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I stayed up way too late last night listening to music, and this morning woke up way too early.  They are finally building sidewalks in my neightbourhood (huzzah) but for a few weeks at the end of the summer, some early wake ups for me.

Getting up early was good, I had an interview with BCIT for the degree program I want into.  Education is a bizarre industry.  I have to apply, jump through hoops and basically beg to write them a cheque.  Maybe not so different than the nightclub business or Apple computers… but still, seems weird.

Needless to say, i rocked that interview so now Coral and I will need to decide if BCIT’s Bachelor of Technology is a better bet than Applied Communications (or whatever they call it now) from Royal Roads… or maybe a third option… or maybe the forth option, Cooking School!

I think I like BCITs the best, because it is a management AND technology degree.  Those two skills are things I could use in broadcasting or else where.  learning how to talk to gooder and writing press releases?  Not so much.

The advantage of Royal Roads might be that I can finish sooner if I work like crazy steroided ant.

What I have been the most excited about lately is thinking about three business ideas that I have.

What I want to do… maybe after the wedding, is brew my own root beer and create a brand and sell my root beer.  back in maybe 2002, while slaving away at Starbucks, I got it in my head to brew root beer.  I bought some books on home brewing, and even some bottles, buckets and general kit to try and brew some… but life threw some curve balls (and I ran out of money), then I moved to Victoria.  I put all the brew equipment in the storage of my apartment in Fernwood… and promptly lost it all.  Except for the books on how to brew and some recipes.

Lately I have had to vision to do it again.  My holy grail would be a very dry, alcoholic root beer… mmm, it should be possible.  But there is all sorts of stuff that I could put in my brew.  The fun would be creating a product that is good, then seeing if I can sell it!

What I might actually do is start a mobile disco business… DJing weddings and parties and the like.

What I have a fantasy of doing, is throwing one off dinning events.  Finding a nice outdoor site and hiring or renting the equipment and having an outdoor dinner.  Finding a kitchen space not being used, a local chef and booking a one off dinner party.  Finding an ingredient and designing a dinner based around it.  Finding a supplier or industrial space, dressing it up and serving dinner n the site.  Fun, unique, delicious dining experiences… I might even get a chance to cook some stuff! or at least learn from the chefs.

My friend works for a local catering company and it sounds like they could really use some energy and more importantly business, so the opportunity might be there.

That is a few things I have been thinking about lately on top of my usual brain swirls of music, babies, wedding plannings, broadcasting and podcasting.


Go with yourself.

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After my stinging loss last night in the municipal election … I finally felt empathy for all those Leaf fans out there.

I get it, losing, badly, all.the.time, to ANY team, for years… its not so fun.

I did enjoy running in the election.  I learned about Esquimalt.  Met some people.  Researched.  I hoped to place but didn’t really think I would win this time around, but it did sting coming in last.

This is the third time I have run in a municipal election.  You do get what you put in.  You need time, energy and money to win an election and pretty much energy was the only thing this time around I had to offer.  Three years from now, I will be that much more connected to my community and have a more organized and focused message to communicate.

What success I did have, I can thank my boss Johnny for.  He encouraged me to run, sent me some campaign money to buy posters.  He helped with the platform and debating the ideas till they took some shape.  He is a long time resident of Esquimalt and his wisdom and perspective on many of the issues was invaluable.  Thank you.

Coral and Madelyn were out there with me hammering up posters and shaking hands and generally being cute to offset my creepy moustache factor.  Coral kicked my ass to answer all my emails even when I was tired and didn’t want to.  She generally listened to me whine and cry about “unfair” things that the Lizard People were orchestrating to ruin my political campaign and she gave me a Popsicle when I found out I had finished last.

Razer helped my get something on the internets with http://www.jeremybaker.ca .

Steve at Metropol gave me a rad rate on posters and Evan did a fantastic job on the design.

Mom sent me $100 to help with costs and Dad said, “fuck Esquimalt if they don’t want to vote for you,” when, uhhh, they didn’t (he might not have said exactly that).  Then we went for a nice walk around the E-town waterfront on Sunday morning and ate a sandwich.

A couple of my favourite candidates did win.  I liked Ali Gaul (she actually did VERY well and crushed almost everyone) and Meagan Brame (mostly because a Zoner works for her).  They placed 2nd and 5th respectively.

I am not going to hang in Losertown for too long.  Time to take on some new challenges, as Zone Ranger Ally would say, “I need to peace that scene.”


I was researching Root Beer brewing the other day.  Did you know that the main ingredient in Root Beer, Sassafras, causes cancer?  neat.  The root beer we drink from the store today uses artificial sassafras to get the root beer taste.  We are so conditioned to this “fake” sassafras that if you tasted “real” root beer, you might not like or recognize it.

Now I want to brew some.  sounds dangerous.

I am having a hard time tracking down sassafras, it being a cancer causing controlled substance that is also found in Ecstasy or some dealio.  Apparently the stuff grows like a weed back East… in Maple Leaf territory.  Sadness.


Corj and I went to Port Angeles last week for a little holiday.  I had never been so we decided ot hop the ferry.  I did take a few pictures, but I have not uploaded them, so maybe I’ll yap about Port Angeles after I get some pictures up.


James Sutton sent me a bizarre link today.

James, you’ve only been rocking the Peak in Vancouver for like what?  a month?  stop smoking marijuana.

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