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One of the most important bands from those early days of Seattle grunge, Mother Love Bone, are getting their brief history of recorded music packaged for a releases.

Mother Love Bone: On Earth As It Is- the Complete Works collects MLB’s two recordings,Apple and Shine, remasters them and puts them on one disc (or series of LPs). The package also collects over 20 b-side, alternate versions and rarities, like lead singer Andrew Wood’s demo for “Chloe Dancer,” and a live version of “Stardog Champion” featuring Chris Cornell.

Check out the details and pre-order on Amazon (ships November 11th).

Before forming Pearl Jam, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard were in Mother Love Bone. Just before the release of their debut album in 1990, their singer Andy Wood died of a drug overdose. The Kitsap Sun described him as, “a cherubic singer who pranced the stage in spandex, white face paint and glitter, and seemed destined for stardom.”

Members of the band joined up to mourn his death with friend Chris Cornell as Temple of The Dog before morphing with Eddie Vedder into Mookie Blaylock and ultimately Pearl Jam.

My favourite Mother Love Bone jam? Has to be the extended “Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns.”

Go with yourself.

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Al Ford is many things (the man that hired me for the Zone, Sonic 102.9‘s Program Director) and one of those things is rock & roll photog.

Back in 1991, a little known Seattle band came to Victoria to open for Alice in Chains and Al was there to capture it all.

Jerry Cantrell :: picture Al Ford

Jerry Cantrell's Guitars :: picture Al Ford

Layne Staley :: picture Al Ford

Eddie Vedder :: picture Al Ford

Jeff Ament :: picture Al Ford


Years later, this concert would be immortalized in Rolling Stone.

>>  Rolling Stone 10-28-93 Five Against the World by Cameron Crowe

“An early turning point came onstage at a club called Harpo’s, in Victoria, British Columbia. It was Pearl Jam’s maiden tour, their first appearance away from a nurturing audience of Seattle friends. But this Canadian crowd was far more interested in getting drunk. In midset, Vedder decided to challenge the jaded audience, to wake them up. Unscrewing the 12-pound steel base of the microphone stand, Vedder sent it flying over their heads, like a lethal Frisbee. The steel disk crashed into the wall of the back bar. They woke up.

By some accounts this story may or may not have happened.  The jury is out on to the authenticity of the actual event s of the night.  But what is true, Cameron Crowe believed it and published it in Rolling Stone!


I blogged about this show before >> Vintage Victoria Rock History
Mike Devlin’s article on Pearl Jam’s Ten >> Vancouver Sun

Rolling Stone 1993

Go with yourself my jaded drunks.

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Mike Devlin sent me a follow up to yesterday’s post regarding the classic Alice in Chains/Pearl Jam show in Victoria back during the first ice age.


Holy shit!  That show was on my birthday!

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