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I am trying to set some goals and grow as a DJ performer and sometimes it can be hard because… well being a DJ is a singular enterprise.

I only really know what I do.

Now I have been blessed to know some generous DJs who have helped and shared with me.  Jess Taylor and DJ Anger being two early ones that helped me and later J Reign, Marshall, DJ Trekk, DJ Clinton, Rauri Lazers, DJ Fatso and of course DJ Murge.  But at the end of the day… it is a self education.

What I constantly think about is creating my own beats and sounds… but I really have no idea how to start.  My buddy Tyson gave me a midi controller keyboard thing and I have Garageband?  I guess I can start.

And now I have a destination… I want to get on the bill Camp Bisco in rural New York.

New York times >> A festival of Its Own

What an adventure that could be… if I can talk them into letting me have a slot.

It’ll be a money losing proposition.  That is certain.  Traveling to New York to DJ can’t be cheap.  I’d for sure be bringing Coral and even Madelyn… so its more a professional holiday?  sure, I like that word; professional holiday.

AND then I want to DJ in Baltimore! ha… ok, one step at a time.


in other news: when you type ‘Victoria Wedding DJ‘ into google, my website comes up! Spin The Black Disc.

Thank you everyone for the support.  I am sure being a wedding DJ isn’t helping my goal of club DJ too much, but the baby has got to eat (and it’s actually really fun… so far).

Go with yourself.

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Check it out!

My website is alive!

Spin The Black Disc

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More from my Victoria Wedding DJ event in Shawnigan Lake yesterday.

I really should bring my Nikon camera to an event.  My Blackberry takes alright pictures but just doesn’t do enough justice to how nice the wedding.

Here are a couple more from the event.

My Numark NS7 all set up and the party about to get under way under the tent. (well I am set up under the blue sky)

The best night pic I could get. The tent was huge so I shot one Revo 4 at the roof and a Revo 3 on the dance floor.

I was talking to DJ Clinton a couple weeks ago about wedding DJing and some great advice he had was making sure your DJ area looks neat.  Deal with that mess ‘o’ cables that will conjugate around the DJ.

I’ll want to get a plain white table cloth… which I know sounds mundane, but it’ll really clean up the look of my DJ area.  then I’ll want an LED light to shine behind me.

I think before I buy speakers, I might buy lights and rent speakers.  I want to put together a quality light show that I have more control over.  The speakers are pretty basic and easy to rent,  (Plus big and I don’t have the space for them in my condo right now).

Just a couple little things I am thinking about as I get ready for my future weddings this August.

Go with yourself.

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The life of a Victoria wedding DJ.

Giving up a gorgeous Saturday does suck. Coral and Mads are playing with Nana and Alyx in the sprinkler while Dad has to work.  But today, it isn’t all bad.  At least I get to mix the best of summer with my work.

Judy and Kent are getting married on the beach in beautiful Shawnigan Lake.  I am all set up and killing some time before the reception.  It is so hot out here.  I love it.  If I wasn’t motivated before to work hard and earn some money in my life, today is making me want it.  Lake living is the best living.

These pics I snapped with my Blackberry… they do no justice to how stunning this reception will be and how perfect Shawnigan Lake is.

Pretty darn close to 30 degrees on the lake at Shawnigan.

Looking across Shawnigan Lake from the beach.

The head table.

When its a billion degrees and a wedding on the beach, you need a beer truck cooler. Even "cooler" if its fine local brew.

The Spin The Black Disc website is slowly coming along as a wordpress.  Can’t wait till its ready! Then business cards.  These are the things that excite me. Ha… tomorrow is a day off, and now more than anything, I want to be sipping pints and playing on the water.

Would it be so wrong if I wore shorts DJing tonight?  I’ll wear a tie and button down on top?

Go with yourself.

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Today is Father’s Day… and when I woke up this morning; I was alone.  Maddy had spent the night at Nana’s and Coral was in Coquitlam.  So I got the greatest Father’s Day gift of all, peace in the morning.  With no one snoring or kicking me or poking me to “wake up Daddy!” I was able to sleep till 11AM! That hasn’t happened since the winter of ’08.

After a morning that involved working the email for wedding leads and washing my Jeep… it was off to Nana’s cottage house to hang out and watch my sick baby play (she has a cold).  I’ve been feeling sick the past week too… so it was a sick Father’s Day for us.  We didn’t get up to much, but what we did do, will live on forever as a streaming piece of internet audio.  Have a listen.

Mixcloud >> Maddy and Daddy 02

Its Father’s Day 2010 and I thought it would be as good a time as any to catch up with my favourite interview subject, Miss Madelyn Oh Yeah! She wishes me a “Happy Father’s Day” (with my prompting) then we talk about being sick, going to Nana’s, our failed trip to Tim Horton’s and ordering pizza.

The music at the beginning is Tool’s “Eulogy” and the end is The National’s “Daughters of the Soho Riots.


My first paid wedding gig was last night and it was really fun.  I think I’ll enjoy this line of work.  Its great being my own boss (and super stressful) and I like the performance aspect.  I have some grand ideas for my stage set-up after last nights party. I had a good light set up for the wedding last night, but I want a great one! (and I want to find an alternative to the traditional fog machine.  Haze is awesome, but the fog machine ‘smoke’ sucks hard)

I also learned a few things, chiefly I need more 90s pop songs.  Real terrible stuff that I never listened to but today’s brides all lapped up; N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Aqua… yeesh.  I should have anticipated that… but flaked.  I still delivered a good set, but I did have to dodge a couple requests because I had zero Aqua songs on the hard drive.  That said, we did jam out some jems and ended the night with a cut from Lamb of God!

Th first wedding worked out great and I learned a ton.  Can’t wait to apply the knowledge and make the next one even better!

Go with yourself.

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