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I stayed up way too late last night listening to music, and this morning woke up way too early.  They are finally building sidewalks in my neightbourhood (huzzah) but for a few weeks at the end of the summer, some early wake ups for me.

Getting up early was good, I had an interview with BCIT for the degree program I want into.  Education is a bizarre industry.  I have to apply, jump through hoops and basically beg to write them a cheque.  Maybe not so different than the nightclub business or Apple computers… but still, seems weird.

Needless to say, i rocked that interview so now Coral and I will need to decide if BCIT’s Bachelor of Technology is a better bet than Applied Communications (or whatever they call it now) from Royal Roads… or maybe a third option… or maybe the forth option, Cooking School!

I think I like BCITs the best, because it is a management AND technology degree.  Those two skills are things I could use in broadcasting or else where.  learning how to talk to gooder and writing press releases?  Not so much.

The advantage of Royal Roads might be that I can finish sooner if I work like crazy steroided ant.

What I have been the most excited about lately is thinking about three business ideas that I have.

What I want to do… maybe after the wedding, is brew my own root beer and create a brand and sell my root beer.  back in maybe 2002, while slaving away at Starbucks, I got it in my head to brew root beer.  I bought some books on home brewing, and even some bottles, buckets and general kit to try and brew some… but life threw some curve balls (and I ran out of money), then I moved to Victoria.  I put all the brew equipment in the storage of my apartment in Fernwood… and promptly lost it all.  Except for the books on how to brew and some recipes.

Lately I have had to vision to do it again.  My holy grail would be a very dry, alcoholic root beer… mmm, it should be possible.  But there is all sorts of stuff that I could put in my brew.  The fun would be creating a product that is good, then seeing if I can sell it!

What I might actually do is start a mobile disco business… DJing weddings and parties and the like.

What I have a fantasy of doing, is throwing one off dinning events.  Finding a nice outdoor site and hiring or renting the equipment and having an outdoor dinner.  Finding a kitchen space not being used, a local chef and booking a one off dinner party.  Finding an ingredient and designing a dinner based around it.  Finding a supplier or industrial space, dressing it up and serving dinner n the site.  Fun, unique, delicious dining experiences… I might even get a chance to cook some stuff! or at least learn from the chefs.

My friend works for a local catering company and it sounds like they could really use some energy and more importantly business, so the opportunity might be there.

That is a few things I have been thinking about lately on top of my usual brain swirls of music, babies, wedding plannings, broadcasting and podcasting.


Go with yourself.

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