wedding DJ business, present myself as a Vancouver wedding DJ, update the website, upgrade equipment. Bought a new laptop today. I am excited about that. My old laptop is a 2010? Macbook Pro. Some old Intel Core 2 duo processor, 4 gigs of RAM…it just lost the ability to keep up with Serato DJ and the Numark NS ii.

i feel confident I’ll be able to compete in Vancouver against the other wedding DJs once I polish up the website and upgrade some equipment.

I had some other thoughts about what I might want to do for another job or to expand my production. I’ve been looking into Projection mapping…following this person on Instagram called Ayramultimedia. Their stuff looks amazing and I wonder if I could create something like that for a wedding reception?

And still I have some other ideas. God dammit.

Spent the night bouncing around the information superhighway researching things. All the while, this song we bouncing around my head. Remember last fall when Eastside was briefly a thing?

I feel like there is still so much I want to do tonight, but I must sleep. Madelyn has day camp tomorrow. Coral and I are (and Jack) are meeting her friend Jane at Burgoo. THEN, I need to focus on putting together a radio show. Huge day in front of me…and still the gears turn in my head.

This blog isn’t really about anything. Just writing things out.

Go with yourself.

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Huzzah! Ditch Records has copies of Foster the People on vinyl LP (I forgot to ask if the CDs came in too).

I raced down during a little lull in my crazy hectic day to snap up a copy for Coral before they went sold out again. (also got me out of the studio/office for 20 minutes and into the city).

Foster the People – “I Would Do Anything For You”


Yesterday I talked about buying a Ukulele and got lots of messages from friends with ukulele’s too!  Neat.

I also love how WordPress can take your tags and share them with other bloggers on wordpress that might be into what you’re talking.  I got a nice comment from a guy that writes about ukulele’s!


And the reason I was at L&M was to check on today’s capital purchase for my Wedding DJ business… I bought a two PA speakers, a sub, a wireless mic and all the cables/stands I need to make them go.

It will save me money making the payments vs. renting each wedding.  And by next summer… I’ll get to keep a little more profit!

Happy Weekend!

Go with yourself.

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There two types of music we all listen to: The music we like, and the music we think we’re supposed to like.

Being paid to think about and present music, I hear a lot of different stuff and I am also exposed to other peoples’ tastes.  One of my favourite places to play music is at weddings.

I was DJing a wedding in Victoria on the weekend for some fine people.  They were beautiful twenty-somethings with their group of beautiful friends.  All good folks.

And like all weddings, the playlist has to be a very mainstream, fun and upbeat mix.  I have no problem with this as… I do enjoy me some Top 40 music and have a soft spot for Motown and classic hits.

At a wedding, later after speeches, and cake, pictures and small talk… it generally becomes time to turn it on and hit the dance floor.  Some drinks, some “Save a Horse and Ride a Cowboy,” and some cleavage revealing dresses later; the party will start to operate at an 11.

Then the requests comes and I get a chance to hear what people really like.

Sometimes the party-goers know who I am before and it will taint our meeting, but luckily alcohol is the great forgetter.  Almost always, the request begins with either, “you probably don’t have this but….” or “I don’t normally even like this song but….”

Then you know, Taylor Swift.

I always find it funny when people apologize for their taste in music.  Maybe its because I have confidence in what I like that I don’t care… and I take that for granted.  I like Taylor Swift fine.  There is never anything wrong with wanting to have silly fun.

I will say this, dropping Taylor Swift “Love Story” at a wedding will create mass-ovulation.  It really is in the best interests of humanity’s continuation on the Planet to come to terms with music that makes people happy.  Folks smile, babies will be made.

When I listen to music I ask myself… Do I like this, or should I like this?

Should doesn’t bother me too much.  If everyone tells you something is good… and you’re not feeling it… groovy, but I still listen very critically to try and figure out what makes it special to other people.  Sometimes the hype is pretend, too many people thinking they should like something because: their peer group does, or it fits a mold or lifestyle attribution.  Sometimes its just challenging and smarter people than me get it and get off on the  weirdness.  Sometimes its very commercial and easy sounding, so lots of people like it.

Should makes sense for me.  A new modern rock song, might not be my cup of tea at home, but learning and appreciating it is useful for my job.  Same for a new popular dance track that I can play at a wedding or an obscure R&B number from the 60s to burn down the lounge with.

The flip… if I hear Taylor Swift on the radio, I don’t change the station.  Then I want to make-out.

But if you don’t like the Japandroids, you’re an idiot. (jk)

Go with yourself.

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I am trying to set some goals and grow as a DJ performer and sometimes it can be hard because… well being a DJ is a singular enterprise.

I only really know what I do.

Now I have been blessed to know some generous DJs who have helped and shared with me.  Jess Taylor and DJ Anger being two early ones that helped me and later J Reign, Marshall, DJ Trekk, DJ Clinton, Rauri Lazers, DJ Fatso and of course DJ Murge.  But at the end of the day… it is a self education.

What I constantly think about is creating my own beats and sounds… but I really have no idea how to start.  My buddy Tyson gave me a midi controller keyboard thing and I have Garageband?  I guess I can start.

And now I have a destination… I want to get on the bill Camp Bisco in rural New York.

New York times >> A festival of Its Own

What an adventure that could be… if I can talk them into letting me have a slot.

It’ll be a money losing proposition.  That is certain.  Traveling to New York to DJ can’t be cheap.  I’d for sure be bringing Coral and even Madelyn… so its more a professional holiday?  sure, I like that word; professional holiday.

AND then I want to DJ in Baltimore! ha… ok, one step at a time.


in other news: when you type ‘Victoria Wedding DJ‘ into google, my website comes up! Spin The Black Disc.

Thank you everyone for the support.  I am sure being a wedding DJ isn’t helping my goal of club DJ too much, but the baby has got to eat (and it’s actually really fun… so far).

Go with yourself.

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Check it out!

My website is alive!

Spin The Black Disc

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The life of a Victoria wedding DJ.

Giving up a gorgeous Saturday does suck. Coral and Mads are playing with Nana and Alyx in the sprinkler while Dad has to work.  But today, it isn’t all bad.  At least I get to mix the best of summer with my work.

Judy and Kent are getting married on the beach in beautiful Shawnigan Lake.  I am all set up and killing some time before the reception.  It is so hot out here.  I love it.  If I wasn’t motivated before to work hard and earn some money in my life, today is making me want it.  Lake living is the best living.

These pics I snapped with my Blackberry… they do no justice to how stunning this reception will be and how perfect Shawnigan Lake is.

Pretty darn close to 30 degrees on the lake at Shawnigan.

Looking across Shawnigan Lake from the beach.

The head table.

When its a billion degrees and a wedding on the beach, you need a beer truck cooler. Even "cooler" if its fine local brew.

The Spin The Black Disc website is slowly coming along as a wordpress.  Can’t wait till its ready! Then business cards.  These are the things that excite me. Ha… tomorrow is a day off, and now more than anything, I want to be sipping pints and playing on the water.

Would it be so wrong if I wore shorts DJing tonight?  I’ll wear a tie and button down on top?

Go with yourself.

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